How to Take a KPop Dance Class in Seoul (South Korea)

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Are you a fan of KPop? …I’m not (or at least not yet *wink, wink*) BUT it doesn’t mean that I’m not interested about it — because I am! I may not be a hardcore fan; however, I am deeply enthralled by the community that loves it. Not to mention that Kpop stars as well as their songs and dances are immensely catchy and vibrant! I mean, for instance, who hasn’t heard of PSY’s Gangnam Style(Kpop dance class)

What is KPop or K-Pop (케이팝)? This is a genre of pop or popular music in South Korea and most of the artists are typically referred to as ‘idols’. With the advent of social media and the rising popularity of Korean entertainment (also known as the ‘Korean Wave’), K-Pop has been steadily gaining worldwide fame not only for the idols’ music and videos but also for their fashion style.

When I visited Seoul in South Korea for the first time, I was curious enough that I wanted to ‘dip’ myself into the Kpop culture scene even for just a little bit — as well as to also see if I can still dance (lol, because I used to). So when I was looking for unique activities in the city, I saw this Kpop dance class online that’s held by a popular dance studio called as ‘Real Kpop Dance Studio’.

TRIVIA: K-pop dance classes in Korean are often called as 방송댄스 or bangsong dance.

To cut the story short: I attended one of their classes and though it wasn’t what I expected at first, it turned out to be a LOT of fun! Here’s how my experience went.

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[box_title class=”” subtitle=”” subtitle_font_size=”15″ font_size=”23″ border_color=”#ed2665″ animation_delay=”0″ font_alignment=”center” border=”around” animate=”” ]Korea Kpop Dance Class[/box_title]

» What is Real Kpop Dance Studio?

Real Kpop Dance Studio is one of Seoul’s largest dance studios and it has been recommended by BBC, ESPN, KBS, Arirang TV, KTV and many more global broadcast networks as a one-of-a-kind tourist activity for Kpop fans.

All of their Kpop dance classes are lead and taught by real K-pop back-up dancers who are experts in their field and have been with groups like Big Bang, Super Junior, TVXQ and Block B.

WANT OTHER OPTIONS? Check out another Kpop dance class place called Fanxy Studio.
Real Kpop Dance Studio

Real Kpop Dance Studio’s location can be easily found via this address: 서울시 마포구 서교동 479-8 지하1층 (ENGLISH: B1, 479-8 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul).

  • To get to this location, other than a taxi or an Uber, you just need to take the Seoul Subway with the help of a T-Money card and head to Mangwon Station (Exit 1).
  • Afterwards, with the help of Naver Maps (since Google Maps doesn’t work fully in Seoul), the studio will just be a 6-min walk away.
    • Basically, you need to walk straight for 200 meters. Turn left at the first crossroad and go straight for 150 meters. You will then see the restaurant ‘잔치 국수집’ at the 1st floor. Just head down to the basement of the building and you’ll see the studio.

» Cost, Duration, Inclusions and Booking

To book your spot into one of Real Kpop Dance Studio’s classes, you just need to book via Klook for a discounted rate.

Cost: ₩50,000 South Korean won
Duration: 1.5 hours
Start Time: 1:00PM
Operation Days: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays only

  • Kpop dance class lesson
  • Teaching instruction by a professional K-Pop backup dancer
  • Free WiFi 1.5hr
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Photo and video clips
CURRENCY CONVERSION: $1 = ₩1,170~ = Php 52~ (As of May 2019).

It helps to note that the instructors are all experienced back-up dancers of famous K-pop stars and groups and you will learn choreography step-by-step from them.

Instructions will be given in English; and even if you don’t happen to speak any English words, you can just simply watch the instructor’s dance moves and follow them.

[box_title class=”” subtitle=”” subtitle_font_size=”15″ font_size=”15″ border_color=”#ed2665″ animation_delay=”0″ font_alignment=”center” border=”middle” animate=”” ]FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)[/box_title]

◘◘ Do I need previous dance experience?
No, not at all. So no matter if you’re a beginner or expert dancer, this Kpop dance class is for you!

◘◘ Can children join the classes?
Yes! As you will see in my video below, I had 2 kids who joined the class that we did that day.

◘◘ What Kpop song will be used for the dance instruction?
It will highly depend on the instructor for the day. But what I do know is that they will usually teach a dance based on one of the recent popular Kpop songs in Seoul. Also, going by my experience, you will be typically taught a dance as base on the first half and up to the chorus only, given the time duration of the class. If you book a private class though, it’s possible to request the song that you like.

◘◘ Does Real Kpop Dance Studio have other dance programs?
Yes. Apart from this 1.5 hour experience, they also offer a Kpop full day tour (about $200) and a Kpop Camp. The K-Pop Full Day Tour is basically an extension of the 1.5 hour dance class as it lets you visit entertainment companies afterwards such as YG Entertainment, SM Town, MBC World Visit, etc. As for the K-pop Camp, it is a full package 3 to 7 day tour that includes airport pick-up, dance training, vocal training, styling, accommodation, transportation, meals, and a Kpop tour. Anyhow, if you like to do a private 1.5 hour Kpop dance private class, you can do so for $200. To book for these optional activities, go here.

» My Kpop Dance Class Experience



*FYI: I did this dance class in their older venue, so as of this date, when you book for your spot, you’ll get to dance in their newer studio which is the photo I have previously shared above.

[box_title class=”” subtitle=”” subtitle_font_size=”15″ font_size=”20″ border_color=”#ed2665″ animation_delay=”0″ font_alignment=”center” border=”middle” animate=”” ]OTHER TOP KOREA TOURS[/box_title]

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• • •

How to Take a KPop Dance Class in Seoul, South Korea


No matter if you’re a Kpop fan our not, this Kpop dance class will always be a fun activity to do when you’re in South Korea’s Seoul!

So why not join together with your friends or family? It’s sure to be a memorable experience!

• • •

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