15 Best Facebook Groups for Travelers You Should Be a Part Of (2021)

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Most of us do our research with the help of good ol’ Google as we seek out the best travel tips and the best things to do for any destination. However, I understand that there are times when Google just won’t cut it and you rather want to gain real-time advice from a group of people online that you can actually converse with — for this, I highly suggest joining Facebook groups for travelers!

To date, there are millions of Facebook groups out there and it can be dizzying to pick out the ‘cream of the crop‘; but don’t fret, becaause with this list, I have gathered the best Facebook groups for travelers that will match whatever need or niche you’re looking for.

I have also made sure that these groups satisfy the following criteria:

  1. It is non-spammy.
  2. It has relevant, active, and engaged members.
  3. It is well-managed by moderators.

Without further ado, here are the best Facebook groups for travelers that you MUST join!

Best Facebook Groups for Travelers

» General Facebook Groups for Travelers: «

The following are the best Facebook groups for travelers that do not only discuss topics about travel but also about some other lifestyle topics too (at times, about blogging tips and digital nomad jobs as well).

Ultimate Travel Group


The Ultimate Travel Group (UTG) is a group that I created after I saw the shortage of Facebook groups out there that generously shares opportunities for travelers as well as travel bloggers — may they be current or aspiring ones (and by opportunities, I mean it as it is: travel opportunities, travel giveaways, etc.)

Everyone is free to join and post questions at any time — I am also always available to answer and share the travel hacks and tips that I personally know of. So see you there!

– – –



This is a great Facebook hub where you can connect with travelers and nomads from all over the world. The best part is that most of the members (that number many!) do long-term and sustainable travel so you can get a lot of insight. It’s a very active group with engaging members so you’re sure to find what you need there!

– – –

Travel Community


A community built by Scott’s Cheap Flights and it is for anyone who loves to travel! You can share your trips and tips here, as well as ask for advice all at the same time. The number of active members is a huge plus too!

– – –

Photographs & Travel Nomads


Do you need travel inspiration through picturesque spots and hidden gems? Or do you simply want to ask for advanced photography tips whilst you share your own shots? If so, this is the perfect Facebook group for you!

• • •

» Backpacking Facebook Groups for Travelers: «

As the heading implies, the following are the best Facebook groups for travelers who are interested in backpacking tips that will help them make the most out of their travel fund as well as save more money!

Hitchhiking Club


I actually don’t recommend hitchhiking; but still, I recognize the fact that there are people who are interested in doing this for their travels. If you’re one of those, it’s best to be in touch with an experienced community that will help give you the best support and safety tips. (You can even acquire a travel buddy here, but like always, please exercise caution!)

– – –

Backpacking Europe


Centered on destinations in Europe, this is the best Facebook group for backpackers who want to make an enjoyable Eurotrip — ask for tips and recommendations to your heart’s content! (Lately, the group has evolved more into covering not only budget travel but also all types of other travel styles; still, it remains to be focused on Europe only).

– – –

Southeast Asia Backpacker Community


If you rather plan to explore Southeast Asia, joining this group should be high on your to-do list! With a number of members who have experience traveling in SEA (or who are simply locals themselves), you’ll get a focused amount of answers for whatever travel concern you may have.

– – –

Backpacking South America


Naturally, South America is one of those top destinations for backpackers and this is a massive community that could help assist your travel plans.

In fact, this group also covers topics about Central America and the Caribbean, so don’t miss out!

– – –

DIY Travel Philippines


If you’re planning a trip to the Philippines, this is the best place where you can find a supportive community that will be more than happy to aid you (you might even find some fun travel buddies here!).

There are also a lot of tips that have already been posted here, so just use the search function and you’re sure to find what you’re looking for in an instant!

• • •

» Females Only «

Doing solo travel is on the rise, but one has to recognize the fact that it is often unsafe for women — to answer to this problem, these kinds of groups were made and it is definitely one of the best ‘support group’ you can ever have!

Girls LOVE Travel


Girls LOVE Travel or GLT is a BIG ‘sisterhood’ group for female travelers around the globe and its main goal is to promote safety and support for every members’ travels.

The community is humongous and super engaging that you’ll find people of ALL ages from every corner of the globe here. GLT also regularly holds events and group trips, so keep a lookout for those.

– – –

The Solo Female Traveler Network


This is another safe space for all female travelers to come for advice and support among many other things. The group network also holds fun regular meetups that every member is free to join!

TRAVEL MEETUPS is a sub-group created by The Solo Female Traveler Network and it focuses on connecting solo female travelers with other fellow solo female travelers!

– – –

Solo Female Travelers


Solo Female Travelers is another alternative group where you can find focused tips not only for travel but also for other girl-related worries as well.

• • •

» Travel Bloggers & Digital Nomads «

Did you quit your job to travel the world and work online as a digital nomad? Or are you a travel writer, freelancer, or entrepreneur who is looking to expand their network as they continue to travel the world? If you answered yes to any of these questions, the following groups are the best for you!

Digital Nomads Around the World


This is an amazing group of digital nomads who share all their tips and knowledge with fellow nomads, no matter if they’re aspiring or experienced ones. Sometimes, you can even find an online job opportunity here that will help you lead the digital lifestyle that you so desire!

– – –

Travel Bloggers


If you’re a travel blogger, this is the best way to connect with fellow influencers worldwide. It only admits travel bloggers and it doesn’t matter if you’re experienced or not.

Naturally, the discussions here are composed of feedback and advice about the business side of blogging that includes technical questions, blogging strategy, social media tips, and so much more. Even so, it’s also a great space to have discussions about travel in general!

– – –

Travel advice by Travel Bloggers


If you want to hear advice and tips straight from the ‘pros‘ or the travel bloggers, this is the group that you should absolutely be a part of!

• • •

Facebook Groups for Travelers


There are absolutely a LOT of helpful Facebook groups out there that can help you reach your goals, and as per my personal experiences, the ones listed above are truly effective for every kind of traveler and travel blogger!

But remember: it’s not all about the ‘taking’, make sure that you do some ‘giving’ too! So be involved, start conversations, and help others if you can. In no time, you will see how being a part of a community does not only boost your influence, but your level of knowledge and friends too!

• • •

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  1. Crizzy Kiss

    Thanks! I will try these groups. I just stumbled into your blog, I’m litteraly a newbie here just published my blog a week ago ;)

    • Aileen

      Awesome! And I’m happy that you passed by here. If you ever have any questions about the world of travel blogging, feel free to message me :)

  2. Antoinette

    Thank you so much for that post, I hadn’t even thought about how help facebook groups could be. Your post really puts it into prospective that every big travel blogger started out just like me. Thanks again :)

    • Aileen

      True! And that most of the successful ones grew with the support that’s given in these communities! Hope it helps you too!

  3. Cha

    Thank you for this! Joining the female solo traveler groups now. :)

    • Aileen

      Awesome! I guess I’ll see you there then ;)

  4. Ria

    like always your posts is in detail and with content that helps for beginner bloggers (not only the big ones :D):)

    • Aileen

      Thanks Ria! But yeah, I will never forget to help the beginner bloggers because I was one myself before ;) and I know that any help at that stage counts!

  5. Rachel

    This is so helpful, thank you! I’m a member of a few of these but I found a lot of new ones I’m interested in checking out!

    • Aileen

      You’re welcome Rachel! :D Glad that I’ve introduced you to some new ones.

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