10 Best Travel Shows on Netflix to Watch Now That Will Inspire Wanderlust

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Given what’s happening nowadays, I’m sure that your travel plans have been thwarted — BUT, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have some fun right in the comfort of your own home! (Best Travel Shows on Netflix)

For sure, you can start off with the best travel movies; though if you’re more into TV shows, there are tons for you to enjoy! After all, with platforms like Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube among many others, there is an endless number of binge-worthy shows to fill up your time starting today.

So for those of us who are specifically seeking a touch of adventure and wanderlust (until it’s possible), below are some of the best travel shows that you can find on Netflix!

In no particular order, the following 10 series range from must-do foodie eats, up to exotic escapades all over the world!

10 Best Travel Shows on Netflix

» Street Food

(Show link / 1 Season – 9 Episodes)

“From the creators of Chef’s Table, comes a new mouth-watering documentary series that celebrates the local heroes of street food in Thailand, India, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, and Vietnam.”

Highlighting street vendors in over 9 different cities in Asia, you’ll be delighted with the sights and sounds as you discover not only the food they specialize in, but also the stories they will be sharing! It also helps that each episode is about 30 minutes, so it is quite an easy watch — and of course, make sure to take note of the places so you can visit and try them in the future.

» Our Planet

(Show link / 1 Season – 8 Episodes)

“Share the wonder of the extraordinary place we call home. Utilizing the latest technology Our Planet was filmed entirely in Ultra High Definition in over 50 countries. From exotic jungles to the deepest seas, open your eyes to the connections we all share. Narrated by Sir David Attenborough.”

This is obviously one of those science or nature series, but with the number of wonderful sights, this is easily one of the best travel shows that you will sit through in (while also learning a lot of interesting facts along the way). In fact, you’ll definitely find yourself charting a bucket list to witness some of the finest places that this Netflix show will feature.

» Dark Tourist

(Show link / 1 Season – 8 Episodes)

“The definition of “tourism” is redefined as New Zealand filmmaker David Farrier, who journeyed into the darkest corners of the internet in the hit 2016 documentary Tickled, sets his sights on the world of dark tourism.”

If you’re seeking something different from most of the travel shows that you’ve seen so far, Dark Tourist is a great choice for witnessing some of the world’s lesser-known cultures and traditions. So get ready to pick up some great off-the-beaten-path travel ideas for the future!

» Conan Without Borders

(Show link / 1 Season – 6 Episodes)

“Late-night talk show host Conan O’Brien hits the road in this special that brings him and his sense of humor to far-flung destinations.”

For a dose of comedy and humor, this series of Conan O’Brien will be a sound option. This is actually a collection of his travel segments, but I can assure you: they are worth watching, especially if you want some good ol’ entertainment!

» Somebody Feed Phil

(Show link / 2 Seasons – 12 Episodes)

“Travel the globe with Phil Rosenthal, the creator of “Everybody Loves Raymond,” as he explores the world and makes new connections through food. Somebody Feed Phil. Now streaming.”

I’m not gonna lie: Phil can be a pretty awkward guy — BUT that is, in part, the beauty of this show. He brings forth this infectious energy that’s charming and fuzzy. Plus, you’ll be able to see the wonderful connections that he will make as he indulges in such delectables meals all over the world!

» Tales by Light

(Show link / 3 Seasons – 21 Episodes)

“Uniting exploration, photography and the natural world, Tales by Light offers a rare glimpse into the eyes and minds of some of Australia and the world’s best photographic storytellers – Art Wolfe, Darren Jew, Krystle Wright, Richard I’Anson and Peter Eastway.”

If you’re looking for unique travel shows on Netflix with insane imagery, Tales by Light is surely right up your alley as it follows some of the world’s best photographers who have devoted their life to finding the best shots in any corner of the globe.

» Restaurants On The Edge

(Show link / 1 Season – 6 Episodes)

“Each hour-long episode invites viewers into a new restaurant located in a stunning location—on the edge of an ocean, a mountain, or desert. But despite their outstanding views, these eateries are struggling to create an experience that lives up to their incredible surroundings.”

If there are reality shows about house makeovers then, of course, there are restaurant makeovers too! But before you gloss over this show, it helps to note that apart from improving the menu and assisting the owners with the assistance of a world-class restaurateur, chef, and designer, the show also puts great emphasis on the location in turning things around. With that said, you’ll definitely find a good focus on the location’s culture and specialties.

» Ugly Delicious

(Show link / 2 Seasons – 12 Episodes)

“All the flavor. None of the BS. Star chef David Chang leads friends on a mouthwatering, cross-cultural hunt for the world’s most satisfying grub.”

Unlike what the title says, not every dish is actually ugly; but, you will love Chang’s unpretentious take on things as he travels and eats to places that will leave your mouth watering. With that said, this is yet another travel personality that has one of the best travel shows centering around food — if not life in general.

» Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father

(Show link / 3 Seasons – 13 Episodes)

“Comic Jack Whitehall and his father, Michael, are like an odd couple — the son is jovial and the patriarch is stuffy. So traveling together makes for an interesting dynamic, as viewers experience in this travelogue series.”

Watching this show was like watching myself traveling with my parents; but with more comedy and more mishaps. As one of the best travel shows on Netflix, it really makes for a hilarious watch not only with your family but even with your friends!

» The Kindness Diaries

(Show link / 1 Season – 13 Episodes)

“Host Leon Logothetis travels the world with only a vintage motorbike and the kindness of strangers, which he pays back in unexpected, inspiring ways.”

This might seem like a bit of a weird premise at first, but you’ll be surprised at how the show is able to highlight the wonderful connections between people — no matter the difference in culture and background.

» BONUS: Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown

(Show link / 12 Seasons)

“In the hourlong weekend series — similar in premise to Travel’s “No Reservations” — Bourdain explores the world to, he says, eat and drink with people without fear and prejudice … they open up to you in ways that somebody visiting who is driven by a story may not get.

This show actually used to be on Netflix, but not anymore — nonetheless, I still feel the need to mention this because no ‘best travel shows’ list is ever complete without mentioning this legend!

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10 Best Travel Shows on Netflix to Watch Now


These are just just some of the many ways that you can hype yourself up until your next big trip! Enjoy!

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