Top 10 Fun Things to Do in Singapore for First-Time Visitors (Travel Guide & Tips)

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Singapore is well-known for being a bustling global financial center as well as for being one of the most expensive cities in the world — however, despite these facts, this city-state metropolis remains to be one of Asia’s top travel picks given its array of activities, dining, and shopping options that won’t blow away anyone’s holiday budget! (Things to do in Singapore)

Some would also say that the reason for Singapore’s allure amongst tourists is on how it’s one of the cleanest and safest destinations in the world. Combine that with its melting pot of cultures and fascinating mix of old and new architecture, there’s sure to be something here for just about anyone.

The ‘fun’ doesn’t stop there either because Singapore has been continually racking up a range of superlatives such as having the largest rooftop infinity pool, the world’s first safari park, and many others!

With these in mind, it might be dizzying to plan your upcoming itinerary, but with the help of this article, I will sum up the top things to do in Singapore in order to make the most of your time, effort, and money — no matter if it’s just for the weekend, for a trip with friends, for couples, for kids, for a day, etc.

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Singapore Travel F.A.Q.

What is the tipping policy in Singapore?

It is not customary in Singapore to tip. In hotels and some restaurants though, you will sometimes see a 5-10% service charge on your bill.

What is the power socket used in Singapore?

Singapore typically uses plug type C (two round pins), type G (three rectangular pins in a triangular pattern), and type M (three round pins). The country operates on a 230V voltage and a frequency of 50Hz.

What are the current travel restrictions and quarantine policies in Singapore?

Please check their latest travel advisories page for more details.

My passport will expire within a month. Can I still travel to Singapore?

All visitors to Singapore must have a passport that is valid for at least 6 months after their date of arrival in the country.

How do I stay connected while traveling around Singapore?

I highly recommend purchasing Singtel’s hi! Tourist SIM card in which you can enjoy up to 120GB of 5G data on your phone anytime, anywhere! Depending on the number of days you’ll be staying, you can get a 14-day SIM card for as low as S$12 and it can even already include FREE MRT/bus rides.

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Please take note that the 5G S$50 or S$30 Tourist SIM Cards are only available at Travelex Foreign Currency Exchange, Changi Recommends, and Singtel Shops.

For the full suite of Singtel’s Tourist SIM cards, check out the table below:
Singtel Hi Tourist

Want a detailed Singapore travel guide?

For more info about the best months to visit, how to get around, etc. — come and read my Singapore layover guide!

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Fun Things to Do in Singapore

1. Explore green spaces

Things to Do in Singapore: Gardens by the Bay

Singapore may be a bustling city, but did you know that it has four nature reserves, more than 350 parks, and over 300km of Park Connectors all throughout the island?! In fact, around 2020 it is said that 46.5% of Singapore’s land is covered in green space, making it one of the greenest cities in the world!

As a “City in Nature”, here are the top best green spaces that you should check out on your list of top things to do in Singapore.

  • Gardens by the Bay: This famed attraction that’s often deemed as similar to the mystifying fictional environment of the ‘Avatar’ movies is a MUST to see; after all, it is an award-winning showpiece of horticulture and garden artistry; at the same time, it also educates visitors with the various fauna displayed in its huge expanse. With an area of over 101 hectares, there are 3 distinct spaces to explore here namely the Bay South Garden, Bay East Garden, and Bay Central Garden. To make the most of your visit here, I suggest visiting the following spots:
    • Flower Dome: This space has been referred to by the Guinness World Record as the World’s Largest Glass Greenhouse as it is home to plants and flowers from over 5 continents!
    • Floral Fantasy: This is the 2nd of the Gardens by the Bay’s 3 indoor conservatories and I particularly love the area which features a storied Hanging Gardens of Babylon.
    • Cloud Forest: The third conservatory which is a mist-filled landscape that’s popular for its picturesque Cloud Mountain — a 35-meter tall structure that’s covered in lush vegetation.
    • Supertree Grove: These are the iconic soaring groves commonly called ‘Supertrees’! These vertical gardens are about 25 to 50 meters tall in which two are connected with arches.
      • When nighttime falls, don’t forget to drop by and watch the Garden Rhapsody which is a FREE spectacular light show that happens daily at 7:45pm and 8:45pm.
    • TIP: Buy online for discounted entrance tickets.
  • Singapore Botanic Gardens: This is a 163-year-old tropical garden that has been honored as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As part of your top things to do in Singapore, don’t forget to explore one of its main gardens called the ‘National Orchid Garden‘ which has a collection of over 1,200 orchid species and 2,000 hybrids, thus perfectly complementing the nation’s status of being a major exporter of cut orchids.
  • MacRitchie Reservoir: It may be Singapore’s oldest reservoir but it’s a favorite amongst locals due to its myriad of attractions such as the 25-meter TreeTop Walk and the 11-kilometer MacRitchie Trails (where you can likely spot some macaque monkeys, colugos, and monitor lizards).
  • Southern Ridges: A great place to explore and a hit for hikers! Made up of Mount Faber Park, Telok Blangah Hill Park, HortPark, Kent Ridge Park, and Labrador Nature Reserve, the Southern Ridges has about 10 kilometers of trails filled with greenery and connecting bridges.
  • Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve: Spanning 87 hectares, this world-class ecological site is a great place to do some bird watching! Truth be told, it’s globally important as a stopover point for migratory birds, earning it a spot in the East Asian Australasian Shorebird Site Network. To make the most of your visit, you can take free guided tours or do other activities such as art classes or prawn farming.
  • Fort Canning Park: As one of the country’s historical landmarks, this 18-hectare park space is full of attractions and greenery (with over 9 historical gardens!). It is also rich in culture given that it used to hold palaces for 14th-century kings as well as headquarters for the British Army Barracks.
  • Pulau Ubin: If you want to further escape the city center, take a 10-minute bumboat ride from Changi Point Ferry Terminal in order to reach the island of Pulau Ubin. This is one of Singapore’s last remaining traditional villages (kampongs) and it’s a great preview of the country’s past.

2. See the Marina Bay Sands

As mentioned earlier, Singapore holds the record for having the world’s largest rooftop infinity pool and you will find it in the grand 55-story Marina Bay Sands hotel that has since shaped the city’s skyline!

Placed on top of the three towers like a crown yet in the shape of a surfboard is the Sands SkyPark®. This place grants access to its Observation Deck that offers visitors gorgeous views of Singapore — a definite must to visit!

– Book your entrance tickets to the Sands SkyPark at a discount online.
– I highly recommend coming to the SkyPark during sunset, if not during night time.
– If you want to access the infinity pool, you need to be a hotel guest; and if you are, it’s best to come there around lunchtime or early afternoon to avoid the crowds
– Drop by the Event Plaza on the 1st floor to enjoy the Spectra Light and Water Show. They are held 8:00pm and 9:00pm daily with an additional 10:00pm show on Fridays and Saturdays.

3. Visit theme parks, zoos, or aquariums

Universal Studios Singapore
  • Sentosa:
    • Universal Studios Singapore: A trip to Singapore is NOT complete without making a stop at Universal Studios! As Southeast Asia’s first and only Universal Studios theme park, you’ll find a number of thrilling rides, exciting shows, and picturesque attractions. It’s definitely a great getaway together with your family or friends!
    • S.E.A. Aquarium: This is one of the world’s largest aquariums and it is home to more than 100,000 marine life!

Wanna save further? Try getting a Sentosa Fun Pass! It basically gives you unlimited fun by visiting the Sentosa theme parks that you like at a discounted packaged rate.

  • Singapore Night Safari: Remember when I said that Singapore loves to collect superlative titles? Well, this one is the first nocturnal wildlife park in the world and through the fun tram rides, you’ll get to explore 7 geographical regions full of 2,500 animals!
  • Kiztopia: Take your children to Kiztopia and they can go crazy in over 18 different play areas — from interactive play zones to obstacle courses.
  • River Wonders: A part of the Mandai Wildlife Reserve, this is said to be Asia’s first and only river-themed wildlife park. You’ll get to see giant pandas, various fish exhibits, and many other species that will dazzle not only the young ones but the old ones as well!

4. Drop by some museums and exhibits

ArtScience Musem

There is no shortage of amazing museums for you to explore (there are 50 of them!), so it’s easy to fill up your list of top things to do in Singapore with these places:

  • The country has 6 national museums namely…
    • National Museum Singapore: As the nation’s oldest museum, it is wholly dedicated to Singaporean art, culture, and history. Here, you’ll get to explore 700 years of the country’s legacy through immersive galleries.
    • National Gallery Singapore: If you rather want to see modern Southeast Asian art, this is the museum you need to be in as it holds over 1,000 artworks. It’s also an architectural wonder because it is located in the restored Supreme Court and City Hall buildings that were built back in 1937 and 1926 respectively.
    • Singapore Art Museum: This is the first fully dedicated contemporary visual arts museum in the country and it’s worth a visit especially if you’re into this type of art.
    • Asian Civilisations Museum Specializes in pan-Asian cultures and civilizations as it displays antiquities and decorative art.
    • Peranakan Museum: Housed in the Old Tao Nan School building, this museum explores the history of Peranakan cultures in Singapore as well as other Peranakan communities throughout Southeast Asia. (FYI: Peranakans are an ethnic group of mixed Chinese and Malay/Indonesian heritage).
    • Singapore Philatelic Museum: Showcases the postal history of Singapore as well as its stamps.
  • ★ ArtScience Museum: Found within the Marina Bay Sands resorts is this elaborate building that holds immersive and educational experiences about art, space, and technology. A favorite exhibit that is found here is the ‘Future World‘ permanent exhibit which has been made by teamLab, a renowned art collective that has also set up a similar exhibit in Japan.
  • MINT Museum Of Toys: Discover this large collection of world-class vintage toys and collectibles and relive your childhood days!
  • Sentosa Island
    • Madame Tussauds: Get up close and ‘personal’ as you take shots with your favorite celebs from all over the world in this fun wax figure museum!
    • Trick Eye Museum: Have some fun with various optical illusion exhibits in this internationally-renowned 3D art museum from Korea.

Wanna save further? Try getting a Sentosa Fun Pass! It basically gives you unlimited fun by visiting the Sentosa museums that you like at a discounted packaged rate.

5. Visit religious landmarks

St. Andrew's Cathedral

A majority of Singapore’s population is Buddhist or Taoist, followed by Christians, Muslims, and Hinduists.

With this in mind, it’s clear that the city is diverse when it comes to religion. If you want to catch a glimpse of some temples, mosques, or churches, you should check out the below locations and include them in your top things to do in Singapore.

  • ★ St. Andrew’s Cathedral: Established in 1836, this is said to be the main cathedral church of the Anglican Diocese of Singapore and it is dedicated to the patron saint of Scotland, Saint Andrew, in honor of the Scots who funded the building of this structure.
  • Sultan Mosque: Found within the popular neighborhood of Kampong Glam, the golden facade of this mosque is truly a sight to behold!
    • This was built in 1824 for Sultan Hussein Shah, the first sultan of Singapore.
  • Thian Hock Keng: As Singapore’s oldest Chinese temple, you will find that this place is steeped in heritage and dedicated to Mazu, the Goddess of the Sea.
  • Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum: Nestled within the Chinatown district, it is hard to miss the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple & Museum, especially with its domineering yet beautiful red design which has been inspired by the Buddhist Mandala, a symbol that represents the universe as per Buddhist beliefs.
    • As a visitor, you can take part in their FREE guided tours every Saturday.
  • Armenian Church: If you’re looking for the oldest Christian church in the country, this spot should be on your top things to do in Singapore. It is dedicated to St. Gregory the Illuminator, the first Armenian monk, and it has also been designed by the famous Irish architect George D. Coleman who considered this church his masterpiece.

6. Explore other key locations and Instagrammable spots

Kampong Glam Singapore

Wanna spice up your Instagram feed? Consider dropping by these Instagrammable spots as well and click away!

  • ★ Merlion Park: Of course, you must not forget to take a photo beside this iconic 70-ton merlion statue near the Central Business District (CBD). As you will see above, this mythical creature has a lion’s head and the body of a fish — a figure that has been widely used as a mascot and national symbol of Singapore.
    • Try to look for the Merlion cub which is just near the state and measures about 2 meters tall!
  • Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay: Fondly called ‘the Durian’ by the locals, this building’s twin structures truly resemble the infamous tropical fruit! You can catch world-class concerts and opera performances here, or you can just simply admire its stunning design.
  • ★ Kampong Glam: Known as Singapore’s Muslim Quarter, you will love this colorful neighborhood that’s filled with trendy restaurants, bars, shops, and even eye-popping street art. Some of the places you should keep in mind are the Sultan Mosque, Malay Heritage Center, Gelam Gallery, and Haji Lane.
    • The word ‘kampong’ means “compound” in Malay, whereas ‘gelam’ is a term for the long-leaved paperbark tree often used for boat-making or medicine.
  • Little India Rainbow House: Popular with photographers, this house of Tan Teng Niah on 37 Kerbau Road is a colorful 2-story Chinese villa that’s sure to make for a picturesque shot at every angle!
  • Old Hill Street Police Station: A favorite amongst Instagrammers, this colorful historic building is the former Singapore Police Force station on Hill Street. The sheer number of windows on the building (over 900!) is definitely a striking feature — add the brilliant rainbow hues that they painted in 1999 and this spot naturally became an eye candy ever since.
  • Raffles Hotel: If you can check in to this hotel, that will be best — if not, you can still drop by for a visit to ogle at its splendor. Besides, it is one of the few remaining 19th-century hotels in the world in which its architecture and design have been perfectly preserved.
  • Jewel Changi Airport: Opened in 2019, this is a 10-level glass-dome complex that has an array of attractions not limited to gardens, a hotel, aviation facilities, and 300 retail and dining facilities. Some things that you must NOT miss out on are its HSBC Rain Vortex, Canopy Garden, and Shiseido Forest Valley.
  • Fort Canning Park Tree Tunnel/Spiral Staircase: I’ve already mentioned this park in the previous things to do in Singapore, but if you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to take a famed Instagram shot then go through the park’s underground crossing which is close to the Dhoby Ghaut MRT. The mystifying shot you can take here is from the bottom of the stairs wherein once you look up, the sight of the giant Yellow Rain Tree will act as some sort of gorgeous canopy over this circular stairway.
    • Due to the popularity of this spot, you will often see a line forming as early as 9am so it’s best that you come early.
  • Library@Orchard: If not for the books, come here for the artistic interior design that is best seen from the upper floor.
  • Museum of Ice Cream Singapore: Take even more Instagrammable images of yourself or with your friends and family with this unique ice-cream-themed museum which has 14 sets that will surely make for a great pictorial session. As a bonus, entrance will even grant you UNLIMITED ice cream treats!

7. Eat local food and visit hawker places

Chinatown: Singapore Food

Singapore is a favorite foodie destination and if you’re looking for the best local dishes to try, you should read my blog post here: ‘Must-Try Singapore Food

To complete the experience and as part of your top things to do in Singapore, you should go through the following locations and hawker (i.e. sellers of inexpensive food) centers that the city is best known for. And if I may point out, you really don’t need the fortune to dine out in the city — after all, you can easily enjoy a full meal for less than $5!

  • ★ Lau Pa Sat: Or ‘old market’ in Hokkien dialect is a restored heritage site (it used to be Singapore’s wet market) that now serves local and international dishes.
    • Where to Eat: Satay Street, Budding Chef, Thunder Tea Rice, Loy Kee Yong Tau Foo
  • ★ Old Airport Road Food Centre: For over 40 years, this food center has been one of the island’s best-loved hawker places!
    • Where to Eat: Dong Ji Fried Kway Teow, Toa Payoh Rojak, Roast Paradise
  • ChinatownMaxwell Road Hawker Centre: Found within Chinatown and close to Telok Ayer and Chinatown MRT subway stations, this center is a treasure trove of hawker delights!
    • Where to Eat: Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice, Fu Shun Roasted Meat Specialist, Fu Shun Shao La Mian Jia
  • Tiong Bahru Market Hawker: Go through the wet market on the ground floor and to the upper level and you’ll see over 80 stalls selling hawker classics like lor mee and many others.
    • Where to Eat: Tiong Bahru Lor Mee, Zhong Yu Yuan Wei Wanton Mee, Min Nan Prawn Noodles
  • Little India Tekka Centre: Comprises of a wet market, a food center, and several shops that are predominantly offering fares from India and its neighboring countries.
    • Where to Eat: Temasek Indian Rojak, Allauddin’s Briyani, Zhu Jiao Shu Shi

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for specific restaurants to visit, you can check out Hawker Chan in Chinatown which is said to be the cheapest Michelin-starred meal in the world. You should also drop by the famous 328 Katong Laksa in East Coast Road and try its signature Laksa that has wow’ed even Gordon Ramsay.

8. Shop till you drop!

Things to Do in Singapore: Orchard Road

Singapore is arguably a shopaholic’s haven given the variety of items it offers that are made by high-end luxury brands as well as local boutiques and street markets.

This is why no matter your budget, you’re sure to discover amazing finds by shopping through the below areas as part of your top things to do in Singapore:

  • ★ Orchard Road: This has the highest concentration of shopping malls in the world — add the sheer number of upscale boutiques and discount outlets then naturally, Orchard Road is referred to as Singapore’s “retail heart”!
    • When you have time, drop by Emerald Hill Road as well to witness a colorful mix of Chinese baroque houses.
    • Most of the establishments open at 9am or 10am, and then close by 10pm. On Saturdays, almost every shop extends their closing hour until 11pm.
  • Clarke Quay: A historical riverside quay in Singapore located within the Singapore River Planning Area. Though it is more known for its dining and nightlife options, it is still a very popular place for shopping for unique products, especially with the number of malls that are scattered around the vicinity.
  • Chinatown: The best area to visit when you’re looking for the cheapest fare, souvenirs, and clothes. You can even bargain or haggle to your heart’s content here!
  • Marina Bay: Beyond its outer grandeur lies the plethora of shopping malls and shops within its expanse. Some establishments that are not to be missed will be Raffles City and The Shoppes.
  • Haji Lane: Attracting mostly youngsters, this street may be small but it is packed with independent stores. If you’re looking for souvenirs, I recommend dropping by Eighty Two Tales.
  • Bugis Street: One of the biggest and cheapest markets in Singapore that houses over 800 stalls! Open from 11am to 10pm daily, you can easily find this flea market between Little India and Marina Bay.

9. Enjoy the teeming nightlife

Clarke Quay

It’s fairly easy and convenient to enjoy the city’s nightlife because most of it is found in the city center; so if you’re looking for some after-dark fun, make sure to check out the following venues!

  • Clarke Quay: Like what I have written previously, Clarke Quay is well-known for its dining and nightlife options (thanks in part to its great location). Lots of swanky bars are sure to fit your fancy here and you can check out Attica as a start!
  • Zouk: Alternatively, there is Zouk which is an award-winning dance club that has been visited by celebrities like David Guetta and the Chemical Brothers. As a party-goer, you’ll seriously love how spacious the place is!
  • Rooftop Bars: If you rather want a laid-back night with a gorgeous view of the Singapore skyline before you, consider staying in the rooftop clubs of 1-Altitude or KU DÉ TA.
  • Geylang: As Singapore’s main red-light district, you might think that there’s nothing to see here — but there are! It’s definitely a great place for a cheap drink. Just be a bit more cautious in order to distinguish the legitimate businesses from those that are not (in which most of the time, the establishments that were written in Chinese or Japanese are the shadiest ones).
  • Pub Crawl: If you’re up for some fun or if you simply like to do some pre-game drinking before hitting the clubs, you can consider trying Singapore’s Pub Crawl which takes you to 3 nightlife venues together with a knowledgeable guide.

10. Do other fun activities and things to do in Singapore

Singapore Flyer

Want to add some more thrill to your itinerary of top things to do in Singapore? Look no further as you take your pick from this exciting list!

  • Singapore Flyer: Said to be Asia’s largest giant observation wheel, you can easily marvel at Singapore’s cityscape as you stand 165 meters above ground here!
  • Sentosa Island: Singapore’s Sentosa Island is filled to the brim with adrenaline-pumping attractions, some of which are…
    • Cable Car: If you want to get into Sentosa or even Universal Studios Singapore, I highly recommend doing a cable car ride instead that starts from the peak of Mount Faber!
    • iFly: Can’t stomach a real skydiving activity just yet? If so, why not do this ‘instructional training’ instead which simulates the experience in a vertical wind tunnel? You’ll surely love it!
    • SkyHelix: This is regarded as Singapore’s highest open-air panoramic ride at 79 meters above seawater. If you opt to go on this ride, you’ll be enjoying unparalleled 360° sights of Sentosa and the developing Greater Southern Waterfront.

Wanna save further? Try getting a Sentosa Fun Pass! It basically gives you unlimited fun by visiting the Sentosa attractions that you like at a discounted packaged rate.

  • Skyline Luge: For yet another adrenaline-pumping activity, you can choose one from these four 4 thrilling tracks namely Kuppu Kuppu Trail, Expedition Trail, Jungle Trail, and Dragon Trail. If I may suggest, it’s best to do this at night so you can see the different lights they use to light the place up.
  • Kayaking: If you’re already planning on exploring Pulau Ubin, you must not forget to include a kayaking experience in your itinerary so that you can explore the mangroves and have a glimpse of some eagles, herons, and kingfishers. Plus, if you’re lucky, you might even spot otters or pink dolphin pods!
  • Hi Roller Indoor Skating: Looking for some 60s-themed fun thing to do in Singapore? If your answer is a resounding yes, then you should try indoor skating with your friends or family! No matter the level of your skill, you can have a try in the rink with your choice of roller or inline skates.
  • Axe Throwing: Wanna release some tension? Try out Singapore’s first-ever axe-throwing range! Rest assured, trained professional instructors will guide you through and through so that you could channel that lumberjack alter ego of yours!
  • Rage Room: If you rather want to release your inner frustrations even more, come and try this rage room! Simply grab a bat and smash whatever you see in sight — yes, no matter if it’s a TV monitor, several plates, you’re free to go wild.
  • River Cruise: See Singapore from a different angle as you take on a delightful river cruise! There are two popular options, namely…

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TIP: It’s a good idea to crosscheck the prices with other popular travel insurance providers like World Nomads and HeyMondo (as my reader, you get 5% off)!
However, take note a travel insurance’s affordability typically means lesser coverage; so please always ensure that you read the fine print in order to decipher which travel insurance company is the right fit for you and your trip!

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Fun Things to Do in Singapore


I hope this detailed fun top things to do in Singapore helped bring some clarity on the activities that you absolutely don’t want to miss while in this glorious and bustling city.

Enjoy your trip and let me know how it goes!

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