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If you travel a lot as I do, we both know that there are unavoidable accidents and conditions which could destroy our gadgets. I own an iPhone myself which is a definite and hefty investment. Given this fact, I am often wary in bringing it along with me as go on adventures out on the road… but of course, the fact remains that I still need a phone on me. (LifeProof Case)

Now surely there are numerous protective cases available in the market today and I assure you that I have already tried most of the popular brands out there. However, I have come to realize lately that there’s one brand that stood out from the rest: LifeProof cases (website).

I say this because a few months back, LifeProof sent me some samples to try. As a user, I certainly wanted to test their cases thoroughly before making a final verdict. And well today, I can absolutely say with confidence that the LifeProof cases are truly built for an active lifestyle and built with extreme protection in mind! Truth be told, they completely took away my worries for my tech gear as I did various activities: swimming, hiking, motorbiking, and more.

Why I Love LifeProof Cases

» 4 Proofs = Zero Worries

Four Proof

These LifeProof cases are primarily for Apple products, but they also offer items for Samsung and Motorola phones. Also, their two major types of cases are the Fre and NÜÜD series. The main difference between the two is the screen: Fre has a built-in screen protector whereas NÜÜD is screenless so that you can touch your device’s actual screen (giving you perfect clarity and touch control).

Personally, I prefer to use the NÜÜD series. I didn’t want the added protector screen of Fre since I already have a screen protector applied to my iPhone. Add the fact on how it felt more solid to me, and has less of a plastic-feel compared to that of the Fre. Yet despite the minor differences between the two main case types, they both have the same core property, “4 Proofs“:

WaterProof: With LifeProof cases, not only can you use your phone near water, but you can also submerge it up to 6.6 feet or 2 meters for up to 1 hour! It’s helpful to note that all the LifeProof items are factory water-tested for several times before shipment so you are sure to receive a leak-free phone case.

DirtProof: Because of its perfect seal, your gadget is fully protected from dirt and dust too.

SnowProof: Even more, it’s well closed to the elements of snow and ice.

DropProof: Finally, LifeProof cases have a U.S. Military Standard for drop and shock protection, meaning that it can physically withstand the drops, fumbles, vibrations and bumps that you may ever encounter. In fact, your phone can survive a fall from 6.6 feet or 2 meters!

» Great Fit

LifeProof Colors

The first time that I used my NÜÜD case, I instantly put it to the test. Besides, every package comes with instructions for it and after the initial process of proving that the LifeProof case is completely waterproof, what’s next is to test it for real with my iPhone 5s.

To cut the story short, it worked — my LifeProof was really water-proof despite how the NÜÜD case was screenless! (Apparently, it has a tight rubber ring around the screen to prevent water from coming in).

Though for sure, I have to say that it was a nerve-wracking experience to watch my iPhone sinking to the bottom of my sink… but as it was, my iPhone really remained functional and I was even able to use commands while it was underwater! Surely after that test, I did not hold back in using my iPhone with a LifeProof case as I went on several swimming trips last summer.

Needless to say, LifeProof cases are really engineered to fit perfectly with your device and it also works well with every feature and function of your gadget.

CONS: The only problem that I see with the fit is that given the firm material that it is made of, I sometimes need to push hard on some buttons. But it didn’t reach the point where it became annoying since after some use, I started to get a feel of the right pressure to apply for pressing.

» Light, Sleek, & Slim Design

LifeProof Case

One of the most common features of protective cases is the bulk, which often makes the overall look of the smartphone as unappealing and which also makes the smartphone heavier to hold. Thankfully, LifeProof was made in such a light, sleek, and slim design — but still with the full premium protection!

» The ‘LifeJacket’ Accessory

LifeProof LifeJacket

If in case you’re planning on doing more extreme activities in the water, the LifeProof cases can’t float by themselves if in case you drop them while you’re swimming, surfing, or whatnot… But don’t worry, because with their LifeJacket series — just like what the name implies — you can give your gadgets their own ‘life raft’! Therefore, the LifeProof LifeJacket keep your phone or tablet afloat on the surface, and with its eye-catching color, it makes it easy to spot if for instance you lose it during a river rafting activity.

That being said, LifeProof is terrific for offering you peace of mind.


LifeProof cases can absolutely give you the freedom to lead a life of an adventurous traveler without constantly worrying for the safety of your tech devices! It may be a costly product since it’s priced at around $80 (Php 3,600) but I can assure you that it’s a solid investment. Besides, I bet that you want to fully enjoy your trip without any worries on your possesions!

So come and own LifeProof cases now! Or better yet, why not gift it to someone else? With its features, it’s a great practical gift for someone who loves to travel.

DISCLAIMER: I received free products from LifeProof in return for an honest review. As always though, I only recommend and write about brands that I personally use or believe in. Therefore all views that are expressed here represent only those made by myself and NOT of any other entity in their favor.

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  1. Cara (@StylishGeek)

    I sure wish I read about your post before my family and I went to Hawaii for our post summer vacation! I would have loved to get this for my new iPhone 6s! But since I didn’t have anything to protect it from the possibility of water damage I barely brought it out of my bag for fear of dropping it in the water. Darn! Oh well, next time! :)

    • Aileen

      I’m sorry to hear that Cara! But at least now, you know that there’s LifeProof to keep your phone protected in the waters so next time you’re on a beach trip, don’t fret ;)

  2. Amanda @ Adorkablii

    Oh wow! I have never heard of this company before but I am pretty excited. I am looking to upgrade my phone and really want a nice case that will protect it for me! Thank you so much for sharing!!

    • Aileen

      You won’t regret investing on LifeProof cases! Glad to have introduced them to you :)

  3. Joann Woolley

    I think I need to switch my phone case! It sounds like the lifeproof case can really take a beating. It’s good that they test it in the water several times to ensure they are leak proof too. Okay the life jacket one is too fun because the classic orange puffy look, perfect for those beach adventures!

    • Aileen

      Indeed it is! Your phone will have its own floating life jacket :P But yeah, LifeProof cases are really tested against the elements so you’ll be assured of its security.


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