JCo Donuts Flavors: Asian Donuts at Its Best (Complete List & Review)

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Donuts are the new chocolates. Yes. Really. (JCo Donuts Flavors)

…And the way I see it, JCo Donuts’ are the best kind out there! Now, why do I say this…?

About JCo Donuts

Most of the donut brands that I know are dry and cakey — if not doused with super thick coats of sugar that altogether just destroys the balance of the taste. Sure, it may be delicious but it’s not as fulfilling, nor enjoyable.

JCo Donuts’ founders had these exact thoughts in mind; and so, they set out to create the fluffiest donuts with mouthwatering combinations made up of premium toppings and flavors that are not too overwhelming. After some time, in 2006, they opened their first store in Indonesia and the rest — as they say — was history as they expanded to Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Philippines and Saudi Arabia. Their mission and vision were an absolute hit and today, they have over 300 stores worldwide (see here for a complete list of branches in the Philippines).

P.S. Some people would even say that JCo Donuts flavors are like an Asian version of Krispy Kreme—but better! After all, they are not immensely sweet! The balance is just right; add the soft, light, and spongy texture of J.Co Donuts and you’ll find yourself asking for more! (And more… and more… watch out for your health, everyone!)


JPops Jco Donuts

With an equal passion for innovation, they aim to pair their delectable flavored donuts with the perfect complements which brought forth their other products namely J.Coffee (drinks and frappes), J.Club (sandwiches) and J.Cool (yogurts). You’ll even love the overall design of their stores which are always in warm-hued interiors!

If you rather want bite-sized donuts (like a box of chocolates) they even have J.Pops!

Jco Donuts Flavors

Jco Donuts continually wants to add more flavors to their product line, but to date, below are the Jco Donuts flavors that they have…

Alcapone Almond Jco Donuts Flavors


This is JCo Donuts’ signature soft bite donut topped with Belgian white chocolate and roasted slices of Californian almonds. This was very creamy and milky; no wonder that it’s an instant favorite!

Avocado Dicaprio Donut Flavor

Avocado Dicaprio

I wasn’t much for avocado but if you are, you’ll love the avocado cream filling of this donut that’s dipped in avocado chocolate and garnished with dark chocolate flakes.

Berry Spears Jco Donuts Flavors

Berry Spears

Filled with whipped cream cheese, this was topped with strawberry jam sauce and white chocolate flakes. But with the color of the said sauce, at the start I thought it was orange sauce; nevertheless, this was rich and yummy!

Black Jack Donuts Flavor

Black Jack

If you want your donut to be fully encased in dark chocolate, this is the Jco Donut flavor for you!

Blue Berrymore Donut Flavor

Blue Berrymore

The only difference from the Berry Spears flavor was that this had blueberry jam sauce. I loved biting on to this baby!

Candy Cane Donut Flavor

Candy Cane

If you want your dose of white chocolate, this donut is dipped in it and then sprinkled with crushed toasted almonds as well as strawberry jam sauce.

Caviar Chocolate Jco Donut Flavor

Caviar Chocolate

Before you say ‘ew’, the ‘caviar’ on this donut is simply made up of wafer-like chocolate-coated crisps that add a hearty munch between each bite of this hazelnut-flavored choco donut.

Caviar Strawberry Jco Donuts Flavors

Caviar Strawberry

A much more mellow take as it is coated with strawberry milk chocolate instead.

Cheese Cakelicious Jco Donut Flavor

Cheese Cakelicious

Think of it like a cookies-and-cream cheesecake as it filled with whipped cream cheese and topped with cookie crumbs. (The donut is also dipped in white chocolate).

Choconutzy Jco Donut Flavor


Peanut-buttery ganache filling, dipped in milk chocolate, and drizzled with dark chocolate. I’m not a fan of anything in peanut butter but this still tasted great!

Coco Loco Jco Donut Flavor

Coco Loco

Belgian chocolate filling and dark chocolate glaze; this was sinfully chocolatey as it could be!

Copa Banana Jco Donuts Flavor

Copa Banana

If you’re a fan of Japan’s Tokyo Banana snacks, you’ll love this donut that’s filled with banana custard cream, dipped in dark chocolate, and garnished with some more banana custard cream on top!

Crunchu Crunchy Jco Donut Flavor

Crunchy Crunchy

Dipped in milk chocolate and then topped with chocolate cornflakes! Might be a good breakfast substitute, no?

Don Mochino

Don Mochino

Made up of dark Belgium chocolate glaze and mocha cream filling. Though this is different from Coco Loco, I can’t help but feel that they’re the same since the glaze and filling were light to the taste.

Black Forest Glam Jco Donuts Flavors

Forest Glam

Much like Black Forest types of cakes, this is one of Jco Donuts flavors that was dipped in black forest chocolate and topped with dark chocolate flakes, sweet cherries, and confectioner’s sugar icing powder.

Glazzy Donut Flavor

Honey-glazed soft bite donut that is said to melt in your mouth!

Green Tease Matcha

Green Tease

Macha (green tea) as its creamy topping, covered in green tea chocolate and then drizzled with white chocolate sauce. What I liked about this is how there was a balanced strength of the taste of tea; because most of the sweet green tea products that I’ve been eating lately were either too milky or too bold.

Heaven Berry Strawberry

Heaven Berry

A strawberry cream-filled donut topped with swirly white chocolate garnish; it looks simple but the taste could pack quite a berry punch!

Jacky Chunk

Jacky Chunk

You’ll love this classic honey-glazed donut that is coated in dark chocolate and topped with crushed peanuts!

Jcoccino Jco Donuts Flavors


Love cappucino? Then this Jco Donuts flavors is for you! Filled with cappuccino cream, it’s surrounded in cappuccino chocolate, and topped with crushed toasted almonds.

Marble Hazel

Marble Hazel

Hazelnut chocolate + crushed peanuts. Sounds simple enough but it’s a great dessert to snack on!


Marble Hazel

Chocolate attack! Feast on this dark chocolate donut with tons of chocolate sprinkles.

Mr. Green Tea

Mr. Green Tea

A variation on matcha (green tea) with this one that’s coated in green tea chocolate and then topped off with crushed toasted almonds.



The perfect donut for Oreo lovers like me! Covered generously with ground bits of dark oreo crumbs and white chocolate coating + topping, I’m surely going to buy this one on my next visit!

Snow White

Snow White

This is one of the simplest Jco Donuts Flavors and it’s injected with creamy whipped vanilla filling and basked with confectionary’s powdered sugar. Simple? Yes. But rich to the taste? Definitely!

Strawberry Fondue

Strawberry Fondue

If you haven’t had enough strawberry delights yet, this one has strawberry jam filling and coated with dark chocolate as a finish. (Bits of strawberry chocolate are placed on top too).

Sugar Ice

Sugar Ice

The difference with the Snow White variant is that this one is just generously sprinkled with sugar icing powder (no filling).

Tira Miss U Jco Donuts Flavors

Tira Miss U

Injected with flavors of espresso or tiramisu cream and topped with cocoa-powder, it’s the perfect J.Co donut for coffee lovers out there.

White Desert

White Desert

Love coconuts? Then grab this one! It is filled with kaya (or Malay thick coconut jam custard) and coconut cream, dipped in white chocolate, and sprinkled with shredded coconut flakes.

Why Nut Jco Donuts Flavors

Why Nut?

Another peanut-filled donut which I surprisingly didn’t mind — because why not? (Ba-dum-tsss). The filling tasted a bit like Reese’s chocolates, if I may add. And oh, who wouldn’t love the decorated white and dark chocolate topping’s design?

It helps to note that there are some Jco Donuts flavors that are often available in other branches (set apart from these standard ones) and some of those I’ve heard are…

  • Mona Pisa: A savory donut with glaze, sausage bits and tomato sauce.
  • Cheese Me Up : donut topped with cream and New Zealand cheese
  • Da Vin Cheez : savory donut with cheese and garlic toppings
  • Mango Blitz : glazed donut with a mango filling
  • Berry Blue : glazed donut with creamy blueberry filling
  • Donna Italiano: coffee-flavored donut

My favorites? It has got to be alcapone, oreology, tira miss u and berry spears!

Microwave Instructions

If you take these treats out and freeze them up, once you’re ready to eat them, just leave them for only 8 seconds in the microwave and you’re set! And if you like your donuts cold, it’s fine because the soft texture remains.

JCo Donuts Microwave Instructions Reheat

Sample Menu

(*Prices are set to Philippine Peso)

Jco Donuts Menu



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