Asia Super Team 2019: Enterprise Stars in Taiwan

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This year’s Asia Super Team competition attracted widespread interest from all over the region. After it was held in Taiwan last October, the team from Hyundai Mobis in South Korea had won over 7 other participating teams and took home the grand incentive travel package prize that was worth $50,000!

The best part…? I was there to witness it all and it sure was an amazing affair!

About Asia Super Team

Asia Super Team

The Asia Super Team is an annual competition that is spearheaded by the Taiwan Bureau of Foreign Trade (BOFT) under its MEET TAIWAN initiative.

The match basically aims to develop Taiwan as a major global hub for conferences and exhibitions by primarily expanding its MICE industry and incentive travel programs. As such, with the help of influencers like me, companies from overseas countries like Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines were invited to apply for the competition — and for its 6th year this 2019, over 6,000 business people have registered their interest!

After the registration process was done with, one representative team from each country was selected to fly over to Taiwan and participate in the Asia Super Team competition.

The Competition

The theme for this year was “Enterprise Stars” and the business professionals from the 8 selected Asian markets functioned like ‘superstars’ as they took on 4 different activities that involve Taiwan’s diverse attractions and cultures.

– – –

Held in the historical Wanhua district of Taipei, we all headed to an old-fashioned signboard factory in Bopiliao street to learn from a master who had more than 40 years of experience. All of the contestants were then tasked to make their own signboard by hand, and the faster they were, the more points they get.

Daxi is well known for its wooden art, but for our visit, we mostly focused on the area’s popular Santaize culture. After we met up with the founder of a local club that was dedicated to mixing modern elements with traditional culture, every contestant then had the chance to try out one of their famed classical shows, namely the flying Santaizi.

The 3rd game led us to Xinpu which is said to be the biggest place that supplies dried persimmon all over Taiwan! It is here that we also learned that the persimmon peel that’s left over from their drying process was turned into dye. With that said, every team was tasked to create their own designed dyed t-shirt using the persimmon dye.

We headed over to Chang Lien-Cheng Saxophone Factory and Museum, an establishment that supplies about 50% of the saxophones around the world. To make things fun, everyone was taught how to make sounds with the saxophone and then teams were instructed to try and make succeeding tunes.

My Experience (Vlog)

2020 Registration

The event will launch again next year, and if you’re interested in being a part of this amazing competition, make sure to follow their website at:

– – –

Truly an enriching and fun-filled event, I was incredibly happy to have been a part of this competition — yes, even if I wasn’t a contestant. After all, it was a joy to meet people from different parts of Asia; not to mention that I got to learn more about MICE in Taiwan.

Overall, I’m also glad that I’m helping to bring exposure to the fact that this competition exists! And like I said, do stay tuned for the next Asia Super Team because you and your team might just win next!

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