Skin House Beauty and Laser Clinic: A Truly Pampering Experience

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As a frequent traveler, it’s quite obvious that my skin is constantly exposed to harmful UV rays and pollutants — not to mention the drastic effects that long haul flights can bring to my complexion. (In fact, I’m still stunned after I learned the number of harmful strains that flying can cause to my body!) (Skin House Beauty and Laser Clinic)

This is exactly why I always need to set some time to give my skin its much needed rest and pampering. Now of course, I’ve been to various derma clinics before; but, I’ve never really found a place that perfectly resonated with my needs… until I was invited by Skin House Beauty and Laser Clinic to try out their services!

To cut the story short: I finally found a place that can address my skin problems and worries. But of course, let me tell you as well in detail why I chose them and why you need to check them out too!

[box_title class=”” subtitle=”” subtitle_font_size=”15″ font_size=”23″ border_color=”#ed2665″ animation_delay=”0″ font_alignment=”center” border=”around” animate=”” ]Skin House Beauty and Laser Clinic[/box_title]

As an advanced medical aesthetics center, Skin House is made up of a team of licensed professionals and together, they offer a wide range of non-invasive cosmetic procedures to help improve your skin and give you a more youthful glow!

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Newest branch at BGC:
Lower Ground, W City Center, 7th Ave corn. 30th st. BGC, Taguig City.
Tel: 8.542.4106 + Mobile: 0917.637.8161

» What are their services?

Skin House has a LOT that you can choose from!

  • Facials
    • Collagen, Pearl White, Seaweed, Signature Facial with Diamond Peel
    • 24 Karat Gold Facial with Diamond Peel
    • Vitamin C Facial with Diamond Peel
    • Diamond Peel or Pristine Dermbrasion
    • Aqua Radiance Facial
    • Light Therapy
  • Hair Regrowth
    • Meso hair
  • Laser Treatments
    • Revlite Laser
    • Laser Hair Removal – Diode and Gentlemax Pro
    • Pixel Fractional CO2 Laser
  • Body Contouring and Slimming
    • Mesotherapy
    • RF- Radio Frequency
    • Venus Freeze
  • Beauty Drips and Gluta IV Push
    • Beauty Drip
    • Gluta IV
  • Ultherapy
  • Semi-Permanent Makeup
    • Eyebrow Embroidery
    • Keratin Lash Lift
  • Injectables
    • Sweatox
    • Botox
    • Fillers
  • Others
    • Warts Removal
    • Sclerotherapy
    • Infusion
    • Skin Peel
    • MicroNeedling


» What treatments did I get?

∙∙∙WARTS REMOVAL. For years now, I’ve noticed a sudden increase of these small brown bumps on my face, neck and chest area. At first I treated it as a ‘quirk’ — like a cute set of freckles!

Skin House Warts Removal

I’m laughing now as I write this because I was such a fool. I eventually realized that they were no longer endearing. I started to feel that they’re a sign of how there’s something wrong happening on my skin; especially when they started to grow in numbers (with some spots bigger than most, especially under my eye area).

Thankfully, after my consultation with Skin House, my fear was confirmed and they told me that they were warts. I needed to take them out ASAP — and why so…?

Well, did you know that warts are caused by viruses and that they are highly ‘infectious‘? The dermatologist told me a bunch of helpful information which basically can be summed up into the fact that warts can easily transfer from one person to another. Plus, once it gets on your skin, they can rapidly grow and multiply!

I was floored. Those small brown dots sure weren’t so cute anymore! And so, I availed their warts removal service and I actually did this in sections (first, for my face and then weeks after, my neck and chest areas).

HOW DID THE PROCEDURE GO? First, they applied topical anaesthesia on the parts that had warts and unwanted tissue. After about 40 minutes, they used an electrocautery* machine to zap them out. Depending on the amount of warts you have, it can take from 15 minutes to an hour. (Since I had a lot, it took them an hour.)

*Electrocautery is a common dermatology equipment and it removes warts by using a small and thin probe with an electric current. It technically burns them away, causing very minimal scabs and no bleeding — as compared to other machines.

HOW DID IT FEEL? Honestly, I have a high pain tolerance so it didn’t hurt at all! I mean of course, they applied the topical anaesthesia so that helped in making me NOT feel a thing — but still, there were parts wherein my skin is ‘thinner’ (e.g. my eye area) so I could feel a sting at times.

Rest assured, it didn’t hurt that much at all. In fact, I can somehow compare it to an ant bite if it ever did hurt.

WHAT HAPPENED AFTERWARDS? I laughed a lot because I felt like there was a ‘connect-the-dots’ game going on in my skin; but of course, it’s because I had tons of warts that were growing and slowly spreading out all over my face.

It was really funny, yet also mesmerizing as I realized how much I’ve neglected to treat these spots. (Photo below shows my face right after the treatment; after a day, the spots’ scabs were more visible so I had to wear a face mask when I go out to conceal them.)

Electrocautery Warts Removal

I was advised NOT to apply water to my face for at least 24 hours and to apply anti-inflammatory cream for 2 times a day until the scabs peel off. I was also told not to scratch them so as to prevent any possible infection or scarring.

Depending on your body, the scabs will drop off by themselves in 7 to 10 days but mine only took 5 days. After that, some parts had reddish marks but they completely healed after 1 to 2 weeks. Now look at me, warts-free!

Electrocautery Warts Removal Results

It was such a relief, especially because there were some areas wherein I thought they were pimple parks that can never go away — but which were actually warts, and now they’re gone!

Another awesome thing about this service? It’s not as expensive as other hospitals or clinics who use the same machine! After all, you can avail it for as low as Php850 only for 20 flat warts. For moderate warts, they charge Php 1,650 per area and that already comes with a touch-up or follow-up treatment. How’s that for an affordable deal?!

* * * * *

∙∙∙24 KARAT FACIAL. Actually, I got this service first during my visit before I did the warts removal… and boy, it was so relaxing!

So basically, this is the kind of treatment where you can feel the ‘magic of gold‘ as it whitens, hydrates, minimizes pores and oiliness, and promotes anti-aging! It is even combined with Skin House’s award-winning Pristine Diamond Peel and Signature Facial to gently cleanse your skin and remove deep-seated dirt.

The process went like this…

  1. Skin House Facials
    Preliminary cleaning
  2. Steaming session to open up pores
    • I was practically sleeping at this point, fully in bliss :P
  3. Vacuum process to ‘pull out’ the whiteheads and blackheads
  4. Extraction to finally clean out whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, etc.
    • I was shocked at how dirty my face was haha
  5. Award-winning Pristine Diamond Peel procedure that uses genuine laser cut diamond tips to gently exfoliate skin without cutting or scratching
  6. 24K karat gold face mask application
  7. Use of high frequency laser to close pores
  8. Last step of anti-inflammatory cream
    • NOTE: Don’t wash your face for 6 hours

When this was done, I was left wanting for more! My face not only felt clean and supple, but also felt extremely refreshed in ways that I’ve never felt before.

» Why I loved Skin House Beauty and Laser Clinic?

First and foremost: they delivered their promise.

Warts? Gone.
Dead skin cells, whiteheads, blackheads, pimples? Gone.

It also helps to mention that this visit was like a wake up call to me to do facials at least once a month! You see, I’m prone to pimples especially on my forehead (besides, I have combination skin with a very oily T-zone), and I kid you not — after my visit to Skin House, my breakouts were surprisingly minimized! It was something that my diligent daily skin care didn’t fix.

Apart from this, I just love how their non-surgical treatments required minimal recovery time, so it easily helped me get back to my daily routine and travels.

And of course, let’s not forget their team who were all friendly, helpful, informative and warm. I’ve definitely learned more about my skin after just one visit with them!

[box_title class=”” subtitle=”” subtitle_font_size=”15″ font_size=”23″ border_color=”#ed2665″ animation_delay=”0″ font_alignment=”center” border=”around” animate=”” ]Overall[/box_title]

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to pamper and take good care of your skin before it’s too late. Come book an appointment now with Skin House!



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  • What do you think of Skin House?
  • Which service would you like to try the most?
  • Or have you tried them before? How was it?
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  1. Kolesar

    What an amazing Post! That’s a great service

    • Aileen Adalid

      It sure is! Hope you give it a try :D

    • Rosy

      hi aileen,
      when should one have facials done? is it recommended monthly? I also have combination skin. And just had wart removal last week. sayang walang branch dito sa cebu ng clinic.

      • Aileen Adalid

        Hey Rosy! They recommend having one every once a month and personally, it has done wonders for me! :D


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