Best Carry-On Suitcase with Laptop Compartment: LEVEL8 Roadrunner (20″) — Perfect for Digital Nomads!

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Do you travel a lot with your laptop and tech gadgets…? If you’re like me, they aren’t the easiest to pack — even more so if I want it to be stowed away securely. A lot of backpacks are already available in the market with proper laptop sleeves and compartments for all electronics and wires; however, there aren’t a lot to choose from if I want an ergonomic yet stylish suitcase with laptop compartment… that is, until I discovered LEVEL8!

Wanna know the top essentials that you need to pack in your carry-on luggage?

Who is LEVEL8?

Level8 Cases

LEVEL8 Group [link] is an NYC company established back in 2008 and they are dedicated to taking the hassle out of traveling by creating simple yet stylish suitcases that are expertly and exquisitely crafted.

Backed by years of experience, customers are always assured of durable and high-quality materials in every item on their sleek product line— combine that with their high level of customer service, and you’re sure to have the most amazing luggage possible for your future travels!

Why “8”? Through the ages and across cultures, the number 8 has been a symbol for prosperity, power, and perfection. The Arabic numeral “8” also means infinity and looking at it horizontally “∞”, the symbol represents the endless exploration of the future; the unlimited possibilities of life! As such, these attributes have become the springboard for the birth of the LEVEL8 brand.

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Roadrunner: Suitcase with Laptop Compartment

Roadrunner Suitcase with Luggage Compartment Pocket

To date, LEVEL8 has a range of luggage and backpacks in various sizes and colors — but if you’re a digital nomad or remote worker like me, LEVEL8’s Roadrunner Carry-On is the best choice for you!

After all, its secure front compartment is a sure winner given how it will secure your laptop along with your other fragile tech gadgets. Unlike backpacks, the Roadrunner is a clever way to stow your essentials so that you can travel smarter and lighter at all times!

  • Packing Capacity: 38 liters
  • Weight: 8.9 lbs
  • Dimensions: 14.5”L x 9.1”W x 21.9”H
    (suitable for most aircraft overhead compartments)
  • Perks: Lifetime warranty on any damage
  • Shipping: Worldwide
  • Price: $169

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Why I love Roadrunner?

Luggage with Laptop Pocket
  • It’s one of the best carry-on suitcase with laptop compartment. Like I’ve previously mentioned, this is the best feature of LEVEL8’s roadrunner especially for travelers or remote workers like us!
    • This front compartment or pocket is fully padded on all sides and for easier access, it can open up halfway — if not completely by simply detaching the side velcros.
    • Inside, you’ll find a cushioned section that functions like a laptop sleeve (that fits up to a 15.6″ laptop) with a velcroed strap and an attached smaller pocket that’s perfect for your iPad/tablet (up to 10.5″) or smartphones. On the other side are smaller pockets for handling other smaller items.
Hard Shell Luggage
  • Made of 100% PC hardshell that is lightweight and durable. Roadrunner is made with German aerospace-grade bayer Makrolon® Hard Shell which makes it extremely resilient to cracking or breaking. To add, it is also highly water-resitant, further adding to the whole protection of your digital items.
    • Tested for handle fatigue, shock, walking, drop, and corrosion.
Dual TSA Locks
  • It has smooth YKK zippers and dual TSA-certified locks. With 3-dial integrated combination TSA-compatible locks on both the front and main compartments, LEVEL8’s Roadrunner ensures the full protection and safety of your belongings at all times through domestic and international travels. Not to mention that these are long-lasting too no matter the number of usage!
    • Tested for lock durability.
Packing Compartments
  • It is spacious enough for practical packing. The interior of the suitcase is fully lined and offers two large packing compartments with zippered dividers and tie-down straps to keep your bulkier items organized and in place while in transit.
360 Spinner Wheels Luggage
  • Has adjustable handles (3-lock positions) and ultra quiet rubber-covered 360°spinner wheels! Do you want a suitcase with laptop compartment that can handle the cobblestone streets of Europe…? Then own a Roadrunner! Besides, its wheels offer small resistance and extreme maneuverability with abrasion that is less than 2mm even after running 276,000 circles, thus making it less noisier to roll compared to most.

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Want an Upgrade?

Roadrunner Pro USB: Suitcase with Laptop Compartment

…check out the Roadrunner Pro which has almost all the same features as the basic Roadrunner, except for one additional feature which is its built-in USB port that easily connects to an interior compartment wherein you can place your own power bank.

With this feature, you can instantly connect and charge your electronic devices while you’re on the go!

As a reader of my website, you can enjoy 10% off on ALL LEVEL8 products — just use coupon code “Aileen10” upon checkout!

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Luggage with Front Pocket for Laptop


It’s clear to see that LEVEL8’s Roadrunner and Roadrunner Pro are the best luggage out there with front-loading laptop pockets that are sure to secure all electronics of business travelers and remote workers!

So what are you waiting for…?

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