Daniel Wellington Watches: A Timeless Piece for Travel

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A smartphone is one of the many essentials that I can’t live without while I am doing my travels; but even if one of its many helpful functions is to display time, I find that keeping a wristwatch is something that I just can’t skimp out on — not only can I easily see the time swiftly but it’s also a great accessory! Now, when it comes to the best and timeless piece, my new favorite would have to be Daniel Wellington watches [website].

About Daniel Wellington

The founder, Filip Tysander, once met an interesting British man during his travels who loved to wear vintage watches with old NATO straps. His name was Daniel Wellington.

Inspired by his classic and minimalistic style, he set out to develop his own line of watches that are not only clean and elegant in design but which has different patterns and colors.

Watch Styles

NATO STRAP. This was invented back in the 70s by the British navy and Daniel Wellington has made it a point to offer an array of colors so that it can match whatever outfit or mood you may have.

NATO Strap

LEATHER STRAP (& WATCHES). It helps to note now that all of Daniel Wellington’s watches have interchangeable straps so you can choose to put on a leather strap too! Rest assured, they are only made of genuine leather and you can have your choice of brown, dark brown, or black (for the color) and silver or rose gold (for the brace).

Leather Strap

Watch Review

As of this moment, you can choose a watch that’s plated in either silver or rose gold. Sizes are: 26mm, 34mm, and 36mm.

For my watch, I chose one in brown leather with a rose gold 26mm watch. I’ve been wearing it for a while now and it’s really a timeless piece and a versatile one too — I can wear it with my casual outfits, and also with more formal ones and it stays in tip-top shape even after all the time that I’ve been using it.

Here are a few photos:

Daniel Wellington


It’s a classic, ain’t it? And the best part is — it’s affordable and given the quality, I even think that it’s worth more than the price they’ve set for it; so come and get yours now! Some things that you should know:

  • They offer FREE shipping worldwide.
  • You can save 15% OFF the total price of Daniel Wellington watches by using the code: iamaileen15. Consider it as a ‘gift’ given that you’re a reader of my blog!

DISCLAIMER: I received a sample for free from Daniel Wellington in return for an honest review. As always, I only recommend and write about brands that I personally use or believe in; therefore all views that are expressed here represent only those made by myself and NOT of any other entity in their favor.

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  1. Katie

    That’s really an elegant piece. I love the clean, retro design. I don’t wear a watch right now, but if I did, this would be on the short list.

    • Aileen

      Definitely worth a consideration, Katie ;)

  2. Jamie

    Those are beautiful watches. I particularly love the Nato straps. Sadly, doing accounting everyday, I can’t wear watches or bracelets because of the constant smacking on the desk top when I type. It’s annoying and damages anything I wear.

    • Aileen

      Oh I see, but it shouldn’t be a problem for other occasions, won’t it? ;) I love how mine matches a classic look on any outfit I wear on a night out or a day out for example.

  3. Cherri Megasko

    The only time I wear a watch is when I’m traveling internationally – but I do that a lot! I love the simple chic design. The face is large enough to see without squinting and the thin leather band is classic. Beautiful watches!

    • Aileen

      Same for me! And I’m glad you agree. They really perfected this classic design without skimping out on usefulness.

  4. LaShawn

    I haven’t worn a watch in forever. Mostly because so many of our devices have watches on them. These look wonderful! Very classic and simple. Perfect for travel. And I love the straps.

    • Aileen

      I had that same thought too, but often times nothing can beat having something “handy” like this and it’s a great accessory too haha ;) Glad you like the straps and the overall design though!

  5. Ken Pickard

    Nothing better than having a good watch…especially for a traveler! Got to love these styles elegant look. Funny how you started off with the reference to your phone. New school meet old school.


    • Aileen

      Haha true! Because well, my smartphone already helps a lot but I can’t part from a good ol’ wristwatch. ;) It’s really helpful besides, my smartphone can die oftentimes and a wristwatch can be very handy when that happens.


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