Best Hotels in Nara, Japan: From Cheap to Luxury Accommodations and Places to Stay

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There is so much to look forward to on your trip to Nara — Japan‘s first capital. For starters, there’s the quaint Nara Park where hundreds of adorable deer roam free as they bow to you when you feed them some crackers! You can even find the towering Daibutsu or Great Buddha sculpture in Todai-ji Temple as well as discover early Japanese history and culture at Nara National Museum. (Best Hotels in Nara).

For these things and more, you’re sure to enjoy yourself in this vibrant city; and when you do, you’re also sure to find respectful service and impeccably clean surroundings in these top-quality accommodations in Nara.

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Best Budget Hotels in Nara

Oak Hostel Nara

» BEST price on Agoda,, HostelWorld

Relax in an ultra-comfy bedroom with wooden furnishing at Oak Hostel Nara. You can even avail of free airport transfers for a more seamless travel experience.

To love: The central location | Landmark: Kintetsu Nara Station | Price starts from: $20~

Guesthouse Tamura

» BEST price on Agoda,, HostelWorld

Stay a night or two in a Japanese-style room at Guesthouse Tamura. Choose to stay in a private room or dorm room. Enjoy easy access to famous attractions like Nara Park and Todaiji Temple.

To love: The delicious homemade breakfast | Landmark: Gangoji Temple | Price starts from: $20~

Guesthouse Naramachi

» BEST price on Agoda,, HostelWorld

Check out this converted merchant’s house from the early 20th century! As one of the best hotels in Nara, guests will love the Japanese-style rooms with futon beds and tatami flooring.

To love: The nostalgic vibe | Landmark: JR Kyobate Train Station and Gangoji Temple | Price starts from: $20~

The Deer Park Inn

» BEST price on Agoda,, HostelWorld

Located within Nara Park at the foot of Mt. Wakakusa, it boasts wonderful outdoor views. What’s more, you get the chance to pet and feed free-roaming deer.

To love: The peaceful atmosphere | Landmark: Kasuga Taisha | Price starts from: $20~

Guesthouse Nara Komachi

» BEST price on Agoda,, HostelWorld

Be pleasantly surprised by the chic interior design of this hotel. Take your pick between Japanese-style and Western-style rooms with their own private bathroom.

To love: The elegant design | Landmark: JR Nara Station | Price starts from: $35~

Best Mid-Range Hotels in Nara

Ryokan Matsumae

» Get the BEST price on TripAdvisor

Stay at this quaint ryokan with a central location. The hotel also offers traditional classes to elevate your travel experience. Try your hand at the art of ink and brush calligraphy here!

To love: The traditional classes | Landmark: Kofuku-ji Temple | Price starts from: $55~

Hotel Nikko Nara

» Get the BEST price on Agoda or

Experience world-class service at Hotel Nikko Nara. Feel right at home with its minimal and cozy design. Enjoy various facilities such as the swimming pool, fitness center, spa, and free access to the bathhouse.

To love: The variety of amenities | Landmark: JR Nara Station | Price starts from: $65~

Onyado Nono Nara

» Get the BEST price on Agoda or

Unwind in this charming ryokan or traditional Japanese inn. Enjoy the top-notch experience of relaxation in the onsen or Japanese hot springs.

To love: The natural hot spring baths | Landmark: Nara Station | Price starts from: $65~

Hotel Fujita Nara

» Get the BEST price on Agoda or

Discover the understated but classic furnishing of Hotel Fujita Nara. Guests can enjoy soothing massage treatments, or savor local cuisine at the in-house restaurants.

To love: The convenient location | Landmark: Kintetsu Nara Station and JR Nara Station | Price starts from: $70~

Hotel New Wakasa

» Get the BEST price on Agoda or

Enjoy your stay in this Japanese boutique-style hotel. Lounge by the terrace, where you’re rewarded with captivating views of Mt. Wakakusa and Todaiji Temple. Cool off in the private spa pool.

To love: The stunning mountain view | Landmark: Nara Prefectural Art Museum | Price starts from: $100~

Best Luxury Hotels in Nara

Nara Hotel

» Get the BEST price on Agoda or

Get treated like royalty at the Nara Hotel. Marvel at the traditional architecture and stylish rooms. Guests love the rooms’ floor-to-ceiling windows. The hotel is also home to restaurants that service French and Japanese cuisine.

To love: The VIP treatment | Landmark: Gangoji Temple | Price starts from: $130~

Nipponia Hotel Nara Naramachi

» Get the BEST price on Agoda or

Get the authentic Japanese experience at this ryokan. Feel right at home in its welcoming interior and slow down by the lush gardens just right outside your room.

To love: The amenities | Landmark: Gangoji Temple | Price starts from: $200~


» Get the BEST price on Agoda or

Rest on a traditional futon bed at Hotel Mikasa. Situated right next to Kasugayama Primeval Forest, it provides scenic views of the outdoors. Choose to take a refreshing dip in the open-air onsen or hot spring bath.

To love: The panoramic vistas right outside your room | Landmark: Shosoin | Price starts from: $250~

Kotonoyado Musashino

» Get the BEST price on Agoda or

Check out Nara’s first Edo period ryokan! Immerse yourself in nature by strolling around the nearby park or trying the free bicycle rental. Don’t forget to savor a kaiseki or traditional multi-course dinner.

To love: The intricate architecture | Landmark: Kasuga Taisha | Price starts from: $260~

Noborioji Hotel Nara

» Get the BEST price on Agoda or

Discover comfortable living at this renowned hotel that’s been given the 4 Red Pavilions accolade by Michelin Guide Kansai. Indulge in multi-course meals, a massage, etc!

To love: The award-winning service | Landmark: Kintetsu Nara Station | Price starts from: $340~

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Best Hotels in Nara


Make the most of your stay in historical Nara with these excellent accommodations and places to stay!

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