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I have an audience and readership of over 300K+ unique individuals monthly, and a potential total social media reach of 1M+. These are real consumers with enough purchasing power who are seeking for the best travel accommodations, attractions, destinations, experiences, products, and resources around the world. Over time, I have built trust among these readers and I am able to influence them with my advice and recommendations through the honest and engaging articles that I produce.

This travel blog, my writings, and my life story have also been featured on the National Geographic, BBC Travel, Lonely Planet, Travel + Leisure, Business Insider, Cosmopolitan, Huffington Post, and a lot of other travel-related websites (you will see here the list of my media exposures both online and offline). I have also been recently awarded as the ‘Best Travel Blog‘ by WYSTC (or World Youth Travel Confederation despite being a new travel blog that has been running for only over a year at that time) as well as the ‘Best Travel YouTuber‘ by Flight Centre.

Because of these things and more, my website and I absolutely have the authority and influence to help you achieve your marketing goals and reach your target consumers.

Website Statistics (Message me IF YOU WANT MORE DETAILS):

• Monthly Pageviews: 400,000+
• Monthly Unique Visitors: 300,000+
• Average Visit Duration: 02:41 min
• Domain Authority: 60
• Page Authority: 65
• Newsletter Subscribers:
• Average Bounce Rate: 34.47%*
*This site attracts continued visitor interest who view more pages per session


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Travel GroupI also have an exclusive forum composed primarily of travelers & travel bloggers. If you want to target your campaign to this niche, I am also open to that option. (Current members: 22,000+)

» Awards, Exposures, & Features

• Best Travel YouTuber – 2017 Flight Centre
• Best Upcoming Travel Blog 
– 2016 Flight Centre
• Best Youth Travel Blogger
 – 2015 WYSTC Travel Awards
• Top 20 of Travel Blogs Worldwide – Expeditioner
• Top 100 As Per Twitter Influence – Rise Board
• Appointed Travel Pathfinder – Lonely Planet

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• Custom Content Creation
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• Press or FAM (Familiarization) Trips*
• Product, Brand, Establishment or Hotel Reviews*
• Social Media Campaigns
• Sponsored Posts
• Video Creation/Content
*I require that my +1 photographer comes along with me.

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TRAVEL-FOCUSED BRANDS (Transportation, Tourism Boards, Hotels / Hostels / Resorts, Experiences, Products, etc.):

Cebu Pacific Singapore Airlines Hurtigruten Tallink Tourism Authority of Thailand Incredible India JTB Promotions Niigata City Tourism Pure New Zealand Embassy of Switzerland Visit Faroe Islands Visit Helsinki Visit Norway Wonderful Indonesia Agoda Ayana Hilton Hotel Hyatt Hotels Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo Mariott Hotel Resorts World Sheraton Sofitel Taj Travelopo eOasia Expedia KKday MedSailors Tinggly TripAdvisor Go Voyagin Withlocals Airportag Berghaus Cat Phones DJI Eartheasy eBags Kathmandu LifeProof Lomography MyAlbum TravelSmith Venque 
…and more!

OTHER BRANDS (Agencies, Events, Products, Tech, Food & Restaurants, Beauty & Health, etc.)

Nuffnang Philippines Ayala Malls Coca-Cola Daniel Wellington Nestle Sprigs Wear Unilever Acer BYS Cosmetics
…and more!

We noticed the distinct success of Aileen’s review as well as its performance on social media and we were enchanted! We’ve worked with bloggers before, but we had a very memorable collaboration with her. Given this outstanding performance, we will be more than glad to work with her and her website again! – Deborah P., Sales Manager, The Dominican Hotel

We love the write up that Aileen made for Voyage IV! We are really, really, impressed. It truly encapsulated what The Party Bus Manila is all about and we couldn’t have asked for a better coverage that will tap the target market that we were seeking to reach. Needless to say, we look forward to working with her again! – Pauline M., Founder, The Party Bus

It was a joy to have worked with Aileen. With her experience, professionalism, and skills, as well as her incredibly engaged audience, we were very impressed to see the high-quality posts, videos and materials that she delivered. We would absolutely recommend working with her! – Leya R., Tour Manager, Indonesia Tourism Board

Southeast Asia is a foreign market to us and we have little reach in the market. However, after working with Aileen, we were very surprised at the attention that we got, It was amazing to see a sudden influx of people who started to write about our business, supporting it, and even buying tickets for our next trip! Working with Aileen has truly been a pleasure and there is no doubt that we made a great choice. – Founders, Cebu Party Boat

We are delighted that Aileen has been with us! She has provided an honest and wonderful review and works very professionally. She will and always be welcome at the Hilton since we are more than happy to welcome a unique and professional writer like her again. – Nicolas F., Manager, The Hilton, Brussels

Aileen was a really huge help for us! For all of what she has done, it really meant so much for me and my startup. Right from the beginning, her plans for the campaign were detailed yet straightforward and upon execution, everything was tremendously effective. In fact, our Twitter has never had this many notifications ever — all thanks to her! She is truly one of the most talented women I have ever met. – Elizabeth K., CEO, Arigato Japan Tours, Japan

Both the article and videos that Aileen made for our tours were fantastic! We are very thankful for her effort as those were probably the best blog article and videos that we have ever seen. We are even glad to see that the articles attracted a lot of readers for our business! You bet that we look forward to working with her again. – Miguel E., Producer, Go Voyagin, Japan

» To see more of my reader’s testimonials regarding my influence, you can check out my ‘Letters from my Readers’ series as well.

We are Lidia and Jeff from the U.K. and we just want to tell you that we appreciate how you provide honest and comprehensive reviews. It is a breathe of fresh air to find a blogger who actually takes the time to know about the product/service and not just scratch on the surface. And with that, we just purchased the travel pack for our own and we are very happy with it! Lidia and Jeff O.

I’m so grateful for your article! It will really help me start making my dreams a reality. I’m 20 and will be graduating in 2015. I’m planning to travel Southeast Asia in October 2016 and I was worried I might not be able to meet my travel fund, plus I was also nervous since this is my first time to travel abroad. But when I read your article, I see HOPE! You really inspire us in so many ways. Thank you so much! – Bea A.

Aileen, you motivated me so much with your post about Thailand that I booked my trip there. I just came back and I had a lot of fun! The temples were amazing and the night markets too. All thanks to your travel guide, my trip was memorable! Mike P.

Reading your blog actually pushed me to just plan and book a flight to Schengen. I had a lot of plans before but because of so much pressure, it got to the point where it stopped exciting me. But your blog made me think differently… It was like my jumping point to pursue what I wanted to do, even if it’s just to travel Europe again and to visit new cities. And guess what? I’m heading to France during the later part of this year. So… THANK YOU!!! Camie J.

I just had to share this on my Facebook timeline. Besides, you just made me change my mind about Batanes and about the thought of traveling there. Because of you, I’m planning my trip already! I’m excited! Donna M.

Your post inspired me to book a trip to the USA and I had a blast! I love how your posts are always so detailed and comprehensive. And sure, you might take sponsored trips and campaigns, but unlike the others, I can see how you only work with brands that you tried, trusted, and believed in. You’re the ultimate travel authority there is! Overall I would just like to thank you for ALL your helpful tips. My trip was so worth it! – Stephanie D.

I would just like to thank you for your advice on where to book our hotel and tours. We did not only get a really good-for-value deal but we also had a very pleasant transaction and holiday. Keep it up with these kinds of posts, they are a great help especially for first-time travelers like us! – Johanne V.

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