Why a Priority Pass is a Must for Frequent Travelers & Flyers (Product Review)

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I travel the world for a living and it is, without a doubt, a career that’s beyond amazing — it is everything that I could ever ask for! But then again, let’s keep it real: there are definitely some factors that make this traveling lifestyle dull, and you bet that the whole process of transiting through airports is one of them (if not the dullest of them all). [Priority Pass]

For instance, there have been too many times that I had long layovers or downtimes wherein I’m stuck sitting on the floor due to unavailable seats, I’m left feeling icky due to a long flight, or I’m bored out of my mind due to bad or limited WiFi connection. The list of these unfortunate airport ‘affairs’ could seriously go on and on.

Now of course, the obvious answer to all of my airport woes is a lounge access.

…However, I travel to various destinations in a year, so it’s not possible for me to consistently fly with a particular airline; this naturally makes me ineligible for some sort of frequent flyer program that will give me access to their lounges. Alternatively, even if there are lounges that accept walk-ins, paying a fee that starts at around $50 per entry is just NOT economical for a few hours of stay.

With all that said and done, it might seem that I have no other choice but to ‘suck it up’ — that is until I discovered the awesome benefits of owning a Priority Pass [website]! Because of them, they have turned my airport experience from being an ‘endurance’ into an ‘indulgence’.

How so? Well, for starters, it grants me access to lux airport lounges worldwide, regardless of the airline I fly or the ticket I hold (yes, even I’m only flying Economy). Doesn’t that sound awesome? Well then continue reading on below to know more about this superb pass!

About Priority Pass

PP Digital Card

Priority Pass [website] is a leading airport lounge access program that offers an airport lounge entry for wherever your travel takes you — NO matter what your airline or flight class is.

In short: it gives just about anyone the chance to enjoy a VIP experience at the airport!

To date, they have over 1,200 lounges in 500 cities across 130 countries — and these numbers will keep on growing as they continue to make more partnerships worldwide. [For a complete list, go here.] Moreover, as combined with the Priority Pass app, members could access exclusive retail, dining, spa, and sleeping options in selected airports.

The icing to the cake? In order to suit travelers of all kinds and budgets, Priority Pass has 3 membership options to choose from: Standard, Standard Plus, and Prestige.

Membership Options

Priority Pass Membership Plans

Get 10% off on your Priority Pass membership on the 1st year by purchasing via this link.

Priority Pass [website] membership plans provide amazing exclusivities that are absolutely well-priced. Now, it might seem a bit odd at first that two of these plans still require you to pay a fee for entry (on top of the membership fee) — but remember, airport lounges usually don’t allow entry, and if they do, you should expect to pay at least $50~.

So what does this mean for you? Owning a Priority Pass membership will always remain to be a win-win deal!

  • Standard: This plan is more like a discounted package because if you compare walking into lounges for 10 times in a year (about $500~) to getting into lounges with a Priority Pass for the same number of times ($270 + $99 = $369), then you obviously save a LOT more with a Standard membership.
  • Standard Plus: Looking at the math based on the pricing and the benefits, this Standard Plus plan is better to avail (instead of the basic Standard plan) if you’re going to use an airport lounge more than 6 times a year.
  • Prestige: This is the best economical plan for you if you intend to use an airport lounge more than 10 times in a year (like me, who is a frequent traveler)!

How Does it Work?

Airport Lounge Membership

It’s absolutely easy! After you purchase a membership plan, you will be sent a physical Priority Pass ID to your address — but you could also use your unique digital card/ID if you download the Priority Pass app. At an airport lounge of your choice, just present the ID to the reception staff and that’s it! You’re then free to enjoy all the amenities, food, and perks that the lounge offers.

To see an up-to-date list of lounges that are currently under Priority Pass, you can check the website or use the lounge search function within the Priority Pass app.

TIP: To avoid any inconveniences, make sure to check ahead before your visit to confirm the opening times or any restricted hours of the lounges. (As well as if they accept a digital card or not).

Why I Love Priority Pass

I own a Priority Pass for over 3 months now and I have been able to use it in airports found in Singapore, South Korea, and New Zealand. I must say though, the most memorable lounge experience I had so far would be when I used my digital Priority Pass in Seoul Incheon International Airport’s Sky Hub Lounge at Terminal 1.

You see, after checking in my bags and going through airport security, I found out that our flight was delayed for a couple of hours. I was terribly tired and hungry at that point, so even if Seoul’s airport is one of the best in the world, I really wasn’t up to exploring it nor doing a shopping spree to fill up the time. Besides, all I wanted to do was to fill up my belly and cozy up in a nice quiet corner whilst I do work online. So imagine… if I didn’t have my Priority Pass with me, I would have wasted SO much time and money looking for a good spot.

That being said, there really is just SO much to love about owning a Priority Pass. To name a few of them…

  • It can be used anywhere worldwide and it’s absolutely versatile: As I’ve already previously mentioned, Priority Pass has you covered NO matter where your flight takes you since they grant entry to over a thousand airport lounges worldwide. And if you happen to find yourself stuck in a certain airport multiple times already, you can have a bit of fun and try ALL the available lounges under Priority Pass to enjoy some variety or change of scene. (Furthermore, let’s not forget that in the first place, the pass gives a choice of 3 membership plans to suit any kind of traveler out there, frequent flyer or not.)
  • It’s totally fast and easy to use: It’s never a hassle — I only need to show my Priority Pass ID or digital card to a lounge’s receptionist and I’m off to a comfortable stay in just seconds (there’s really no need for prior bookings/reservations or whatnot!) If you ever happen to encounter any problems, Priority Pass’ staff also provides superb customer service 24/7 from a team of expert, multilingual advisors.
Priority Pass Lounge Airport
  • It gives quick access to the best spaces: Through the wide array of airport lounges under Priority Pass’ program, you are always assured of quiet yet luxurious places that let you enjoy total comfort and tranquility. Other than big and comfortable seats, some lounges even have sleeping pods, shower rooms, conference rooms, a game room (for kids), and other amazing facilities.
  • It grants an amazing array of pre-flight bites and drinks: One of the most basic benefits of being a Priority Pass holder is that you can indulge in FREE/complimentary pre-flight food and drinks in the lounges! It is basically a buffet experience and that could include alcohol too in most lounges (so yes, you can pop open a wine bottle and sip it away before your flight).
    NOTE: In selected airports, you can also access exclusive retail, dining, spa, and sleeping options with your Priority Pass.
  • It is perfect for staying connected while on the go: As someone who needs to stay connected online for work, it often annoys me how most airports customarily only give free 1-hour use of their WiFi — and even if they do provide more than an hour’s use, it’s almost always slow. Therefore, you can imagine how stress-free my travels have been ever since I owned a Priority Pass because it gave me the opportunity to walk into just about any airport lounge and make use of their fast internet. And of course, with the abundance of plugs or power sockets in those spaces, gone are the days where I have to scour the airport to hunt for such!
Priority Pass Food

Is it Worth it?

Absolutely, especially if you are a frequent flyer or traveler like me who often finds yourself stuck in long layovers or airport downtimes. Besides, it becomes even more of a treat if you’re typically flying Economy in your travels!

Plus, just think about it: if you’re not getting the Prestige plan, you’ll only be spending $27 to enter a lounge with Priority Pass’ basic Standard plan and that’s already totally worth it given the array of perks and amenities that you’ll be enjoying (which are not limited to FREE food, drinks, alcohol, snacks, showers, WiFi, etc.).

After all, if you ask me, you’ll probably spend that same amount on a meal in one of the airport’s restaurants or cafe… so why not just spend it under the Priority Pass coverage and enjoy a lot more extra stuff with it, right?

• • •

Priority Pass


If you want to travel with ease, comfort and style, signing up for a Priority Pass membership is a must! It’s just too good to pass up on the benefits and perks that it offers to any traveler.

So what are you waiting for…? Start turning your airport experiences from being an endurance into an indulgence NOW!

• • •

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  1. Danila Caputo

    We absolutely try to avoid long layovers, or if we have to, we prefer to make them extra long to be able to see a bit of a new city. Yet I can see the allure of a priority pass that gives you the chance to enjoy a VIP experience at the airport!

    • Aileen

      It really makes traveling more bearable :D

  2. Hannah

    I hadn’t heard of the Priority Pass before, but what a great idea for frequent travellers. I think I would choose the Standard Plus package, as I’m in that middle ground between lots of air travel and too little to be worth it. I love the idea of plentiful plug sockets!

  3. Marcus and Mel

    We have seen this advertised in airline magazines but have never really followed it up. Didn’t think we flew enough but checking last year we actually flew 24 times so it could come in very useful. Any peace and quiet before a flight in order to relax or work is useful.

    • Aileen

      Indeed! For myself, I wished I discovered this sooner! Would have saved me from all my past airport troubles!

  4. Indrani

    That is wonderful that priority pass gives lot of benefits to frequent fliers.
    Not a member yet, may be I should try it.

    • Aileen

      You definitely should try it! As a traveler, it has helped me out a lot and I bet it will help you too! :D

  5. DebbZie Leksono

    Never heard about Priority Pass until now. I’ve always avoid to use airport lounges simply because it costs too much for only a few hours. Thanks to you for sharing this little gem about Priority Pass! I can now access airport lounges in affordable fee. Such a steal indeed. No more getting cranky on a layover after cross continents flight :D

    • Aileen

      I was like you too, so I’m glad I discovered this! It saves me so much money while giving me the utmost comfort in my travels :D Hope you get to try it too. Let me know!

      • Clarie

        I too never heard of it, but yes my friends were telling me about it but never gave that much of importance but what I see after reading your post It will help me a lot. Hey btw thanks for awakening me. :)

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