All About YOU: Letters from My Readers / Volume 1

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To kick off 2016, I am starting yet another exciting blog series and this time, it’s going to be all about YOU… my readers! ♥

You see, I often receive letters and notes (sometimes with photos too) that convey how I have helped or inspired some of you to “DO” or accomplish something — may it be traveling, starting a blog, planning your dreams, going after your dreams, etc.

No matter if I have done that kind of ‘effect’ knowingly or inadvertently towards you, the fact remains that it always makes me happy to read through your heart-warming stories of travel, perseverance, and success! I honestly never thought that one day I could touch other people’s lives, yet now that I am able to do so… I can honestly say that it is the most fulfilling thing that I get out of blogging and it surely motivates me to keep doing what I do.

You bet that it always fills me with joy whenever I receive messages from you guys… but one day, I thought: “Why not share these stories with everybody else too?” Through such way, we can all get to know one another and probably even cultivate an encouraging ‘environment’ as well!

So if you have ever been inspired by a destination, hotel, activity, or trip that I wrote about, OR if you have ever been inspired to travel or do anything because of my blog articles, come send me a message along with a high-res landscape photo of yourself and a brief note regarding your journey or situation, and I would absolutely LOVE to include your story in this series!

Now to start off the first ‘volume’, let me present to you the following letters from 5 wonderful girls!

All About You: Letters from my Readers

» Camie Juan: A letter and photo from Paris, France

All About You: Camie Juan

You influenced me because you showed me and the rest of the world that travel goals and dreams are possible if you take the first step and plan for them, keep a positive outlook and adapt a mentality of perseverance — despite circumstances. You really inspired me to go for it, even though my situation was always saying “No, not yet” in the back of my head…

You really proved to me that a “No” can easily be turned into a “Yes” if I just worked at it. If I constantly listened to the “No, not yet” of my circumstances instead of just taking the plunge, I’d for sure still be here wishing, praying, hoping instead of actually doing.

Camie is from the Philippines and we got in touch online via Facebook sometime last year. At some point, we started talking more about Europe, how I was able to travel around, etc. and as our conversations went on, she eventually told me that it was because of my story and my blog that pushed her to plan and book her trip. When I heard that, you bet that it gave me the warm fuzzies and I wished nothing but the success of her travel plans!
Well… guess what? It was an absolute success of course. Just a month ago, Camie finished her 3-month trip to the UK and some other European countries and you bet that she will be doing more travels in the future.

» Lucy Owens: A letter and photos from Sri Lanka

All About You: Lucy Owens

Without your help on how to get a travel blog started, I would never have had the confidence to pursue it, always thinking that it would be too difficult and that it would take too much time. 

As a medical student, it can be hard to find the time to write about my passion for travel, but with your help and inspiration, I have seen what a rewarding experience it can be! Reading your truthful guides about setting up a website helped me navigate through all the confusion and get me to where I am today.

Being a part of your group had also kept me motivated during a tough year at university and assisted me in remaining focused on saving up to travel again! Thank you, Aileen!

Lucy is originally from Australia. You can find more about her and her adventures over at

» Swati Saxena: A letter and photos from Punakha, Bhutan

All About You: Swati Saxena

You have immensely inspired me to travel, especially by sharing the practical ways to do it. I’ve also revisited your posts on best countries to travel to and starting a travel blog every time I needed some answers on travel ideas and blogging. Also, your tip on the travel group about using Canva App turned out to be really helpful for me!

As an Indian who holds a third world passport, I left my full-time job as a financial accountant 6 months back. I have been exploring my own country ever since, and recently took a trip to Bhutan. In 2016, my goal is to visit more Asian countries by way of Volunteer travel. Thanks, Aileen!

Swati is originally from India. You can find more about her and her adventures over at

» Iris Overgaauw: A letter and photos from Deniyaya, Sri Lanka

Iris Overgaauw

Your post about a digital nomad life really inspired me to get my online career as a digital nomad going. I have been travelling all of 2015 and was able to make a small income to keep me going, but I didn’t find the right online jobs for me yet and felt awkward about networking and marketing myself…

But your guide contained all the resources I need to find my true talents, get started with them, and make my travel dreams and plans come to life! I am still traveling while doing the job I love (text writing!) and even saving money while doing that! Massive thanks!

Iris is originally from the Netherlands. You can find more about her and her adventures over at

» April Joyce Fuentes: All about you from Japan

April Joyce

I have been your avid reader and I love your articles! You’ve given me so much inspiration in seeing the world more.

I must say “Thank You!” and as I have been inspired by many of the articles you shared with your readers like me, one of my favorites is your article about your road trip in Europe. I’ve always been fascinated by road trip stories and the fun that goes with it. Reading your post, it made me dream more of going on road trips in the near future and in different countries. But, it made me think of bad consequences that may happen while on the road like how you lost your gadgets. Yet like what you said, we shouldn’t be attached to material things. So, the bad that comes with it shouldn’t be a reason not to do it. Thank you again, Aileen. Keep on inspiring people!

April is originally from the Philippines.

» Send me your letters!

I really love reading your letters and it always brings me joy to learn more about you guys. So again…

  • If you have ever been inspired by a destination, hotel, activity, or trip that I wrote about; and/or,
  • If you have ever been inspired to travel or do just about anything because of my blog articles

…come send me a message along with a high-res landscape photo of yourself and a brief note about your journey or situation. For sure, I would absolutely LOVE to include your piece in this ‘All About You’ series and tell your story to the world. I look forward to your emails!

• • •

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  1. Castaway with Crystal

    Lovely little inspirational letters from people warms my heart! Ha ha. Great to see you have such a positive impact on people :D

    • Aileen

      Thanks Crystal! Indeed, it’s connecting with my readers that gives me the most joy!

  2. Kristin

    What a great way to show appreciation to your readers. Thank you for the sweet share.

    • Aileen

      It’s all thanks to my readers — you guys! I couldn’t have reached this point without everyone’s support and encouragement :)

  3. Britni

    What a fun idea to share on your blog. I like that you take the time to get to know you readers! It sounds like you have been able to make some great connections and friends this way!

    • Aileen

      That’s absolutely true, Britni! It always makes me happy when I connect and help people who follow my adventures. :)

  4. Melissa

    That is fantastic to be able to help others through your site and hear back from them about it. I will look forward to reading these kinds of posts in the future from you, they are really interesting. Some bloggers only receive an occasional comment from readers or a like on fb post but all of this is so great to hear and read about!

  5. La French Connection

    This blog is amazing! I find it very touching that you share the letters from your readers.
    I’m a massive fan of traveling so I will definitely come back.


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