Art & Design Work

Year: 2021
Customer: Blinqr
Project: Logo Design

Blinqr (pronounced ‘blinker’) is the newest logistics provider in the Philippines.

The world ‘blinqr‘ is a portmanteau word that blends two ideas or meanings: blink and QR (or quick response codes) to best represent the dedication to efficient tech innovations as well as to fast deliveries, hence the slogan: “Deliveries in the blink of an eye”.

Minimalist logo variations mainly backdropped with a bright yellow background was created in order to portray some of the company’s core values: easy, fast, efficient, and warm.

The smiley icon is used as a play on the company name that sounds like ‘blinker‘ = ‘blink’ = wink. 

Blinqr Logo
Blinqr Logo Variation
Blinqr Logo Smiley
Blinqr Typography
Blinqr Logo Colors
Blinqr Uniform
Blinqr App
Blinqr Truck and Scooter

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