The Travel Pack You Need: Wool and Oak’s Voyager Set (3 Bags, 6 Styles)

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Earlier this year, a certain video on Facebook went viral and it showed this unique set of modular bags that can be combined, swapped, or separated so that it can transform into a backpack that will suit your needs — may it be for daily use, work, travel, etc. After a bit of research, I discovered that the brand Wool and Oak (website) was the company behind this amazing ‘Voyager Set’.

I’ve seen a lot of modern ‘inventions’ for bags and whatnot in the past years, but the way that Wool and Oak designed and compartmentalized this set was just simply superb. So I knew right then and there that I needed to have it and give it a whirl! Besides, going by my travel lifestyle, it’s certainly the kind of ‘carry-on’ system that would fit my very needs of staying organized yet minimal without overpacking.

Fortunately, Wool and Oak gave me the chance to give their Voyager Set a try (I was stoked when they did!). As of this moment, the bags have been with me for months now and to cut the story short: it is everything that I expected it to be — and MORE!

About Wool and Oak

Wool & Oak Logo

Wool & Oak [website] is a lifestyle brand that was founded in 2015 by Jonathan Webster in Manhattan. As someone who was trained in fashion design back in Rome – Italy, Jonathan ensures that the combination of aesthetics and function is always present in the premium leather goods that they make for the modern world.

TRIVIA: The company’s big break happened in 2016 when they debuted with the World’s First Duffle Suitcase on Kickstarter. With thousands of backers worldwide, it helped validate the fact that Wool and Oak created a product that was a perfect fit for what travelers wanted and needed.

Today, the brand thrives to continue delivering meaningful innovation not only for travelers’ gear but also for any other stagnant product categories. …With that said, you bet that I’m quite excited for what they will come up with next!

Why I love Wool and Oak items

  • They have a special knack for innovating new styles that are extremely practical. Their talent for ‘design innovation’ is perfectly seen not only from their Duffle Suitcase’s construction but also from their newest Duffle Backpack’s (Voyager Set’s) storage system. I mean… I would have never thought that the typical duffle bag and backpack can be further improved for an easier and more practical handling — but Wool and Oak did! Not only that, but they also made sure that their designs stay sleek and applicable for formal and informal uses. “Style meets function” is a tagline that they typically use and it’s absolutely fitting for their brand!
  • They always keep their users in mind. “What would a daily commuter need to have for their bag?”, “What would a traveler want to rather have on their carry-on?” or “What would an employee wish to have as a briefcase?” Wool and Oak clearly puts attention to these kinds of questions because it shows in the products that they make. For instance, in the aspect of promoting ease, they incorporated on their Voyager Set the ‘Quick Zip Connection’ feature so that you can expand or minimize your bags quickly — there’s NO more need to pack or switch between multiple bags as you go about your lifestyle.
  • Their products are versatile. With varying features and designs on their bags, they can easily adapt to any kind of lifestyle that you lead. Simply put: whatever you may be — a traveler, a mom, an artist, an executive, etc. — Wool and Oak has you covered!
  • They use premium materials. Wool and Oak uses only the most premium materials to promote longevity and comfort in their items. In fact, their bags are made of genuine full-grain Italian leather. With that in mind, you might think that they might lean on the heavy side; however, I can assure you that their bags are as lightweight as they can be. Rest assured, if you don’t fancy leather, Wool and Oak also makes their bags in canvas.
  • They have great customer service. They value each and every customer so you are always assured of a 5-star service. This is best exemplified on their Kickstarter page wherein you can see how responsive they are to each and every question that people post. To add, they also ship worldwide; that’s why wherever you may be, you can easily own a Wool and Oak bag!

Voyager Set

Wool and Oak’s Voyager Set is a smart backpack system consisting of 3 bags that can each stand alone, or be combined to the base backpack (the ‘Pro’) for various types of usage — leading to over 6 designs or uses. As for the colors, they currently have the following options (I chose Chocolate; but if they released the Sand color earlier, I would have loved to have my hands on it! ♥︎)

Wool & Oak Colors


  • Made of full-grain Italian leather
    (but it’s also available in black canvas)
  • Colors:
    Chocolate (dark brown)
    Sand (light brown)
    Oak (reddish-brown)
    Jet Black
    Midnight (black) for canvas


  • The Pro
  • The Backpack
  • The Duffle- 1 set of padded backpack straps
  • Travel pouch


  • Leather: $475 on Kickstarter / $600 MSRP
  • Canvas: $325 on Kickstarter / $425 MSRP
    (You can purchase some of the bags separately)

1. The Pro: “Minimal Bag, Maximum Carry”

The Pro Backpack
Laptop Bag Flat Lay

This is the base backpack of Wood and Oak’s Voyager Set. You can use this as is, OR you can also zip it on to the other bags to expand its function (I’ll show you later on below what I mean by this). The amazing thing about this is that it may be thin but it can pack a lot of your essentials! To be precise, it has the following interesting features…

  • Versatile design: you can wear it as a backpack or handle it like a briefcase with the help of its discreet side strap.
  • Laptop padded pocket: an airport-security-friendly pocket that can fit laptops of up to 15″
  • Tablet padded pocket: an easily accessible pocket which can also hold a book of any similar size
  • Passport pocket: which can also naturally hold any other items of similar size
  • Looped straps: perfect for organizing your keys and headphones in the bag
  • Magazine sleeve: keep your newspaper, magazine or documents crease-free!
  • External essentials pocket: found on the front, it’s a tablet-sized pocket for easy access
  • Trolley sleeve: to easily slip the bag over any of your larger suitcases (a great feature especially once you combine it with the other bags in the set)


  • Height: 16.75″
  • Width: 2″
  • Depth: 2″
  • Weight: 2.5lbs for leather, 2lbs for canvas


2. The Backpack: “A Larger Need”

Travel Backpack

For bigger items that you need to pack with you, the Backpack would perfect!

  • Storage: It has a 15L capacity
  • Pockets: added front and inside pockets for segregation
  • Hidden magnetic pocket: approximately 7″ deep and 4″ wide where you can keep valuables away from sight
    • *This cannot be bought separately; it’s rather sold together with the Pro as a combo if you do not want the whole Voyager Set. Check #4 section below for more details.
  • DIMENSIONS: 15.75″ height, 14″ width, and 4″ depth. The weight of leather is 2.5lbs, whereas canvas is 2lbs.

3. The Duffle: “Pack Up to 5 Days”

Duffle Bag
  • Miscellaneous compartments: contains 2 separate sections inside to store smaller items like socks, underwear, and others
  • External essentials pockets: 2 external pockets to store power cords, power banks, laptop chargers, phones, wallets, sunglasses, and others
  • Compression straps: found on both ends to further keep your items inside firmly stacked
  • Comfortable handles for easier carrying
  • DIMENSIONS: 16.75″ height, 13″ width, and 8.5″ depth. The weight of leather is 2.5lbs, whereas canvas is 2lbs.

4. The Overnighter Set: “Your 24-Hour Companion”

Leather Backpack
Backpack Flat Lay

The Voyager Set looked pretty solid to me and the only feature that I was worried about were its ‘Quick Zip’ zippers — “Will it be strong enough to keep the 2 bags together?” Well yes, it did! I was impressed at how sturdy and firm it was.

And if you’re thinking that zipping both of the bags is difficult, it ISN’T — because the manner of zipping it is the same as how you’d open and close a zippered jacket.


This is a combo set of the:

  • Pro (#1)
  • Backpack (#2)


  • Height: 16.75″
  • Width: 13″
  • Depth: 6″
  • Weight: 5lbs for leather, 4lbs for canvas


5. The Weekender Set: “Your Carry-On Replacement”

Weekender Bag
Weekender Bag

I love this as a carry-on! For example, I can easily seperate the Duffle and keep the Pro with me in my flight seat so that all of my essentials are within reach. Easy peasy!


This is a combo set of the:

  • Pro (#1)
  • Duffle (#3)


  • Height: 16.75″
  • Width: 13″
  • Depth: 10.5″
  • Weight: 5lbs for leather, 4lbs for canvas


6. The Travel Pouch: “Quick Access”

Travel Pouch

*This comes for free with the Voyager Set, otherwise, it can be purchased separately.

This multi-functional pouch is perfect for personal organization and quick access to essentials while on the go.

Usable as a travel pouch, clutch, toiletry kit, and a cosmetic case among many others — just snap it on your Pro, stow it away or use separately.

  • Strong strap: to fit securely around your wrist
  • Snap: the strap can be snapped on to the Pro or any bag you have


This is a combo set of the:

  • Height: 5.5″
  • Width: 8″
  • Weight: 8oz for leather, 8oz for canvas


• • •

Wool and Oak


Wool and Oak’s Voyager Set is a smart and organized way to pack and travel! After all, with its interchangeable bag system, it gives maximum flexibility and versatility for any kind of use possible. It’s even built to last too, and that’s not only due to the materials used but also due to its classic timeless design.

With all that said and done, the way I see it, this is like the ultimate backpack set possible! Don’t you agree?

• • •

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    Oh! I like it! I like it all. I’m thinking, oh, I need The Pro.. then one after the other. I need that, and that. Haha. We travel a lot so I needed one that can fit my laptop, weekend clothes and DSLR camera. Thanks for sharing.

    • Aileen

      Awesome! This will be perfect for you then ;)


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