Experience and Taste Culture Withlocals As You Travel!

Experience and Taste Culture Withlocals As You Travel!

Whenever I travel to a new city or town, I always try to interact and mingle with the locals! Why so…? Well, other than the fact that they have very interesting stories to tell, they also hold the best ‘inside scoop’ in their area —  the top dishes to eat, the most amazing experiences to try, and so much more!

(You will see photos of some of the individuals that I’ve met during my travels in my ‘People from my Travels‘ Facebook page).

So, if you are like me who travels NOT ONLY to see new places and sights, but to also get a fuller experience through cultural activities with local people, then it’s a must for you to check out this online platform that I absolutely love: Withlocals!

What is Withlocals?

Withlocals is a ‘marketplace’ that connects travelers with locals from anywhere in the world by offering unique travel experiences and home dining opportunities. “Unique” because how else can you truly try an authentic adventure but with a local, right?

Launched just last 2013, Withlocals’ services have been primarily focused in Asia; however, they are slowly spreading out to Europe with Netherlands as the first country that’s up on their roster this year. (Soon, they will be expanding to Spain, Italy, and more!)

As a traveler, you can experience three different things through their site:

EAT Withlocals

WithLocalsTaste authentic cooking and make some friends by dining with a local family, foodie, or chef! This will be the one meal on your travels that you’ll most definitely remember.

TOURS Withlocals

Tour WithLocalsTo uncover the hidden secrets of a new place, go and wander off the beaten track with locals because no one knows it best like a person who has lived there their whole life!


Activities WithLocalsLearn traditional skills taught by talented local artisans and experts who offer a range of exciting activities to be involved in! You won’t just be observing, you’ll be doing!


Top 3 Reasons Why I Love Withlocals!

  • It has a LOT of exciting and affordable activities!
    Ever wondered how it would feel like to cook and eat genuine Thai food in a local’s home? How it feels to drive a tuk tuk through Chiang Mai? How to properly do an ancient Thai massage? There are tons and tons of available options that you can pick through and each of them will even present you a detailed schedule. And the best part…? All of them are certainly affordable! (Services start as low as €2 or Php 100+)
  • Hosts/suppliers are verified and each activity AND traveler can be reviewed.
    To ensure trust, all providers at Withlocals are checked and verified. Once a supplier is approved, each of their experiences can be reviewed; therefore, giving you more of an idea about how the ordeal went for other people. (Meanwhile, you as a traveler can also be reviewed by others which is a helpful feature for hosts.)
  • It gives travelers a chance to contribute to the local economy!
    Ultimately, what I absolutely LOVE about Withlocals is the fact that they help bring added income to local people who are not only hospitable but talented as well! For sure, it is a great way to give back to the community that you’re visiting.

How It Works

Withlocals caters to two audiences and below are explanations on how it works for each group:

» For Travelers

Booking an experience as a traveler is easy! After registering, you can simply type the location of your trip into the search engine so that you can see the HUGE list of activities that you can try. (Payment is made either through your credit card or PayPal account, and if you ever want to book a private experience or an event with a specific provider, that’s possible too!)

WithLocals for Travelers

» For Hosts

Registering as a host or travel experience provider is also easy. You just need to register through Withlocals, fill in your details and then wait until an ambassador verifies your application and visits you personally (to check out your service).

WithLocals for Hosts.


Today, Withlocals and I have partnered up in order to give you an experience that you will never forget!

What’s up for grabs? A €50 (Php 2,500+) voucher that you can use to avail any experience on their platform. This might not seem much to you but for Asia as an example, this voucher can already give you various experiences!

If you want a more specialized experience, you can always search through the higher-priced activities to choose a one-time endeavor.

» How to Win?

  1. Log in to the form below (either through your Facebook account or your email)
  2. Do the 5 required steps that will be displayed below. Each action will give you 1 entry and one step closer to winning a Withlocals Experience — take note that the last option (Tweeting) can be done everyday so you can gain more entries!
  3. Once you finish doing these 5 required steps, it will unlock 6 other entry options, thereby giving you even MORE entries to increase your chances of winning! (These are optional steps)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

» Terms & Conditions:

  1. This giveaway is open WORLDWIDE.
  2. The prize does NOT include flights or airfare.
  3. This giveaway will start on June 24 (12AM – GMT + 8 Time) and will end on July 10 (12AM). Winner will be picked randomly and will be announced in July 11 on the ‘I am Aileen’ Facebook page.
  4. This giveaway is hosted by me, Aileen, in partnership with Withlocals; but prize distribution will be the sole responsibility of Withlocals.

Good luck and enjoy! Please feel free to also share this giveaway to your family and friends!

How about you?

  • What do you think about Withlocals?
  • Or have you tried them before? How was your experience?
  • What Withlocals experience would you LOVE to try?

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  1. I guess I’m too late for the contest but I’m super into this idea of eating and living like a local! I love renting apartments instead of staying in hotels because it allows you to experience life as a local. It’s also cheaper than hotels, which is great. I usually book through Roomorama, but there are plenty of other sites as well. The last time I used it in Hong Kong, my host actually left me a list of recommendations to check out, which is awesome! Great to have insider knowledge and see a new place from a fresh perspective :)

    1. Hey Melissa, thanks for your input! And I agree with you — other than Roomarama, I like booking through AirBnB too, or Trampolinn or just do a home stay. :D

  2. Tried that, wonderful experience!
    I also tried another nice one in my trip to Italy. It was called Zestrip and it was a quite similar service, I believe they’re only in Italy though.

    1. Awesome! I’ll have to check this Zestrip you mentioned. Thank you for that ;)

  3. tried it in my travel and it such a wonderful experience :-)

    1. I see, that’s great to hear then! :D

  4. Yehey for another giveaway!!! Grabe you have a lot of giveaways and everytime, I always wish that I’ll win! Maybe this time, I guess. Hehe! :D

    1. Thank you Jhanz! I’m grateful for all the partnerships but I only choose the ones that I really love haha. Good luck to you!! Thank you for joining :)

  5. “EAT Withlocals” Haha. I can definitely blend in with the locals with that since I’m passionate with exotic foods. I’ll add that to my bucket-list. :D

    1. Same for me! I’m particularly eyeing a home dining experience with a Thai family once I get back to Asia. We’ll see :D

      1. Can you recommend me one or two meals for me to try?

        1. Hey Michael! I’m into Thai food so I really like the dining experience that I listed in this article. :) Other than that, you can try Indonesian food here: https://www.withlocals.com/experience/a-sample-of-real-indonesia-in-eindhoven-201853b5/ Hope this helps!

  6. I did withlocals in Singapore and had an AMAZING experience, cant recommend it enough!!!

    1. I can imagine how fun it was! :D I love their company too!

  7. I love your point about contributing to the local economy! This seems like such a great way to support locals instead of big international tour agencies.

    1. I’m happy that you agree, Christina! :) I always like to support projects that helps minorities or simply locals — and that’s why I fell in love with WithLocals the moment I saw it!


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