Who to Follow on Snapchat: 10 Travel Bloggers to Ignite Your Wanderlust

Who to Follow on Snapchat: 10 Travel Bloggers to Ignite Your Wanderlust

Have you heard of Snapchat? (Who to follow on Snapchat)

If you haven’t, it’s basically a phone app that lets you share and send photos + videos to your friends and followers. It might seem like it’s another one of those so-so social medial platforms, but let me tell you that it’s NOT. It’s really fun to use and I personally love it! Truth be told, its exclusivity will make you want for more ‘snaps’ every day! Why so?

  • It’s REAL. Snapchat is like YouTube and Instagram mashed together but less the perfection, which is nice for a change because everything is ‘as is’.
    • All photos and videos (called as ‘snaps’) can only be primarily taken with one’s camera phone on-the-spot. So, there’s no room for pre-editing…
    • BUT there are awesome post-editing filters and features that you can do on your snaps. What this means then is that though everything is taken raw, with the added photo + video styles that Snapchat has to offer, you will absolutely see everyone’s quirky personality!
  • Everything gets delivered LIVE, so you can see what everyone is doing in real time. You can actually think of Snapchat as some sort of medium for people to put up their own reality show as they display to you their day to day life!
  • It’s SHORT BUT SWEET. Every photo and video that’s collected in a day (which is called a ‘story in the app) can be set with a time limit between 1 to 10 seconds; so it’s safe to say that you won’t be bored to death since everything is pretty straightforward.
  • Snapchat is PRIVATE and PERSONAL. Unlike other social media channels wherein you can discover other users through tags or whatnot, Snapchat focuses a lot on privacy given how all ‘snaps’ are erased after 24 hours. Besides, if you want to know who to follow on Snapchat, you can only find and add them if they let you know their username.

Putting all of these factors together, you can get the idea now that Snapchat is unique, and as a user, I like the anticipation that comes with it as I look forward to the next snaps of the people I’m following!

Speaking of which, you’re probably wondering who to follow on Snapchat now… Well, when it comes to igniting your wanderlust, I have the perfect list of travel bloggers who are more than willing to take you along in their adventures around the world!

Who to Follow on Snapchat: 10 Travelers

Fun for Louis Snapchat#1 – Louis of @FunForLouis

Who hasn’t heard of Louis Cole? He’s the popular YouTube travel personality and ‘internet sensation’ who documents the most amazing adventures all over the globe. He’s pumped with so much life and vigor that he will make you want to instantly pack your bags and GO! And surely, following him on Snapchat will give you exclusive ‘behind the scenes‘ footage that you wouldn’t normally see in his post-edited YouTube videos.

Will Hatton Snapchat#2 – Will of @wthatton

Will from the TheBrokeBackpacker.com is a good friend of mine, and if you’re looking to follow a crazy and fun adventurer who takes the most unique trips possible, then he’s the man you’re looking for! He’s currently on a HUGE trip from UK to Papua Guinea without using air travel. Ain’t that epic?

VagaBrothers#3 – Alex & Marko of @VagaBrothers

The creative minds behind the YouTube channel, ‘‘VagaBrothers’‘, they are award-winning vloggers. With such visual ‘power’ and bubbly personalities, you really wouldn’t want to miss out on their snaps. Besides, you will even see how unique they are as travelers!

World of Wanderlust Snapchat#4 – Brooke of @BrookeSaward

Australian blogger of the well-known travel blog: ‘World of Wanderlust‘, Brooke is a gal that you should absolutely follow on Snapchat. Charming, fun, and glamorous — you will never be bored with her non-stop wandering!

Adventurous Kate Snapchat#5 – Kate of @AdventurousKate

When it comes to traveling solo, Kate of ‘Adventurous Kate‘ is probably the first female travel blogger that comes to your mind! She’s certainly an ‘authority’ on that, and by following her Snapchat account, you will feel like you’re just right by her side as she explores various destinations worldwide.

Drew Binsky Snapchat#6 – Drew of @DrewBinsky

Do you like to party? As the online realm’s ‘Hungry Partier’, Drew does a lot of partying and he sure does a lot of eating too! With over 60 countries under his belt, he’s not going to stop anytime soon — or at all.

Migrationology Snapchat#7 – Mark of @Migrationology

If you’re wondering about who to follow on Snapchat for snaps of food around the world, Mark of ‘Migrationology‘ is your guy! Not only is he an established travel blogger, but he’s a great influencer on YouTube too. And on Snapchat, you will see moments in his daily life as he cooks and eats mouth-watering cuisines.

The Blonde Abroad Snapchat#8 – Kiersten of @TheBlondeAbroad

With her bubbly and energetic personality, following Kiersten (of ‘The Blonde Abroad‘) on Snapchat would definitely inspire you to follow her footsteps. She’s all kinds of amazing and you’re in for a treat once you follow her account!

Expert Vagabond Snapchat#9 – Matt of @ExpertVagabond

A travel addict for over 4 years, Matt has a way with his photographs and videos. You will see how good he is in visual-storytelling once you check his travel blog, the ‘Expert Vagabond‘, and he cleverly uses this same talent in his engaging snaps!

Who to Follow on Snapchat#10 – Aileen of @iAmAileencom

And since you’re here reading my blog, why not follow me as well? You will rarely see me talking on my travel vlogs, but here on Snapchat, I chatter away a lot so you will definitely get a feel of who I really am as a person! ♥ As a full-time traveler based in Europe, you’ll get a ‘behind-the-scenes’ look of my adventures day by day! (Next in line? A trip to South America, South East Asia, Antarctica and more!)


Who to Follow on Snapchat: 10 Travel Bloggers to Ignite Your Wanderlust

Travel Bloggers on Snapchat

How about you?

  • Is this the first time that you have heard of Snapchat? Do you find it interesting?
  • Or have you been using the app already? How is it? Do you enjoy the platform?
  • Who are the other travelers or travel bloggers that you would recommend?

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  1. I think I’m FINALLY getting a hang of SnapChat!

  2. Cool list. I am downloaded snapchat and thats as far as I have gone. I will have to check out these bloggers.

  3. Great! Love this post, a lot of travel inspiration!

  4. Fantastic list! I absolutely LOVE snapchat – it gives you a really great glimpse into the person behind the blog/youtube channel, which is so fun! Thanks to your tips, I have just followed most of these guys now, too – including you! Looking forward to some daily wanderlust :)

    1. Thanks Michelle! :D And yeah, I love Snapchat too! It’s like a behind-the-scenes view of everyone’s life beyond the blogs, videos, etc.

  5. Just added all of these! I love Snapchat and I like it even better when I can visit and see the world through someone else’s eyes. I did a post about my favorite Snapchat users on my site, but I think I need to update it! These are stunning.

    1. I like Snapchat too! It also feels a whole lot more personal in a way, like you’re along with the travelers on their journey :)

  6. I have snapchat but only use it to receive messages and silly faces from my two teens. They’ve been kind of quiet with the app, so maybe it’s time for me to make a few new friends. Travel bloggers would be interesting for sure.

    1. Indeed, I think it’s time to ‘widen’ your Snapchat horizons ;)

  7. That’s interesting!


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