Where to Stay in Rome, Italy: The Luxurious Palazzo Manfredi Hotel

Where to Stay in Rome, Italy: The Luxurious Palazzo Manfredi Hotel

Rome was one of my stops during my trip to Europe early this year, and for such a magnificent place, I wanted an equally magnificent stay wherein I can bask in all of the glory that this ancient city holds! In my search on the best accommodation for my staycation, I stumbled upon Palazzo Manfredi Hotel who was just a stone’s throw away from one of the greatest symbols of Rome — the Colosseum.

I imagined spending my days and nights with that view right outside the window and I just knew that I finally found my ‘temporary home’ for my Roman trip!

Here’s why you should make it as yours too…

Palazzo Manfredi Hotel

Hotel Lobby

Rich Heritage. The building of Palazzo Manfredi Hotel was first built in the 17th century and functioned as the villa of Evangelisti family and later on passed to the Venerabile Confraternita della Santissima Trinità dei Pellegrini e dei Convalescenti (Venerable Fraternity of the Holy Trinity of Pilgrims and Convalescents) — as signified by the two stones on the hotel’s façade. By the turn of the 18th century, it was rebuilt and owned by the noble Guidi family as part of the area “Giardino Guidi”, and by 2002 it was purchased by Count Goffredo Manfredi (on of Italy’s most famous magnates) who ushered the start of today’s luxurious Palazzo Manfredi.

Grand Neighbours. Like I’ve already mentioned, this boutique hotel is just a few meters away from the highlights of ancient Rome so you can witness history unfold before your very eyes: from the nearby ruins of Ludus Magnus (the largest gladiatorial school), the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, the Palatine Hill and more!

A Lux Gem. Right from the lobby, to your room, and up to the terrace, Palazzo Manfredi does not skimp on lush elements to provide you the most luxurious items and materials in its interiors. It just shows you how they truly aim to bring to their guests a high level of elegance and comfort!


Hotel Rooms

Palazzo Manfredi has a wide range of rooms and each has its own stunning views for you to choose from. All in all, be assured that you will have an absolutely fulfilling experience what with its modern comforts that all offer free WiFi and exclusive bath amenities by Battistoni.

    About 60 sqm: As the name suggests, it overlooks the Colosseum and the Oppian Hill gardens. This open space is the height of sophistication right from its lounge area up to the spacious room that has a king-sized bed. It also features a rich wellness area with steam room, whirlpool bath, shower and chromotherapy — and even a mini gym!
    About 50 sqm: Also offers sights to the Colosseum and close to the famous Ludus Magnus ruins. It has a spacious lounge, king-sized bed, and sumptuous shower and bathroom that was inspired by the Roman baths.
    About 50 sqm: Perfect for the family, it has two adjoining rooms with king-sized beds and 2 bathrooms complete with a marble bathtub and glass shower cubicle. With the Colosseum looming outside the window, it has exquisite drapes and fabrics by famous luxury brands — a feature that is present in all the rooms in Palazzo Manfredi.
    About 35 sqm: It has a large bedroom with a king-sized bed and 3 ample windows with the Colosseum in perfect view. The bathroom and shower are also inspired by Roman Baths.
    About 27 sqm: Sophisticated in its design especially with its precious wallpaper and furnishings, the Executive room has a king-sized bed, modern tech gadgets, and a bathroom with glass shower.
    About 25 sqm: It has views over the Coloseum and with dominant warm hues, it has a king-sized bed, modern tech gadgets, and a bathroom with glass shower.
    About 25 sqm: Overlooking Domus Aurea, this earth-toned rooms are each complete with king-sized bed and marble bathrooms.


Aroma Restaurant

AROMA Restaurant. Palazzo Manfredi’s Michelin-starred restaurant holds an array of classic Italian dishes served in an outdoor terrace setting that has the perfect views of the Colosseum. At 40 seats, it is not only fitting for intimate affairs but also fitting for bigger private parties as you get to savour Chef Fiuseppe di Iorio‘s mastery of the Italian cuisine.
NOTE: Please be mindful to wear smart casual clothing. Shorts, sleeveless shirts, and sandals are not permitted for gentlemen for example.

AROMA Bistro. Served by the same head chef at Aroma Restaurant, guests can have a more informal dining experience at this adjacent spot. Expect faster serving and laid-back meals of flavorful classics. I highly recommend their Tiramisu AROMA that features Guanaja 70% chocolate!

American Bar. With chaises longues and small lounges, it is the ideal place for a relaxing break or a quick lunch, a glass of champagne or the finest Italian wine with views of the open Roman sky.


24HR Reception. Palazzo Manfredi puts utmost importance to its guests so you can expect 5-star service from its concierge to satisfy your every need during your stay. With their level of hospitality, you’ll surely regard the hotel as your Roman ‘home away from home’. In fact, I was particularly fond of their “pillow service” wherein I was given a selection of pillows to choose from: anti-allergy, ortho-cervical memory foam, latex contour pillows, and more!

Massages. The hotel actually offers a range of massage services (from the east to the west) as they partnered up with one of Rome’s most famous wellness centres. Feel free to inquire with the reception about this service.

Gym. For those who don’t want to skip on their fitness goals, there is a mini gym at Palazzo Manfredi. In fact, every suite even has its own equipment. In case you want a personal trainer, the staff offers it too!

Luxury Car Rentals. Want the finest Italian or internationally-branded cars to use during your stay? A luxury transfer to and from the airport? The concierge can arrange it all for you!

Personal Shopper. Rome holds a lot of high fashion brands, so if you want assistance in visiting the most famous boutiques or if you want a private appointment, the hotels personal shoppers got you covered!

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Booking: See the BEST deals and prices for Palazzo Manfredi at their own websiteAgoda, or Booking.com!

Address: Via Labicana, 125, 00184 Roma, Italy

Hotel Classification: 5-Star

Check-In: 2:00PM / Check-Out: 12:00PM

Disclaimer: Thanks to Palazzo Manfredi Hotel for sponsoring my stay; but as always, all thoughts that are expressed in this article are fully my own. Photos are also from Palazzo Mandredi.


Palazzo Manfredi

You can’t possibly find a better hotel in Rome than Palazzo Manfredi Hotel!

Extraordinary location, views, food, and service — you’ll have it all within your reach. Besides, as you stay in this glorious city, much like me, you need to have an abode that will deliver utmost comfort and style to make the most of your Roman vacation.

That’s why all in all, if you want the best value on a luxurious accommodation, come and book now with:


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  1. Oh my, this place is on top of my list for my next trip to Rome in a month! I can’t wait to go to the bar and have a special cocktail with that stunning view on the Colosseum!!! xx

  2. Greetings! Great post as always – really enjoy reading up on your travelling advice and adventures. The Palazzo Manfredi hotel looks beautiful! Totally luxurious, I can imagine it would definitely make a trip to Italy even better.

    1. Thanks, I hope you could stay with them soon!

  3. I wanna go there . Its a nice hotel . Great post .

    1. Thanks!

  4. Such an exotic hotel. I just loved it..
    Italy is one of my favorite destinations and when I go, I plan to visit this place for sure

    1. I’m happy to hear that!

  5. Great Place to stay. It takes my heart and I will make my plan with my family to visit Rome.

  6. Ahhhh, I am so jealous because Rome, Italy is on my list of places to visit. My grandfather’s family is from Rome. All of the rooms offered at the hotel are beautiful, and I bet dining there is a dream. That is so cool that every suite has exercise equipment!

    1. Oh wow, really? Then I do hope you would be able to visit soon!!

  7. This is a really nice and fancy hotel. This alone is a great tourist attraction and I bet the experience of staying here for a couple of days would be luxurious. There’s even luxury car rental available. How convenient!

    1. For sure, I especially love its location!


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