What’s up with Aileen? | 7 Months Later…

Wow… just wow.

7 long months of blogging hiatus! Oh boy, that has been a really a long time, ain’t it? And that’s a bit sad because there’s soooooo many things that happened to me the past months that I wanted to share. I also miss writing!

So now, I’d like to make up for it and would also love to start updating more. As a start, let me update you on a few things that have kept me busy and away from this website:

7 Months Ago in a Nutshell

  1. Moving—too much moving around. After Taguig, Jonas and I moved a bit to Makati, then to Taguig again (Serendra part), and then to Cebu. We had to do it for personal and business reasons… and it was through all of these that I realized that I would love to finally have a place to really stay and settle in. At least for a few years! Why? Because moving can be reaaaaally tiring. Imagine packing and unpacking, and then doing that again, and again, and again. (Whew!)
    I had to leave some stuff, clothes, and memorabilia behind for my mom to keep and store because my luggage just couldn’t fit anymore of them every time that we have to move around. (Yep, it was that painful -tear drop- LOL)Moving Houses Manila.
  2. But traveled some more in between. Back in February, Jonas went to Belgium for a bit to visit his family and I stayed behind because the Embassy didn’t want me to go. LOL. During those times, I went to trips with friends on some other places around the Philippines (all for blogging requests to When in Manila): watched the Panagbenga Festival in Baguio, Pasinaya Festival in Intramuros, Yoga Retreat in Batangas, and Zambawood getaway in Zambales.
    When Jonas came back 1.5 months later (’cause he missed me ♥ nyahaha) we also went on a trip to Siquijor and Puerto Galera to experience more of the Philippines’ summer season.
    Philippine Travel.
  3. Quit my online job and set up our own online business!!! This is actually the main reason why I’ve been busy. I’ve declared ever since last year that I was a digital nomad while I worked online for a company in Sweden. That clearly gave me the freedom to work anywhere and anytime I want.
    BUT there came a point where Jonas wanted to stop playing poker, and that we both wanted to stir up our entrepreneurship dreams… so come May 5, we started working on our own online Amazon selling business and started offering our first product on the market last July 22! So far, we’re doing GREAT! We’re currently selling on the U.S. only though so if you’re living there, come check us out at: http://www.AdalidGear.com or on Amazon. (I’ll discuss this in more detail and share some tips about setting up one’s own business in some other separate blog posts.)
    Adalid Gear.
  4. VISA and University Applications. Other than setting up our own business, I was also busy with VISA applications to Belgium. In particular: a student visa, and much like any other applications abroad that I’ve done… it was soooooo tiring and meticulous. Especially for my applications to universities. (At one point, I almost felt like giving it all up!)
    But I was finally accepted in the University of Antwerp and I was so happy! Because in all honesty, I thought I wouldn’t even pass here because they were requiring a GRE (Graduate) test which I’ve only reviewed for and took in a span of 2 days LOL—when in fact, others take training classes for it for months!
    Though to cut this short, other than being accepted to the University of Antwerp, I was also granted my student visa by the Embassy of Belgium, which leads me to say that now I am currently in…
    Work Online
  5. Belgium with Jonas! Yep, I am back here again in Europe and will be staying here for a year. For the meantime, we’re living with his parents but we will leave as soon as we can find a nice apartment near Antwerp. So from here on out, I guess it’s apartment hunting for us!
    Other than that though, I would also have to start adjusting to the way of living here. And the weather too! Oh gahd, it’s still summer here, but it’s soooo cold. (At least for me!) So I am a bit afraid what winter might bring for me :| Amai….
    Trip to Europe.


…that’s how it was for me the past 7 months! There were some other things that happened but these 5 things were the main key points. Believe me, there were times that I really wanted to write, but I just couldn’t find the time to do so (okay, maybe I was also just lazy during my free days if I ever had those).

Anyhow, I hope to explain and share more of these happenings in the coming days with you guys, but for now, I hope this suffices! Have a great Monday everyone!

How about you?

  • Have you ever tried studying abroad?
  • Are you employed or self-employed?
  • Do you hate VISA applications as much as I do? (LOL)

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  1. hi! again aileen i thought you were in Belgium for vacation haha:)

    1. Haha no :P Well last year, it was for vacation. Now just for 1 year :)

  2. Yay! Welcome back to blogging, Aileen!

    WOW. A lot has happened in 7 months! Congratulations for getting accepted in a university there in Belgium! I wish you well on your new journey!

    1. Thank you Yani! ♥

  3. Welcome back to Europe! Sounds like you've been SUPER busy, I can't wait to follow along some more :)

    1. Thank you! And I'll follow you right back. ;) Hope you're having a great week! Been raining a lot here lately :O

  4. Hi Aileen! I missed you and your blog and woah!! You always have something going on in your life! Let's drink to that for passing that scholarship, putting up that online store and for moving to Belgium! Oh my. Huge changes in just 7 months! :)

    1. Aw! Thank you! <3 I'm just so very thankful what with all the good things happening right now in my life. (hug) And oh, don't know if you saw my comment but I love what you did with your website! I'll keep a lookout for your next posts. :)


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