5 Affiliate Programs for Earning Money Online While Traveling

5 Affiliate Programs for Earning Money Online While Traveling

You love traveling and your dream is to explore the world? But… you have to work in the office from 9 to 6 like everybody else? Well, don’t fret — there are so many options online that will help you earn the money that you can use to keep doing what you like. (Affiliate programs)

Among the options available, you can make room for ads on Google, sell advertising texts (which is also known as publieditorials) or do affiliate marketing. To note, although it sounds like something that came up on the internet, affiliate marketing was already previously done. In fact, promotions that ask to refer a friend in exchange for discounts can be construed as affiliate marketing, although their use is limited outside the digital world. More than this, you can be a digital influencer like me by recommending products in your content or in your social media and get rewards in return.

Sure enough, these are but just one of the best ways to earn money for yourself so that can continue traveling the world.

When it comes to joining affiliate programs though, an important thing that you need to do is to increase your social media accounts’ engagement and follower numbers because most of the companies who offer affiliate programs naturally need good results from you after all.

Once that’s taken care of, here are some sample affiliates programs that you need to take note of because they can surely help you earn money online.

5 Great Affiliate Programs

#1 – JivoChat


JivoChat is is a fast and easy way to connect with anyone’s website visitors. So if you are a content producer for online businesses, digital entrepreneurship sites and web platforms; or if you are someone who has a good following, this affiliate program is a great option for you! Besides, by promoting JivoChat’s service, you’re guaranteed to get 30% of each payment made by the clients that you get through your referral link.

Rest assured, JivoChat will already provide you with all the marketing materials that you will need in order to create content (may it be text or video). It is worth noting as well that they will also provide technical support to clarify any doubts at any time. If you’re interested in joining this program, click HERE to learn more about it!

#2 – Amazon


The Amazon Partner Program is one of the oldest affiliate programs out there wherein by promoting the products in its Amazon marketplace, you can get 10% back whenever a customer makes a purchase.

Now we all know how Amazon practically sells anything at various locations worldwide, so no matter what your audience’s fancy or location is, you’re sure to capture some of their interest and earn in return!

#3 – Google AdSense

This is arguably the best-known way to monetize a website. Although it may be considered part of affiliate marketing, its operation is somewhat different as it functions more as an advertisement.

Basically, instead of providing a list of services or products that you can choose to promote, Google itself is responsible for choosing the products that will be advertised on your page through its algorithm. Anyhow, you can block certain sites and products from being advertised and choose which spaces Google will place your ads on.

#4 – Hotmart


Hotmart is a free platform that hosts and sells online courses. As an affiliate, you can opt to promote any of these ‘info products’  which are quite popular given the boost in numbers of people who are looking to learn online.

Currently, the platform allows the inclusion of up to 24 product categories, with commissions that can be 1% — and even up to 80% of the product’s sales value! How’s that for a deal? Among its features, you can even customize the checkout page, allowing you to include videos on the page to further entice customers.

#5 – Eduzz

Eduzz is almost similar to Hotmart (being a site that provides tools and info products) but what sets Eduzz apart is its wide arsenal of publicity materials that come with automated links and the best digital strategies possible. Not to mention, you will also have the support of a team dedicated to recovering sales that on other platforms could be considered lost.


Of course, there are still tons of other affiliate programs out there but the 5 listed above are some of the best and easy ways that you can earn money online while traveling. I really hope that this will help you in order to make your travel dreams come true!

How about you?

  • What do you think of these affiliate programs?
  • Would you like to try them too? Why or why not?

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