Visiting Amsterdam as an English Tourist

Visiting Amsterdam as an English Tourist

Amsterdam — the city of melting pop cultures, chill people and glorious vibes. Some would even say that it is the coolest place you will discover on Earth!

Now, there are many stories told about Amsterdam, and yes, the most of them are true. From the moment your airplane lands you will notice that people are more relaxed, they move slow, and you get this romantic feel that you want to stay here, forever. The great news for everyone is that, the centre of the city is only 10 km away from the airport, so transportation is not a reason to worry. And if some are attracted to Amsterdam because of the alluring Red Light District, others would want to visit it because it is a city filled with culture and history. It’s an easy place to explore especially because English is a widely spoken language, so as an English tourist you will fit perfectly.

For starters, here are some tips that you need to remember to make the most of your visit to Amsterdam!

Visiting Amsterdam as an English Tourist

» Hints and advice: Things to avoid and things to do

  • Do not smoke in public places
  • Slow down on the “coffeeshops
  • Be aware of the unpredictable weather, take your raincoat
  • Use public transport or buy a tourist pass
  • Visit the flower market, and buy a bouquet of tulips. It costs only about 5 euros!
  • Do not take your bike if you want to travel the streets of the Old Town
  • See here for more tips and things to do in Amsterdam

» Seriously, be aware of bicycles

If you are a careless pedestrian, then please do not expect the cyclists to be forgiving with you. In Amsterdam, cycling is the main mode of transportation, and people will not have patience if you get in their way. People also hurry to get to their destination and there area lot of cases when you can hear a cyclist shouting profanities at an inattentive cyclist or a stray pedestrian.

Alternatively, you can also experience their lifestyle by renting a bike yourself, but stay away from the cheap deals from the corners of the streets. Some of the bikes may be stolen or damaged, and you should not take the risk.

» Do you need a visa?

It all depends on your nationality. Those who are from Australia, Canada, the United States or New Zealand, you will all be allowed to spend around 90 days in Amsterdam without having to apply for a tourist visa. But according to your personal situation you may still need a Schengen visa, and this is why it is advisable to have a Netherlands Schengen visa appointment in London before starting to plan the trip. Make sure you have this all sorted out before venturing into Netherland’s Amsterdam.

» Do not take your camera with you in the Red Light District

You should not even think of the idea of taking a picture of the windows from the Red Light District. You can take pictures of the buildings, bars and canals, but NOT on the persons who show themselves in the windows. What is the risk? Well, some had their cameras or phones thrown into the canal. You wouldn’t want the hassle, would you?

However, this does not mean that you should not visit the district. Besides, it is placed in one of the historic areas in Amsterdam, and some of the most interesting restaurants and bars are located there. It is a wonderful experience to have so best to see it for yourself too.

How about you?

  • What do you think of these tips?
  • Would you like to visit Amsterdam? Why or why not?
  • Or have you been there before? How was it?

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