Shop Local: 30 Unique Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Him & Her Couples (Philippines Online Shopping by Category)

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Valentine’s Day is just a few weeks away, and if you haven’t thought of a gift to give to your special someone, NOW is certainly the time — but of course… I also know how tough it can be to think of the best valentines day gift ideas especially if the two of you have been together for a long time.

Luckily for you though, you’ve found your way to this article which lists out a number of new and unique presents that will help you earn major brownie points with your girlfriend or boyfriend this year. The best part? These valentines day gift ideas are made locally in the Philippines, if not available for shipping to the Philippines!

So without further ado, below are a number of the most awesome valentines day gift ideas for him and her — from cheap to luxurious finds, as well as simple to thoughtful keepsakes, this list surely has it all and you can even mix and match!

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Valentines Day Gift Ideas

» Flowers

You can never go wrong with a flower arrangement to gift to your loved one — but this section also lists out a number of unique (if not quirky) variants that will help give a good new twist to the ol’ classics.

Flower Bouquet

There is a huge number of flower shops spread out across the Philippines, but if you want to source it from a brand that packages a fresh flower bouquet luxuriously — and puts it at a price point that doesn’t burn a hole in your wallet, FlowerChimp should be your go-to place!

The price of bouquets starts at Php 899 with several flower type choices. Other unique bouquet options are:
Boxed Flowers

Basket of Flowers
Flowers in Vase

Flowers with Chocolates

How about adding more ‘sweetness‘ to your flower arrangement with this bouquet that’s speckled with Ferrero Rocher goodies?

Two great things in one will definitely make your beloved swoon!

Eternal Flowers

How about a metaphorical bouquet that symbolizes your undying love for your partner? With these eternal flowers that can last for years, they are definitely one of the best valentines day gift ideas!

Other options you can check are:
The Petal of Love
The Eternal Rose
Bouquet of a Lifetime

99 Flowers

Do a grand gesture — express your love and appreciation this Valentine’s Day to that special someone with a magnificent bouquet of 99 majestic red roses, symbolizing a promise of eternal love.

This stunning gift is sure to make hearts flutter and convey the depth of your feelings on this day of romance. Other variations:
Pink 99 Flowers version
Other Variation
50 Flowers

“Beauty & The Beast” Flower

Inspired by the movie, this rose went through a sophisticated preservation process and was then encased in a glass dome with LED lights — it’s certainly a romantic and enchanting gift!

Teddy Bear Flowers

Gift this unique and adorable bear-shaped art that is made of high-quality artificial roses — it’s sure to surprise your partner in a good way!

Dried Flowers

As an alternative to all of these, you can give a bouquet of dried flowers!

This is one of the great Valentines Day gift ideas especially if your S.O. loves something that lasts even longer, if not a great additional decoration to their home.

– – –

» Food & Drinks

Is your loved one more of a foodie? Don’t fret because the following unique valentines day gift ideas will surely give you lots of options to choose from — and which the two of you can both enjoy especially if you’re planning to do a picnic, lunch, or dinner date of sorts!

Love Cake

You can give them any cake to satiate their sweet tooth, but I suggest that you take it a step further.

Offer this minimalist yet beautiful Korean-inspired ILY cake! It’s simple but it’s pretty and it puts the message across very clearly *wink*

Alternative: Vegan Cakes

“Smash” Heart Cake

Ever heard of a ‘smash’ cake?

It’s basically a kind of dessert that can be smashed or broken with a wooden hammer — and as a sweet surprise, the receiver will find a number of goodies, chocolates, and other snacks! It’s definitely a fun gift that your significant other would love.

Other options:
Designer Cakes

Chocolate Bouquet

Offer up a bouquet for this special day, but instead of the usual, why not a gigantic arrangement of 20 Ferrero Rocher pieces?

This is surely a confectionary treat for your special someone! (Optional: 36 Ferrero)

— Otherwise, go for this chocolate alternative if that’s more of their style?

Pink Chocolate Strawberries with Wine

Make their day with this one-of-a-kind luxurious arrangement of pink-covered strawberries with rose wine!

Steak with Wine

Surprise them with a pack of fresh steak AND wine — or maybe beer? After all, there is no better combination than these two, especially for the true-blue meat-lovers!

Grill-To-Go Yakiniku Set

Do they love yakiniku or samgyeopsal (grilled meat)?

Give them the chance to have their own grill set at home with this portable griller bundle that comes with a range of meats and side dishes.

Alternatively, you can gift them a hot pot (shabu shabu) set from Nabe!

Graze Box with Wine

Send them a luxurious selection of delicious cured meats (charcuterie), cheese, dried fruits, and many others — including a bottle of wine. This is best paired with a trip to a nearby park for a picnic, or better yet: a night of Netflix and chill *wink*

S’mores Box

This is a great addition to, let’s say, a camping or picnic trip for Valentine’s Day — after all, it will help you build the perfect s’mores treat in a romantic setting!

Cake Explosion Gift Box

Elevate your gift-giving experience with this personalized gift box, designed to let you craft a truly unique present for your loved ones. Upon opening, the recipient will be treated to a delightful surprise as our Flying Butterflies take flight, adding a magical and whimsical touch to the moment!

Step away from the ordinary cake and embrace the extraordinary! (You can even add on your favorite photos!)

– – –

» Accessories & Other Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Want something else that is more tangible and long-lasting? If you know that they’re not into food or flowers (or if you’ve already given them these things numerous times before), check out the following list of unique items that will surely remind them of your affection and thoughtfulness.

Customized Portrait Lamp

This is one of the best unique valentines day gift ideas! This lamp can be personalized based on a photo you’ll provide and it will have 16 changeable colors (remote included).

To power it up, it’s USB-powered or battery operated with 3 AA batteries.

Custom Anime/Cartoon Caricature

If your S.O. has a favorite show, you can have an artist make a digital sketch drawing of them — or the two of you — and have it framed!

You can have it in the style of The Simpsons, Adventure Time, Family Guy, Naruto, and more~

Personalized Bobblehead

Surprise your loved one with memorable customized bobblehead figures of the two of you!

The process takes a bit of a long time but both of you will be impressed with how detailed it is.

ALTERNATIVE: How about a customized Funko Pop figure?

Personalized Keychain Film Roll

Stored and printed on authentic waterproof film roll, this unique keychain is sure to secure your photos as well as serve as a nice reminder of fond memories!

Personalized Record Display

This is one of the most unique valentines day gift ideas for him or her!

Immortalize a significant song between the two of you and have it printed on a record in which you can customize the album cover and even print a Spotify scan code. (You can even specify a timestamp for added meaningfulness!).

ALTERNATIVE: Transparent acrylic plaques by leading to Spotify

Voice Recorder

In just under a minute, you can give a personal recording of your voice with this contraption shaped like the good ol’ tapes / mixtapes!

Star Map

Mark your “first” (kiss, date, anniversary, etc.) or a special day (wedding, etc.) with this customized star map that shows what the sky and stars looked like on a particulate date and place!

(They have over 8 designs, from minimalist to round watercolor layouts.)

Grow Kits

Is your loved one a plantito or plantita? If your answer is a resounding yes, MNLGrowKits are a must for you to buy! They have a lot of seedlings and grow kits available for you to choose from.

ALTERNATIVE: Buy potted plants at @spruceplantshop

Personalized Dopp Bag for Her

As a great addition to your lady’s purse, this cute and unique handmade leather pouch can function as a cosmetic bag, organizer, or accessory for storing all kinds of little things (jewelry, keys, and more).

The best part? You can add her initials to it for a personalized touch!

Personalized Toiletry Bag for Him

For the man in your life, introduce him to this perfect and luxurious leather dopp kit that he can use as a toiletry bag among many others.

Choose from a range of colored leather as well as varying stamp designs to put their name or initials!

Personalized Docking Station

Help them keep their daily items organized — their keys, Apple watch, mobile phone, wallet, and many others.

To add, this handmade docking station is compatible with all mobile phones, and with its design, it can be easily set up for charging. For a nice touch, their name or initials can also be engraved!

Engraved Compass

For those who love hiking, travel, and adventure — gift them a rustic yet working compass with a personalized design.

Choose to also add an engraved message on the inside of the lid, as well as print their initials on the included leather pouch!

Affordable Branded Bag or Clothes

Are they into branded items but you’re on a budget?

Don’t worry! If you shop by Luna & Co’s shop, you can find a range of brand new AND preloved branded apparel and clothing that are sourced from the USA and Europe.

Make sure to turn on your notifications for their Instagram and Facebook pages because their items sell out really fast!

Travel Spree

Why not book a future vacation for your special someone? Better yet, book a vacation for the two of you!

There are a lot of amazing websites where you can make this happen such as AirBnB (accommodations), Klook (tours), and SkyScanner (flights).

– – –


Local Gift Cards

…Or is your loved one a practical and no-frills individual? If so, buying them a gift card or combining it with a flower bouquet might just be the solution you’re looking for!

Some of the top favorites are Klook, GrabFood, Puregold, SM, Flowerstore, and more (can be purchased from Lazada or Shopee).

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Valentines Day Gift Ideas


I hope this list of unique valentines day gift ideas for him and her helped you find the best gift that will show your love and care.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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