Why I Want to River Cruise on U by Uniworld’s A and B

Why I Want to River Cruise on U by Uniworld’s A and B

As a travel blogger, I’m often on the lookout at other influencers’ blogs and vlogs for inspiration. One event that many of my fellow travel bloggers and influencers were posting about lately was the opening trip on board river cruise ships A and B of Uniworld.

After a bit of research, it turned out that they had to make a thirty second video and send it to the cruise line in order to be considered for the maiden voyage that will sail before the grand opening to the general public. This left me insanely jealous and hooked on the idea of also trying this amazingly unique travel experience which I’ve been seeing in so many articles and videos! If it helps to mention, I first found out about A and B through inspirational speaker and vlogger Steven West on the maiden voyage in Paris that he took part of!

As I’ve previously stated, the cruise line itself is called Uniworld and usually, they aim their river cruises at older people who want “six-star luxury”. However, they now have two ships called ‘the A’ and ‘the B’ which are different and specifically aimed at a millennial audience. So instead of having piano music and evening dinners, you get silent discos and cool cocktail classes. But that’s not all! Here’s why I want to river onboard A and B for myself!

Uniworld’s A and B

» The Food

Instead of having breakfast, lunch and dinner, mealtimes with U by Uniworld consist of a brunch in the late morning and a communal dinner in the evening. This brunch sounds like a perfect idea for us millennial because everyone hates getting up early for the allotted breakfast time when on a holiday, right?

Meanwhile, the dinner is usually a communal event with shared plates to dip into. That being said, there is a street food vibe which is very cool. I also like that the food is locally sourced ‘from farm to table’.

» The Design

On the outside, both A and B are jet black but it’s the inside where it counts! First things first, I love the chicness of the A and B ships and I think they perfectly mix the ‘boutique hotel’ aspect together with the river yacht setting.

It caters to 120 guests with 40 staff and judging by the videos, they have just as much fun as their guests in a really cool atmosphere! The black and white checked wallpaper, carpets and neon lights also make me feel like falling through Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. There’s some awesome art onboard such as Andy Worhol, too. The nightclub area’s roof as well is pretty clever — it’s on hydraulics so it can go up and down if you need to go under a low bridge!

» The Wi-Fi

I know it may sound like a dull point on such an amazing trip but you can never underestimate the value of good internet connection while travelling! Not only does Uniworld’s Wi-Fi let you keep in touch with your friends and family, but you can also watch films, listen to music apps and use the ship’s WhatsApp group to keep up-to-date with what’s going on onboard.

The ship is also trying to be as eco-friendly a possible and this also means not printing where possible. The menus in the bars are on digital screens to curb on plastic straws and food waste, making river cruise holidays environmentally sustainable.

» The Entertainment

As well as two rooftop bars and a nightclub, A and B’s masterstrokes are that they make the most of the locations they stop in to the maximum. This means bringing on local talent such as DJs, street food chefs and cocktail mixologists.

This doesn’t just mean that they give you a good time and leave though! Instead, they give you classes and workshops related to their specialties and skills. If you sail on A and B, you’ll likely leave as a cocktail whizz, DJ guru, street artist or maybe even a yoga master!

» The Destinations

A and B sail to the coolest riverside locations in Europe — from Berlin and Budapest to Vienna and Prague. As a result, they’ve thought carefully about how to make the most of the destination to match the good times onboard the ship.

You can take one of the ship’s bikes to explore Amsterdam, pub crawl in Bratislava or have an expert guided tour through Prague. There are even kayak and paragliding adventures on the Seine near Paris!

*Top photo by U by Uniworld

How about you?

  • What do you think of U by Uniworld?
  • Would you like to try out their river cruises? Why or why not?
  • Or have you sailed with them before? How was it?

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  1. I'm with you there! Ever since I heard about a river cruise geared towards a younger crowd I was all about it. I haven't sailed with them yet but it's on my list!

  2. Uniworld is a new take on experiential travel, with cruises designed for those with a passion for exploring and a taste for authentic adventures. This is a very unique concept I really like it.


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