Travel guide books are one of the various helpful resources that I use whenever I plan for a new getaway.

Now if you’ve read my post back in February (wherein I detailed my travel plans for the year), I bet you’ve seen how I scheduled a Japan trip this March; and for sure, with such a dynamic and eccentric country such as theirs, the guidance of books helps a LOT. I may be a huge fan of the Japanese culture for years, and I also love watching anime and reading manga — but nothing can really beat the true-blue books that are written not only by Japanese locals but by Japan ‘experts’ too.

Thankfully, Tuttle Publishing was more than happy to send some paperback copies over my way in order to aid me in my travel planning! After reading for weeks through all the material that they have sent me, I can say with confidence that my upcoming Japan trip will be… EPIC.

Tuttle Publishing was established in 1948 in Vermont and Japan. Today, it is regarded as the premier publisher and seller of books that are rooted in Asian culture, language, and history and they are generally available at leading bookstores in your city. When purchasing their books online, you can choose either a print or eBook copy. They ship worldwide and any order that is delivered within the United States is free when you spend $35 or more.

I’m keeping my intended activities and itinerary secret for nowbut you’ll surely see it once my journey ends and I start posting articles about it! For the meantime, I will share with you the resources that I have used which helped me a TON.

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» All About Tokyo

Tokyo Capital of Cool
Tokyo: Capital of Cool by Rob Goss / Tuttle Publishing

This is an amazing guidebook that not only shows you vivid photographs of Tokyo, but also shows you various insights that will help you understand this complex city, the culture, and its people.

Given the vast experiences and knowledge of the author who has been based in Tokyo for a long time, you will be delighted with this book as you discover culinary must-trys as well as ideas on interesting places to visit around the metropolis. .

Clueless in Tokyo
Clueless in Tokyo by Betty Reynolds / Tuttle Publishing

I LOVED reading this book because even if I already know several habits and customs of the Japanese, the author here had shared heaps of information that I haven’t learned yet!

Drawn in charming watercolor sketches with accompanying Japanese terms, she delved into the various differences between traditional Japanese clothing, the “kawaii” (cute) lifestyle, the various traditions and festivals in Tokyo — and more. That being said, I believe that this is a must-read! I will personally be carrying this with me as I go on my trip. .

Tokyo On Foot
. Tokyo On Foot by Florent Chavouet / Tuttle Publishing

If you want to see Tokyo in the eyes of an artist and a foreigner who has spent months within the confines of Tokyo, then this book is for you!

I truly enjoyed flipping through these pages as I continue to read his witty notes on the varied observations that he makes on people, things, items, advertisements, and more. Apart from that, he also displays his hand-drawn maps that provide information about the various neighborhoods in the city — hence; it can prove to be very helpful for your trip planning. .

Tokyo Tuttle Travel Pack
Tokyo Tuttle Travel Pack by Rob Goss / Tuttle Publishing

Possibly every information that you might need for a convenient Tokyo travel guide is packed within this compact guidebook! A pull-out map is even included within its pages, so what more can you ask for?

Straight-forward and precise, the book has 4 chapters: ‘Tokyo’s Best Sights’ for the top 13 not-to-be-missed experiences, ‘Exploring Tokyo’ for the top attractions in every district, ‘Author’s Recommendation’ for the recommended spots (may it be hotels, restaurants, activities, shopping, etc.), and ‘Travel Facts’ for useful info such as Japanese phrases, transport, money, visa, etc. .

» For All of Japan

A Geek in Japan

A Geek in Japan by Hector Garcia / Tuttle Publishing

Ever wondered about all the hype over manga, anime, J-Pop, or whatnot? Well.. wonder no more because ‘A Geek in Japan’ will spell it all out for you!

And if you happen to be a geek yourself, then this is the smartest and most concise guide that will ever lay in your hands. I’m an anime and manga “otaku” myself so this was a great read that answered all my questions and curiosities. .

Cool Japan Guide

Cool Japan Guide by Abby Denson / Tuttle Publishing

If you want to learn more about Japan in a way that the facts are presented to you in comic-form, this book by comic book artist Abby Denson will then fit your needs!

As you flip through its pages, you will feel like you are being taken into a fun tour from Tokyo, to Kyoto, and beyond. From complete Japanese shopping experiences, to Japanese food, zen gardens, and arts — you’ll find it all right here. .

Manabeshima Island Japan

Manabeshima Island Japan by Abby Denson / Tuttle Publishing

It’s a known fact that Japan has several islands speckled within its territories; so if you have the time to explore a different island other than the main one, why not try Manabeshima? It’s a small island off the coast in Osaka which only has 300 residents, but Florent Chavouet depicted this place so beautifully that it’s hard not to be enticed by it.

As the same author as that of Tokyo on Foot, you’re in for an entertaining read with this one! .

Japan Tuttle Travel Pack
Japan Tuttle Travel Pack by Rob Goss / Tuttle Publishing

This has been awarded as the Gold Award winner in the Travel Book Guide Category in the 2013 North American Travel Journalists Association, and it’s not difficult to see why. All the tips here were absolutely interesting, and it helped shaped up my whole 3-week itinerary!

Much like the Tokyo Tuttle Travel Pack, this guidebook is compact and lightweight so you can easily fit it in your daypack; plus, it also has a pull-out map to that will help you plan out your excursions in every part of the country. Simply put: it’s a must-have for you when you’re heading to Japan!

Japanese for Travelers
Japanese for Travelers by Scott Rutherford / Tuttle Publishing

It’s no news that the majority of the Japanese don’t speak English so well; therefore, it’s quite imperative to learn a several phrases as you travel throughout Japan.

Sure enough, this book does a great job of teaching you everyday phrases as well as less common ones so that you can easily converse with locals.The sections include: basic communication, money, mail, getting around, eating and restaurants, lodging, leisue, illness, and trains. .

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I bet you’re also interested in visiting Japan sometime in the future, so how about we — Tuttle Publishing and I — give you a hand? Come and join our giveaway and you can win 3 of the books above!

» What Will You Win?

THREE (3) lucky winners will each get 3 books of their choice from the books listed above (subject to availability) and it will be delivered to their individual addresses (within U.S. or the Philippines) for FREE.

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  • This giveaway is hosted by me, Aileen, in partnership with Tuttle Publishing; but prize distribution will be the sole responsibility of Tuttle Publishing. .

Good luck and enjoy! Please feel free to also share this giveaway to your family and friends!


Planning a Unique Japan Trip with Tuttle Publishing (+ A Giveaway!)

Tuttle Publishing

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