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Antarctica Travel GuidesNo single country owns nor controls Antarctica, so technically, visitors do NOT need visas to go to this location. However, with the existence of the Antarctic Treaty’s Protocol on Environmental Protection, it requires visitors (who are citizens of countries that are signatories of this treaty: including USA, Canada, EU, and Australia) to acquire a permit prior to visiting Antarctica. These permits are almost always acquired through tour operators.

Example: If you booked via a cruise ship, permits are covered by the cruise company that you’re going with. If visiting by air, you must check with your local government or airline if you have the right paperwork. If in doubt, you could always ask your Antarctica tour operator.

Meanwhile, if you’re sailing to Antarctica, most ships and vessels depart from ports in places like Argentina, Chile, Falkland Islands, New Zealand, and South Africa. Therefore, depending on your nationality, you might need a visa to be able to set foot at the ports of any of the aforementioned countries.

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*DISCLAIMER: It helps to note that most of my visa guides are intended for Filipino citizens (after all, I’m a Filipino myself). Nevertheless, most visa procedures are standardized so it can be applicable to yours; still and the same, please always confirm and verify with your local embassy to be sure.

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