Top Tips on How to Travel Light

Top Tips on How to Travel Light

What does traveling mean for you? For me, traveling is freedom! It’s getting out of my comfort zone, exploring the wonders of the world, and recharging my soul. But when I’m busy ticking destinations off my bucket list, the last thing I need is excess luggage slowing me down and tiring me out. (Travel light).

With that said, do you always seem to bring much more than you ever need on trips? Here are the top four questions to consider before packing that suitcase:

How to Travel Light

» Where are you headed, and what do you intend to do there?
Research on the weather and appropriate attire for your travel destinations and itinerary. In addition, check if you have the option/opportunity to do laundry so you can minimize the outfits you pack. If you visit certain destinations frequently, it helps to come up with packing checklists you can easily refer to, instead of starting from scratch every time.

» What should you pack?
Curb your overpacking instincts, and bring only the basics. Even if you’re not the type to take OOTDs, plan out your wardrobe so you bring key pieces you can easily mix and match and layer if needed. Pack only travel-size toiletries; you can always top up at your destination for longer trips. Tip: always keep a travel survival kit (toiletries, meds, basic skincare, compression socks) fully stocked so you can just grab and go when adventure calls!

After several years of living a digital nomad lifestyle, I’ve perfected my carry-on packing list to key travel essentials. Check it out here: Ultimate Carry-on Packing Guide

» Do you really need check-in baggage?
As much as possible, I try to pack all my necessities in a backpack and rolling carry-on, and it helps me avoid the long lines at baggage claim. Forgoing checked in baggage also allows me to score the cheapest airline tickets on budget airlines. FYI, Cebu Pacific allows up to two carry-on pieces for free—one cabin-sized bag (up to 56 cm x 36 cm x 23 cm), and one small bag that can fit under the seat (up to 35 cm x 20 cm x 20 cm). Meanwhile, check-in baggage fees are always optional on Cebu Pacific flights, which may be prepaid before you travel—when you book your flight or manage your booking online (up to four hours before your flight). You can also purchase it at the airport but this will be much more expensive.

Additional tips: Did you know that you can usually score the lowest airfares on a Tuesday? I first mentioned it here: Money-Saving Tips: How To Travel on A Budget.

» What is your luggage allowance?
Whether you’re traveling with just a carry-on or with checked-in luggage, avoid unnecessary hassle and expense by reviewing your airline’s baggage restrictions (take note not only of the total weight, but also number of pieces allowed).

If you love scoring great travel deals on Cebu Pacific, you’ll want to take note of their new baggage policies, effective January 15, 2019. For check-in baggage, you have the option to purchase: Standard (up to 20 kilos, 2 pieces max), Large (up to 32 kilos, 3 pieces max), and Extra Large (up to 40 kilos, 4 pieces max, with no single piece weighing more than 32 kilos).

Need help choosing your bag allowance? As a quick guide, Standard is good for up to a two-week trip with modest shopping; choose Large for longer trips or when you need to pack special gear; and Extra Large is for big moves, extra equipment, or pasalubong for the entire barangay.

If you initially purchased Standard prepaid baggage, you may upgrade it to Large or Extra Large up to four hours before your flight (unfortunately, downgrades are not available). And as mentioned earlier, Cebu Pacific still allows up to two carry-on pieces for free; wheelchairs and baby strollers may also be checked in free of charge.


The Joy of Traveling Light. Traveling light is literally lighter on the wallet, plus it gives me greater mobility—whether it’s navigating elevator-less subways, fitting my things in a compact Airbnb, or simply not having to worry about luggage getting lost in transit. Now that’s liberating!

How about you?

  • What do you think of these tips in order to travel light?
  • What other tips can you add?

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  1. good, i am enjoying

  2. Such great advice, but no matter how hard I try, I ALWAYS over pack! Plus, even though I over pack, I tend to bring the wrong things. Hoping to get it right some day!

  3. One of my favorite aspects of living and traveling in Japan was the ability to bring luggage on the shinkansen without having to worry about overage fees or "having too much," as per the airline. I could pack so much more for a trip and still saved money! Sometimes plane travel can just be so inconvenient... My trick to packing light is layering! Choosing outfits that are based on the same pieces helps me travel light every time. It also keeps my outfits fresh.


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