Top 5 Travel Destinations to Watch for 2018

Top 5 Travel Destinations to Watch for 2018

With so many amazing countries in the world, choosing the best place for your next vacation can prove to be a daunting and difficult task — but don’t fret. Your travel plans will become a lot clearer with the help of this list which shows the top travel destinations that you should definitely consider and NOT miss out on for the next year!

Top 5 Travel Destinations in 2018

ANTARCTICA The White Continent


2018 is the time for adventures that are “once-in-a-lifetime“. Without a doubt, out from all the available travel destinations, Antarctica fits this description perfectly.

After all, there is NO other place on Earth that is as elusive and as stunning as the ‘White Continent’ — or better yet… there is NO other place on Earth that could possibly match up to its pristine beauty!

Though of course, it’s not an easy feat to reach this place; but if you want to make the most out of it, you should go on a cruise expedition with Hurtigruten. Their trips span from November to March during the Antarctic summer, and they have various excursions that will take you from the ‘End of the World‘ and to the sub-Antarctic islands before arriving at the mainland Antarctica itself.

I went through one of their excursions and I can tell you with all honesty that it has been the most amazing travel experience that I’ve had! This is why it’s my wish that you get to go through the same adventure that I did so that you can be swept away in the same extraordinary emotions that I’ve gone through.

NEW ZEALAND An Adventure Playground

New Zealand

New Zealand is best known as the mystifying ‘Middle Earth’ embodiment from the Lord of the Rings (LOTR) franchise — but beyond this image is the fact that the country has long since been one of the world’s best adventure-filled travel destinations. To add, you can do such amazing activities in New Zealand’s landscapes that can be quite otherworldly!

To start with, you can check out the famous 9 Great Walks of New Zealand that will take you through wild paths and breathtaking scenes that are teeming with wildlife. Something to watch out for…? A new track that will run through the South Island’s coast which will surely be a treat for a lot of hikers.

But if you’re more into culture, New Zealand is not short of it because, for instance, you can learn more about their beautiful Māori culture in places like Rotorua. If you’re an LOTR fan, make sure to visit Hobbiton and Weta Workshop. If you’re into surfing or the beach scene, check out Anawhata Beach in Auckland or New Chums Beach in Coromandel… aah, I can go on and on about the wonders that New Zealand holds!

CHINA The Land of the Red Dragon


China is a diverse country that boasts an array of ancient cities, lush grasslands, spectacular mountains and long coastlines — this means that there is always something for everyone to enjoy in this fantastic East Asian travel destination.

The best times of the year for visiting China would have to be spring and autumn because the weather is at a more comfortable temperature; not to mention that it will also be the times when it is less likely to rain. Of course, spring will bring forth gorgeous flowers and fields for you to enjoy, whereas autumn will offer you stunning warm colors across rich terrains. But if you decide to visit China earlier in the year, take note that it will be warmer if you go further south; yet the temperature in Shanghai, for example, will be bearable.

If there’s one highlight event that’s worth attending, it would be the Chinese New Year’s celebrations due to the mesmerizing dragon dances, firework displays, and colorfully-lit streets. It may be crowded but it will make for an amazing experience if you’re lucky enough to visit during this time of the year!

Meanwhile, when you are choosing places to visit in China you may want to opt for Xi’an instead of Beijing if you prefer somewhere that’s a little less busy. A captivating ancient city which is home to the Terracotta Warriors, Xi’an is undoubtedly easy to get around on foot and you can even enjoy seeing all of their ancient monuments lit up at night — an evening experience that will be absolutely memorable!

MEXICO The Land of Enchantment


One country that finds itself on many travel destinations wish lists is Mexico, and now that Mexico City has been named as the 2018 World Design Capital, it is sure to be a place that even more people would want to explore in the new year — more so for those who have a passion for design (or for those who also seek Instagram-worthy scenes). After all, it was Mexico City’s passion for design and wealth of innovative ideas that made it the worthy winner of this coveted award. That being said, visitors should expect a number of creative activities in 2018 which will all aim to get the whole community involved whilst exciting travellers who are searching for something a little different.

But of course, there’s more to Mexico than design and innovation. To see another side of the country, try heading to Guanajuato, a city made up of brightly-coloured buildings and lively streets that are filled with noises of vendors, animals, and church bells that are sure to invite you in and fuel your curiosity. If I say so myself, this is the perfect place for getting lost during the day and for dancing through the night.

On the other hand, are you looking for a bit of relaxation? Mexico also boasts some of the best all-inclusive resorts in the world so you are sure to be able to find a place to unwind and enjoy some great food and hospitality!

PORTUGAL Europe’s West Coast


Boasting a range of stunning beaches, delicious cuisine, and varied historical landmarks, Portugal is taking some of the limelight from neighbouring Spain as it is now lauded as one of the must-visit travel destinations of 2018.

First of all, the capital city of Lisbon is sure to keep any traveler busy what with its impressive architecture. In fact, even the pavement or “calçada”, in some parts of the city is something to admire. So when you’re there, make sure that you take in the sight of São Jorge Castle, marvel at the pastel-coloured buildings, and sample some excellent Portuguese food — which, mind you, are typically made from fresh ingredients.

If you rather love beautiful beaches, then the Algarve might be the best part of Portugal for you to visit. You will never grow tired of looking at the golden sand and the picturesque cliffs that the Algarve has to offer; plus, there are plenty of activities available for you to try (as well as some fantastic nightlife options too).

But maybe, you want to head away from the mainland? Then the Azores are sure to take your breath away as you discover the beauty of their sandy beaches and quaint villages. Made up of nine islands, these can be explored via an island hopping excursion so that you can get the most of your visit.


Travel Destinations

With these 5 fantastic travel destinations that are ready and waiting for you to explore, all that is left for you to do is to pick your favourite and to book your ticket!

…So, what are you waiting for?

How about you?

  • What do you think of these travel destinations?
  • Would you like to visit them? Which of the 5 is your favorite?
  • Or have you visited these places before? How was it?

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  1. I would love to travel to them all but, I'm on my head to travel to China first. My youngest has her heart on visiting and I'm looking to take her next year! I can't wait to explore the ancient cites and mountains!

  2. I would love to visit all of these beautiful places but for me I think New Zeland would be my top choice. It just looks so magical!

  3. I would love to find more time to travel with the family. Visiting exotic destinations is a wonderful way to make memories and experiences. Antarctica is a wonderful destination. I know someone who recently went there and had a great time.

  4. Thanks Aileen! It's a very good article. It will help me in planning my future trips!

  5. I've been in NZ before but I am going again next year... In May for my friend's wedding! And then my husband and I are making it an excuse to make a little vacation out of it and head to AUS as well!

  6. These pictures are gorgeous, and I'd like to travel to all of these ... of your list, I've only been to Mexico, and that was when I was a child, though I did go briefly in 2016 for a wine tour. (we were staying in San Diego and ventured there for a day)

    A cousin of mine just went to New Zealand, too, and I was very jealous of all his Instagram pics! It's beautiful there.

  7. Great choice of destinations!

    To Antartica, you can also get to Tierra del Fuego and look for the last-minute tickets. But it can take time to find one, so it's better to do it if you have no scheduled time.

    I Love China! It was loads of fun. You order plates only by looking at the pictures, and you can have a glimpse of the future if you're traveling in Shangai - It's crazy how many things you can order with your phone there. Big cities have English subtitles on their signs, but if you travel off the beaten path, it's a crazy adventure ^^

    And everyone loves Portugal, between the lovely beaches in the south and the national parks in the North.

    But I think Colombia is missing on your list! ^^

    Have fun Aileen!!

  8. Hi Aileen! I have always wanted to go to Antarctica. I can't wait to read about your adventures!

  9. I'm so happy to see Portugal (my homeland!) included here!
    I hope you come and your readers come and visit during 2018 and dare to explore beyond the beaches of Algarve and the cities of Lisbon and Porto. Those are all great, of course, but there's much more to Portugal: the mountains and historical villages around Serra da Estrela, the countryside hotels of the Alentejo Region, the coastal towns of the centre of the country (Peniche, Nazare, etc) Feel free to ask me for Portugal tips, I love sharing stuff about my country! ;)

  10. Hi Aileen,

    How neat. All look like winning locations and all are on my travel list. Each one is a dream vacation of mine. Right now we only have a trip to Thailand booked, in February. 6 week house sit. But I so look forward to seeing NZ and the frozen continent too, among other places. Kiwi Land has so much to offer. The stunning beauty of the place floors me but the people are so nice too, when I meet Kiwis during my world travels. Big LOTR fan too. This means plenty of time seeing Hobbiton when I eventually visit.



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