My Daily Gear: This Is Ground Mod Laptop 2 Case

My Daily Gear: This Is Ground Mod Laptop 2 Case

As you all know by now: I work online, making me one of those so-called ‘digital junkies‘. So whenever I travel, I make sure that all of my essentials are packed in my carry-on. (This is Ground)

However, for the times that I’m not hopping from one country to another, I find solace in my home base (which is currently: Belgium). Now, working at home is a bliss in itself, but I always find a lot more comfort when working outside — think cafes, parks, etc.

When that need arises, I used to pack my smaller gadgets in my pockets as I carry my laptop in my arms… Clearly, that wasn’t efficient at all, and I’ve thought of bringing along my CamPro bag since it can organize my stuff better than a traditional top-loading backpack. The only problem is that, though my CamPro helps a ton, I wanted something lighter and compact it will become my daily gear as I step out of the house with my tech stuff.

My woes ended, fortunately, when I discovered This is Ground’s Mod Laptop 2 case and it has been a part of my daily gear ever since! Besides, it’s not only perfect for my needs but it’s also a stylish organizer for my daily grind online.

This Is Ground

» Why I love the Mod Laptop 2 case

Mod LaptopIt has seamless pockets, “Mod inserts”, and sections that can hold all of my essentials!

There are 3 gadgets that I always have with me for my daily online work: my iPhone, my MacBook Pro, and my tablet. All of these items can be packed inside This is Ground’s compact Mod Laptop 2 case and has even enough free space to accommodate other smaller items.

Below is a list of the typical items that I carry in this organizer:

  • iPhone
  • iPhone charger
  • MacBook Pro 13″*
  • MacBook charger
  • Tablet
  • Glasses
  • Credit Cards and IDs
  • Earphones
  • Money
  • Pens & pencils
  • Hard drive

They have cases that can accommodate 11/12″, 13″ and 15″ laptops. I got the 13″, and though they are originally form fitted to handle MacBook laptops, they also fit other laptops as long as it’s within the dimensions. See the complete list here.

But okay… guess what? I can actually carry even MORE items with my Mod 2 laptop case for as long as I use one of their signature Mod inserts that are interchangeable and can be attached on the spine with the help of magnets. Rest assured, these magnets are not only strong but safe for use with your electronic devices (it has zero negative effects on your gear).

Currently, I own the Traveler Insert and below are the complete list of inserts that they offer which can match your lifestyle!

Mod Inserts.

It’s a handmade eye-candy constructed of premium quality materials!

I’ve long since developed an intense love affair with true leather materials — it’s just simply so gorgeous; plus it ages well over time. That’s why when I first laid eyes on the Mod Laptop 2 that was made with premium leather materials and designed in minimalist style, I just knew that I had to get my hands on it!

Did you know? This is Ground’s vegetable tanned leather comes from the Tuscany region in Italy and handmade to order by heritage leather workers in Los Angeles, CA. It is enriched with anti-scratching formula and spray finished to give it a soft feeling and a shelf life that can span a lifetime.

Currently, they offer the following color choices. (I got the toffee one!)

Mod Leather

» The cons?

  • The price: with true leather and quality comes true luxury, so yes the Mod Laptop 2 is pricey (at $399 or Php 18,500~). However, I absolutely find it as a great investment since it’s the kind of laptop case/organizer that has perfected function and style! Additionally, the Mod Laptop 2 can actually be for whatever use: may it be for your daily work needs or for your travels as a mini carry-on.
  • The front flap/pocket: as you will see in my photos above, the front part has a “slit” or flap where you can tuck in your laptop chargers. It’s a genius idea to still keep the case compact; however, it can stretch the leather quite a bit with continued use. So far, I don’t find it as a huge problem but I feel the need to point it out in case that might be a factor that you wouldn’t like about it.


My Daily Gear: This Is Ground Mod Laptop 2 Case

This is Ground

If you’re looking for a high-quality organizer that’s compact, lightweight, and stylish, the Mod Laptop 2 case is the best choice that you can ever have!

I’ve been using this baby for several months already and it has made my daily work life a whole lot easier and “prettier”. *laughs* But seriously, every time that I use my Mod Laptop 2, people would compliment and ask about where I bought it.

Now I bet you were equally curious too, so what are you waiting for? Come and grab your own Mod 2 NOW at Urban Traveller & Co! They ship worldwide and if you use the coupon code: DigitalNomad you’ll get 10% off!


DISCLAIMER: I received this product for free from Urban Traveller & Co in return for an honest review. As always, I only recommend and write about brands that I personally use or believe in. Therefore all views that are expressed here represent only those made by myself and NOT of any other entity in their favor.

How about you?

  • What do you think of This is Ground’s Mod Laptop 2 case?
  • Would you like to own one? Why or why not?
  • Or do you already own it? How has it been for you?

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  1. This is a beautifully designed and versatile organizer that would last a lifetime. I am going to splurge someday soon.

  2. I absolutely love the look of it. So modern and chic, the price is a little much but something like this to me is an investment and will last getting your monies worth out of it. I may have to look into getting one of these. This would also make a great gift.

    1. True that! It’s a GREAT investment. I’ve been using it for months now and it’s incredible.

  3. Ok, I need this!! I love that it’s chic and portable and not to mention…organized!! I have a type-A personality so you can imagine how much I love this..even just the look of it!

    1. I’m happy to hear that you like it too!

  4. I love all the different inserts, such a brilliant idea! The photographer one would be my pick

    1. Likewise! I love that part most about them :D

  5. This is an incredible laptop case and I would love something like this in order to transport my laptop with me. Right now I have it in a bag but everything else is just thrown in and a mess. I love the inserts that you can get so that you can customize it. I will be looking into getting myself one.

    1. That’s exactly my problem as well before! So I’m very thankful that this case has helped me become more organized. :D Anyhow, that’s great to hear Gwendolyn! You’ll be making a great choice!

  6. Wow this looks like a product meant just for me. I could see myself using it for so many things. I love the design and color as well as how useful this would be for me. I could use it when I travel and not worry about losing anything.

    1. It helps you be organized too, Melissa! This has been a huge lifesaver for me :D

  7. I love the Mod Laptop2 case and am super impressed with the lifestyle inserts you can choose to customize it to what suits you. The traveler is my favorite too and I love the toffee color you’ve chosen! I absolutely love this case and will have to look into it for my next trip. It’s hard to find quality leather these days and I must say that the leather colors are all gorgeous! Definitely a splurge item, but what a great way to stay organized while traveling.

    1. You got it right on, Nancy! These are exactly my thoughts too about this product. :D

  8. Now, that ladies and gentlemen is a sexy case! I love the design and luxurious the leather looks. You did an awesome job showing the different way that you can use the case. In this day in age it good to have something that multi-functional. I will have to make sure to put this case down on my Christmas list.

    1. Awesome to hear, Dee! :D I bet you will love this case as much as I do!

  9. I’ve been seeing these stuff at Pinterest since last year and I really want to have one. I even asked my uncle to buy it for me as a pasalubong but he wasn’t able to find one and I just realized how expensive those things are. *sigh* I never thought that there are other choices depending on what kind of person or what purpose will it be used. I love to have the bookworm case. How I wish it isn’t really that expensive but leather really comes a great luxury.

    1. True, it’s a bit of a luxury but it’s worth every cent! Also, don’t worry Augustin! This case is now available in Manila. Just head to their shop at Rockwell :)


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