5 Things to Do Before You Backpack in South America

5 Things to Do Before You Backpack in South America

South America has long been a destination for travelers looking to explore some of the most ancient and breathtakingly beautiful places on earth. From the rainforests of Brazil to the crazy beauty of the Andes, there surely is nowhere like the beauty that’s seen in this continent.

Now of course, getting to grips with the basics before you begin your travels in South America is crucial to how successful your trip will be. Besides, there is no one culture or language in South America; so, understanding the terrain, climates, and general ways of the people you will encounter in every country you’ll visit is always advised.

Therefore, much like how you would take advantage of your free credit score when presented with the opportunity, take heed of the tips below to help you enjoy your vacation!

» Health «

Considering that South America has a number of potential diseases and potential problems when it comes to health matters, you must ensure that you are covered before you travel. With so many possible ways to fall ill — from parasites, germs, bites, and rabies — it is always a good idea to consult a doctor regarding vaccinations.

For one thing, with an abundance of mosquitoes, malaria is not what you want a few days into your dream backpacking excursion. So get travel insurance before you leave, too, as it is always better to be safe than sorry!

» Lingo «

Are you up to scratch with your Spanish, ahead of your visit to Brazil? If yes, then doesn’t that sound awesome?

But well.. that will not help you much, since Brazil’s national language is Portuguese. That being said, you would be surprised at the differences between both languages — either way, you may get lucky. Spanish will certainly help you in many other countries, but it doesn’t hurt to know a few key phrases of other languages when roaming around the different countries in South America.

» Accommodation «

Hotels and hostels are generally inexpensive in many South American countries — provided that you are not visiting in festival season. While many cater to backpackers, these are not always the best options out there; hence, make sure that you do some research first and figure out the best options for you and your travel companions before you venture out.

» Travel «

If you are used to luxury travel, you may be in for a surprise… Chances are, you will be traveling across the continent in old-school buses and with some pretty colorful characters to boot.

The term “chicken bus” may not be one you are familiar with, but a couple of weeks into your travels and you will be in the know. After all, many buses or coaches you travel on are simply the best way to get across South America, so prepare to get acquainted with the locals!

» Food «

You may think you have South American cuisine down to a tee, but there is a LOT more to it than empanadas, tacos, and moqueca. Some of the street food you stumble across in places like Bolivia, Peru, and Venezuela can be absolutely incredible, but be careful to ensure it is safe to eat.

For those with allergies or prone to certain reactions, always be extra cautious!

How about you?

  • What do you think of these tips?
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  1. Some great pointers... The importance of knowing Spanish can't be stressed enough I would say! So useful for anyone thinking of hitting up Argentina, Peru, Chile and the likes.

  2. Also: Prepare to scream from cuteness once you see all the alpacas ! :P

    1. Haha, speaking from experience ;)

  3. Great post and tips. South America is beautiful and I'll definitely go there one day. These tips helped me a lot.

  4. Hi Aileen

    It was a wonderful blog .. Every picture you have posted in your blog that Tells a story.
    Looking forward to read your other wonderful travel experience.
    Travel blogger from India

  5. Great Blog shared. Thanks for the amazing tips.

  6. A great post. South America fascinates me alot. Would visit before I am 40 years old. I have visited alot of fun places in Africa but none in South America


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