Must-Have Travel Accessories for Autumn

Must-Have Travel Accessories for Autumn & Winter: Sprigs Wear (+ A Giveaway!)

It’s no news that I’m from the tropics, so when I first landed in Europe and experienced my first autumn and winter — I was ecstatic! …but I was also shocked at how extremely cold it can get. I couldn’t believe it at first that I was so weak against frosty weather; but after several months of experiencing such seasons, I have come to terms with it as I armed myself with thick layers of clothes and coats. (Sprigs)

Though of course, one’s protective ‘arsenal‘ mustn’t stop there since accessories for travel during cold weather is important too! Think of scarves, beanies, gloves, earmuffs and so many more.

However, we all know that there are so many choices out there so it can be quite an arduous task when searching for the best ones to pack for travel. Luckily, I have recently found a brand that produces modern and unique accessories that not only protect me from the chill but also perfectly fit my travel lifestyle.

Introducing: Sprigs Wear! Producing compact, efficient, fashionable, and quality accessories, I was absolutely stoked when they sent samples my way as they have proven to be really efficient and useful. Without further ado, here are the Sprigs items that you should absolutely pack for autumn and winter travel:

Sprigs Accessories for Cold Weather

» Earbags®

My ears are the first part of my whole body that gets ridiculously cold (followed by my hands). Of course, the usual solution for this is to wear earmuffs, but my problem with this is that even if it helps a lot in keeping my ears warm, I hated the ‘band‘ part of it across my head. Because no matter how I buy an earmuff that fits me perfectly, it tends to give off a tight feeling after a while, so it ends up being an uncomfortable wear.

The owners of Sprigs knew about this existing problem that’s why they set out to create their patented Earbags®. These are bandless ear warmers that you can wrap around each of your ears easily and it will stay on snugly and — best of all — comfortably!

Sprigs Earbags

The first time that I saw this, I was flabbergasted that I didn’t discover it sooner — I really love it! Made with two soft layers of fleece lined with Thinsulate® for warmth and insulation, this was so easy to wear and had even kept my ears warm through and through. It’s also sooo easy to pack since unlike earmuffs, they’re not as bulky and you can just stuff it inside a small pocket of your bag or even in your pocket.

For those who are into fashion, rest assured, Earbags® come in various colors and styles so come and take your pick! If you want the earbags to look unnoticeable, buy black or blonde colored ones and they will perfectly blend in with your hair. (They also come in different sizes so these can be worn by children too.)


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» Gloves

Texting Gloves

Sprigs’ gloves are not your ordinary gloves. Apart from focusing on comfort, they have also focused on two other factors: functionality and tech-friendly features. Therefore, they have incorporated “grip dots” on their gloves and mitts so that you can handle and access your stuff (keys, cards, phone, etc.) without such items sliding off your hands constantly. Additionally, their mitts have extra pockets to hold your essentials.

Sprigs also made their gloves phone-friendly. We have all seen those gloves that claim to be text-friendly but they become useless after one or two washings or after some time due to wear and tear. So the solution that Sprigs had come up with? Texting gloves that lets you use your actual fingers with ‘flip-up’ finger tips!

It’s quite ingenious if you ask me, and absolutely helpful. Otherwise, you can surely get Sprigs gloves that are fully closed since they also have smart phone touch gloves with conductive suede tips that stay functional for a long time.

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» Hot Collar

Hot Collar

Neck gaiters are those that can be worn around the neck for warmth and can even be pulled up over the mouth to keep wind away. Sprigs has their own patented version of this called as ‘Hot Collars’ wherein you can zip it up during cold weather and then zip it down when it becomes a little warmer to ensure ventilation control.

Fitted for movement and maneuverability, you can surely slip this in under your jacket and make it seem to look like a collar or turtleneck. And with their sweater-fleece variation, you can wear it in two ways since one side looks and feels like a tightly-knitted sweater, and the other side is soft and made of fluffy fleece.

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» Infinity Scarves

Winter AccessoriesInfinity Scarf

Certainly, Sprigs offer scarves too in order to fully protect you this fall and winter, and with their infinity scarves, you can style it in so many ways! The best part about it? It’s organically made with farmer-grown cotton, hemp, and soy-based inks so you will be wearing this knowing that it is made with love of the earth in mind!

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» BONUS: For All Seasons = Wrist & Arm Banjees


Sprigs’ banjees are not exactly for cold weather, but they are still very useful items especially if you’re the kind of traveler who is always on the go!

You’ve probably seen someone wearing this at some point and this is absolutely perfect for people who have an active lifestyle since it’s like an extra pocket that lets you easily access your essentials: keys, cards, phone, etc.

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Enter for a Chance to Win Sprigs Products!

Since the ‘season of giving’ is just right around the corner, Sprigs and I will be holding an amazing giveaway wherein we will give one (1) lucky winner the chance to own three (3) of these amazing items!

» What Will You Win?

One (1) winner will get to have 3 Sprigs items of their choice! To see the complete list of Sprigs products, see here.

» How to Win?

This giveaway will be done in a raffle-like manner, and participation is absolutely easy. All you have to do is follow the steps below to gain entries:

  1. Log-in to the form below (either through your Facebook account or your email)
  2. Do the 3 required steps that will be displayed below. Each action will give you 1 entry and one step closer to winning — take note that the last step (tweeting) can be done everyday so you can gain more entries!
    *Once you finish doing these 3 required steps, it will unlock 7 other entry options, thereby giving you even MORE entries to increase your chances of winning!

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» Terms & Conditions:

  1. This giveaway is open WORLDWIDE.
  2. This giveaway will start on November 30 (12AM – GMT + 8 Time) and will end on December 4 (12AM). Winner will be picked randomly and will be announced in December 5 on the ‘I am Aileen’ Facebook page.
  3. This giveaway is hosted by me, Aileen, in partnership with Sprigs; but prize distribution will be the sole responsibility of Sprigs. .

Good luck and enjoy! Please feel free to also share this giveaway to your family and friends!


Must-Have Travel Accessories for Autumn & Winter: Sprigs Wear (+ A Giveaway!)


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  1. You look so warm. I live in Chicago so I could use all of these products. I like the ears bags bags because they are adorable and won’t mess up my hair. I will be buying a couple pairs for sure!

    1. And I felt very warm! ;) And true that about the earbags — that’s why I loved them! Glad to hear that you’ve purchased some for yourself :)

  2. OMG the earbags! I used to have earmuffs but they were made of some synthetic material and I washed and put them in the dryer. They shriveled up and I decided never to buy them again. The earbags you posted look like fabric so I won’t have to worry about the dryer messing them up. I’m not so good in cold weather, too. So, I’ll need lots of layers like you lol.

    1. Yes, definitely, these ones won’t shrivel up Boonie! I washed them already and they came out fine :D


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