Most Secure Travel Pack: Numinous Anti-Theft Backpack

Most Secure Travel Pack: Numinous Anti-Theft Backpack

I bet you’ve heard a lot of stories about travelers who get their travel packs destroyed, slashed, or stolen while they are on the road. These instances are often unavoidable especially when you’re careless, or simply when bad luck decides to knock on your door — truth be told, I have experienced being robbed and slashed
a couple of times in the past when I was still traveling in South East Asia with a backpack. Despite all of that, I just knew that there has to be a travel pack out there that can fully prevent theft from happening!
Numinous Packs
So for some time now, I have been on the search for the most secure pack for travelers, and when Numinous Packs offered me a chance to review their new anti-theft backpacks, I gladly took them up on their offer. Currently, they offer four variations for all types of travelers: 25L Day Pack, 55L Travel Pack, 65L Travel Pack, and 80L Wheeled Luggage, and they were very generous for giving me samples of the first three types.

Now, like most of the reviews that I do for this blog, I don’t just post and recommend products carelessly without thoroughly testing them out first; that’s why, I have actually been using the products for several months now.

My final verdict?
I love the Numinous Packs! Why…?

Why I Love Numinous Travel Packs

» Maximum protection due to Kevlar Anti-Slash Technology

Anti Theft

The Numinous Packs are made of material that implements their Kevlar Anti-Slash technology which is 5x stronger than steel! What this means is that thieves won’t be able to slash your bag so easily — which is quite a common thing that they do.

So in retrospect, with Numinous Packs, you are somehow carrying a steel travel pack (that’s lighter, of course!) thereby giving no one the chance to slash your bag open and access your belongings. I have tried slashing the bags myself in one corner and I can guarantee you, no knife can easily get through these packs!

To add, not only is it water-resistant but the backpack also has a patented flap zip protection system (to cover the zippered areas), giving potential thieves a hard time accessing your bag whenever you’re mobile or on transit.

Kevlar Anti Slash

» Feature of Anti-Puncture Zipper Technology

Anti Puncture Zipper

I have once been a victim of thieves accessing my bag by puncturing through my zipper by probably using a pen or some tool. That’s why I was happy to hear when the Numinous Packs had this technology to combat that! I have tried my best to push through the zippers with a pen and I was unsuccessful; which is absolutely good news.

» TSA & Travel Sentry-Approved 3 Digit Dial Combination Locks

This is a feature that I love because it’s no news that airports can decide to inspect your luggage if they find the need to, and when they do so, your luggage may end up damaged as they pry it open if you don’t have a TSA-Approved lock. TSA locks may be predominantly used and needed when in the USA, but it’s said that the Travel Sentry system is also used by airport security around the world — which Numinous Packs have. Therefore, this is a very helpful feature!

To know how to use the locks on Numinous Packs, see the video below:

» Shield Protection Dual Combination Lock

As a traveler, there’s often a need to leave your backpack elsewhere, may it be in your hostel dorm, in the train you’re riding, etc. To give you the peace of mind whenever you’re separated from your Numinous Pack, they have also included a lock in the travel pack that enables you to securely fasten it to any fixed object using a retractable wire lock. It’s absolutely useful!

» Full Length Front-Loading Opening

Front Loading

When choosing a backpack, there are typically two types: top-loading and front-loading.

Top-loading backpacks are those typical backpacks that are like a rugsack wherein you pack your things vertically through one opening. So if you have travel pack that is larger than 25L, you can imagine how difficult it could be to organize your things. Like for example, if you want to locate a shirt that you want to wear that is at the bottom of your bag, you might have to unpack and repack everything just so you can get the item that you need!

That’s why often times, a front-loading backpack is preferred since it functions like a suitcase wherein you can lie it down and open it up so  that you can see everything in detail. And this is why I loved Numinous Packs because they integrated this feature perfectly! When Jonas and I used these backpacks during our road trip in the south of Germany and Austria, we never had problems locating our stuff since it was such an ergonomic pack. As for the other features that it has:

Padded Compartments

  • Interior compression straps: so that you can keep everything in place.
  • Ergonomic design for maximum comfort: it will keep your things condensed and close to your back which will help lessen the strain on your back and shoulder.
  • Extra pockets: combination of zippered and mesh pockets to hold your other stuff.
  • For the 25L Day Pack: the inside of the bag includes one big zippered pocket and a separate padded pocket for your laptop.

» Fully-Adjustable Back System to accommodate users of all shapes and sizes

Adjustable Backpack

When I first ordered my Numinous samples, I was intrigued with how the travel packs didn’t have any specifications for the height of either male or females for fitting. That’s when I learned that such was unnecessary because they have an amazing back system which you can fully adjust to ensure your comfort while carrying the backpacks.

It also has a padded lumbar support system with enough airflow circulation to further ensure your comfortability! For sure, it’s very thick and intricate, yet not so harrowing to my shoulders. When I carried my 55L, I was a bit scared at first because once it’s full, it will be on par with my weight (yep, there you go, now you know my weight LOL) and I might have a hard time carrying it. However, I was surprised when it didn’t stress me so much.

*Rest assured, whenever you’re going to stow away the Numinous Packs somewhere during transit (for instance), they have included a full-zippered cover feature so that you can conceal this back panel system easily.

» Extras and Quick-Access Compartments

Secure Backpack

  • Side carry handle for ease of loading
  • Extra external compression straps
  • Mesh side pockets
  • Front compartment with:
    • 2 big zippered pockets
    • Secure padded laptop compartment

» They “give back”

When you purchase a Numinous Pack, you will be directly helping the ‘African Children’s Fund’ since every purchase that you make will help African children to gain not only education but food and nourishment.

» The CONS, however are:

Aesthetic Design – this was the first ‘con’ that I saw when I saw the Numinous packs. Though the design is sleek and modern, it’s not so aesthetically pleasing to the eye especially with the big numbers on front. Also, as of this moment, it’s only available in gray color so there’s no available variety for anyone who might want other colors.

Cost – if you’re on a budget, this could be a tough purchase to make. (The 25L is at $130, 55L at $300, 65L at $315, and 80L at $450.) But I assure you that with the superb comfort and security that Numinous pack offers, it’s well WORTH the hefty price. Besides, it’s better to invest on this than to regret it later when you lose your possessions.

Availability – As of this moment, the Numinous Packs are only available in the US, Canada and UK but they are definitely working on making it available in other countries.


Travel Pack

I am absolutely satisfied with the protection that Numinous Packs can offer to travelers like me, and despite the ‘cons’, it’s truly a worthy investment to make so that we can all safeguard our valuables as we go on our adventures.

It took me a while to come up with this review so that I can offer you guys a comprehensive examination; so if you ever make the purchase, I hope you’ll be happy with this travel pack — the same way that I’m really happy with it!


DISCLAIMER: As previously mentioned, I received these free products from Numinous Packs in return for an honest review. As always, I only recommend and write about brands that I personally use or believe in. Therefore all views that are expressed here represent only those made by myself and NOT of any other entity in their favor.

How about you?

  • What do you think of Numinous Packs? Would you want to own one?
  • Or do you already own one? How’s your experience?

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  1. This isn't so relevant for me now that I travel with Louis Vuitton bags and stay in nice hotels, but this bag seems like it would've been the answer to my travel bag wished back when I was staying in hostels. If I could have afforded it back then ; -)

    1. For sure, this bag fits more for those who regularly go not only on backpacking sprees but also hikes -- so if you're an outdoors-y person, this can work for you too ;)

  2. I didn't know there was an anti-theft backpack. and I like this idea of a travel backpack that front loads. I do understand a padded lumbar support system with enough airflow circulation for better comfort - We use a huge backpack for actual back woods backpacking and long hikes do need comfy packs - so it seems the same for traveling! I like this for traveling - great post - thank you

    1. True. We do need a good back support especially if we're carrying something heavy and the adjustable back system on this one really helps!

  3. I have to say this is a pretty amazing bag. I love all of the features with the combination locks. I will agree the numbers on the front are too large and unattractive and the color options would be helpful! I don't mind the grey, but I would want something for more fun. But overall I think this is pretty awesome!

    1. I know! But I did hear that in time, they might soon release new designs and colors. We'll see. But for sure, the security it gives is phenomenal!

  4. Really interesting bags and i think it is good qualification product. Hope i can get one in Indonesia

    1. I think it's possible to get it delivered to you in Indonesia; but then from Amazon, you'll have to forward it to a special shipping company like Borderlinx.

  5. I am always looking for new pieces of luggage to travel with. I love that this bag is puncture proof, I had no idea that people could break into your bag doing that before!! We travel in some busy airports and theft has always been a worry for me.

    1. Oh believe me, in Asia they do this a lot! :)) I come from there so I know all the tricks up their sleeve haha. But indeed, owning bags like this will really give you some peace of mind.

  6. I have been saying to myself that I really want to up my travel game and go more places. I love the fact that this Pack is very secure and that you don't have to worry about someone breaking into and stealing your stuff. I love the no slash feature, that will keep the traveler from feeling any anxiety when walking through a crowded street.

    1. True that! I think that you will be very satisfied with this pack when it comes to security :)

  7. How very interesting! I was actually thinking what pack to get my Hubby since he likes to go on long hikes and camping trips! This Numinous Packs sure fits the requirements he is looking for. Appreciate your review. Will definitely look into this a lot more! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Awesome; I'm glad to hear that this is something that you're interested in for your hubby. I think he will definitely love it!

  8. That backpack is really awesome. I would love to have one. Its kind of sad we need stuff like anti-slash fibers and whatnot but its better to be safe than sorry. I would use a backpack like this for short hikes as well as traveling. I like to pack a sandwich or two for when i hit the trails.

    1. Indeed, because in travel we can never know what can happen. :D It's always a good choice to be well-prepared

  9. Those are really secured !!! I have not been robbed but thanks to your post, I know which to buy soon on my travels.

    1. Indeed, they really are! :D I hope you get to enjoy your Numinous pack! Safe travels.

  10. This does look like a really good backpack. I do need to invest in a new one so this will be going on my maybe list

    1. It really is, and I think you'll like it! :) Let me know if you ever decide on owning one yourself.


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