Route 66: How to Plan

Route 66: How to Plan & Budget the Great American Road Journey

Route 66 is undoubtedly the most famous stretch of highway on the planet. Originally running from Chicago to Los Angeles, this great American road is technically no longer recognised, but that doesn’t stop thousands upon thousands of people in each and every year in fulfilling their dream of exploring this route (which became highly popular due to a hit song and TV show in the 60s).

To start off, planning all of this road trip affair will take some real work though. With over 2,000 miles to cover, the first thing to decide is how much of it you’re going to tackle. To do that you need to determine two things — both of which go hand in hand: your budget and how much time you have available to spend travelling.

For most, budgeting is key. It’s how you can determine the type of vehicle you’re going to use, where you’re going to stay, what you’re going to do, and how many of the sights you can stop and enjoy. For these types of decisions, a credit card is generally of huge use, particularly if you can use it to earn rewards. And take note: Route 66 really does guzzle gas off of you, so spending on cards that offer international rewards is always a wise option.

Once confirmed on the budget, the exciting part can begin.

Route 66 has some must-see stops across all states that it passes through — from bustling cities to deserted towns lost to the decommissioning of the highway, from abandoned gas stations to the country’s oldest church and the shores of Lake Michigan. These are but just some of the many things you can do, but for sure, there are interesting things to do for everyone.

If I may share a tip, this Route 66 planner is fantastic for full details on the highway, it even allows you to take your pick from a list across each and every state. As such, building the list will come down to your time and how you manage to go through everything.

That being said, you’ll need to take into account how much time you’re planning to spend on the road. Keep in mind that the full 2,278 miles will take about 46 hours in driving time for your whole road trip adventure. How you break that down is up to you.

Most people tend to take in around 200 miles per day, which means that you can get around half the route down in five days. That generally makes up for about five hours on the road per day, allowing you to take in the sights along the way and to enjoy full evenings in many of the great cities.

By also calculating your mileage per day, it’ll help when booking accommodations too. It helps to look into this thoroughly because there are some stunning trailer parks and motels, and they absolutely are a must to get so that you can get the full Route 66 experience.

The more famous motels such as the Munger Moss in Lebanon, Missouri will naturally charge you that little bit more of value than a standard chain, but that’s all part of the experience too. Alternatively, the Wigwam hotels are among the most famous, although only two are left today in Arizona and California, while the Best Western in Springfield , Missouri is famed given that Elvis once stayed there.

All in all, history is something that’s on every corner, and no matter how much of Route 66 you plan on doing, you’ll never cease to be amazed by the tales that come along with it. So start planning your trip as early as now!

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