Art & Design Work

Year: 2020
Customer: Me + My Business Partners

Ulayaw is an old Filipino/Tagalog word that means: ‘one’s pleasant or intimate companion or friend’. With this meaning, we want to convey the idea that we are our customer’s companion for their everyday needs (since we aim to sell a number of assorted products from home to travel, etc.)

This is a new brand that I launched together with some of my new friends through Amazon’s FBA. This will be separate from my own Amazon business that I am to launch the next year.

The first 3 photos showcase the final logo we decided upon (which is minimal), while the rest are the initial logo suggestions that I came up with. Initially, we wanted to use colorful/feminine colors to represent the fact that we are all females — but in the end, we decided to go with a more neutral color of black and white.

Ulayaw Logo Icon
Ulayaw Logo Full
Ulayaw Logo Card
Ulayaw Logo Suggestion 1
Ulayaw Logo Suggestion 2
Ulayaw Logo Suggestion 3
Ulayaw Logo Suggestion 4

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