Art & Design Work

Year: 2021
Customer: Myself

This website was due for a redesign ever since its first layout was released in 2014 — hence, with the help of the popular Divi theme, I was able to come up with the current web design that is not only responsive but also more versatile and modern.

I have also finally created a logo that is a monogram of my initials. I plan to use this for this blog as well as the rest of my other online businesses.

Aside from plain black and white variant colors, I decided to implement two main complementary colors for the blog that best represents me: an orange-pink or peach color (representing my femininity, and playfulness) partnered with a light blue hue (representing trust and professionalism).

All in all, I basically wanted to evoke a feeling of approachability and warmth, while maintaining a trustworthy vibe.

iAmAileen Website Mockup
iAmAileen Brand Board
iAmAileen Logo Mockup
iAmAileen Business Card Mockup
iAmAileen Desktop, Tablet and Phone View

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