Portrait Sketch | Productive at Night!

Portrait Sketch | Productive at Night!

I’m a night person; I’ve always been one. So… yesterday, despite promising that it’s about time that I give my eyes and body a rest, I felt restless. Which wasn’t surprising. I kept on browsing the internet until I suddenly start scanning through artworks of some very talented people.

And then, as if on cue, I saw this one realistic portrait sketch and just like that, BAM! All I had in my mind was: “I’m gonna try and draw this one.” Which I did, sacrificing precious sleep… but I’ve got no regrets! So far, here’s my work in progress:


Honestly, I really surprised myself on this one… I’ve never managed to draw a decent realistic face before. I always f*ck up the lips or the shape of the face, etc. etc. But this… I’m not boasting, but deeeeym! I’m such a good copier! Haha! Yeah, I was actually recreating this artwork by Amanda Mocci [ click ].

Right now, I’m looking into getting more ‘inspiration’ or ‘motivation’ to continue finishing this piece. Like come on… it’s going to be tough shading the rest of the hair! But I’m accepting the challenge: I will accomplish this one! I’m also looking into rendering it afterwards and then coloring it in Photoshop :>


Cheers to sudden spasms of creativity! I really missed drawing! ♥

How about you?

  • Are you more productive at day, or at night?
  • Do you think I will finish this sketch? Haha!

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