The Party Bus Manila: Party in Style!

The Party Bus Manila: Party in Style!

A lot of people enjoy partying these days; with the rise of the swanky nightclubs spread out all over the metro, the party animals now have a wider range of places to choose from! …HOWEVER! If you’re looking for a premier nightlife experience that is beyond what we normally have here, then it’s best that you check out The Party Bus Manila!

Adapting the popular party bus concept overseas, the Party Bus Manila is the first of its kind here in the Philippines that let’s you ‘bar hop’ or ‘pub crawl’ for 1 night to 4-5 five popular nightclubs in Manila. And the best part is: you get to do all of that in a pimped up ‘bus’ that would be free-flowing with alcoholic drinks! They’ll take care of everything else too: the lines, the tables, the games, and more!

Since its inception last August 4, 2012, the Party Bus has already been through three runs and for their fourth, they amped up the VIP experience even more by substituting their usual black bus with….. a white hummer limo!

Manila Limo Party Bus

And of course, here comes the epic fact of this entry: I got to party with the Party Bus during this voyage! So yes, sweetie! I got “Party in a limo” crossed out in my bucket list now! And as per usual, we were allowed to bring +1, so I decided to bring my good ol’ party buddy: Elaine! Woot, woot!

Party Bus Manila People

Basically, in this post, I will do a recap on how our September 29, 2012 trip went! FIRST BAR was at Izumi at BGC, The Fort. In here, we first had the chance to meet the rest of the ‘crazies’ that we will be partying with for the rest of the night!

Party Bus Manila - Name Tags Party Bus Manila Party Goers

While we were waiting for the rest of the people, the Party Bus crew handed us these innocent-looking gummy bears. But hey, we were there to party so I knew that there was something up with these kiddie goodies. Besides, I’ve read an article before in Tumblr wherein gummy bears are soaked in vodka or something. True enough: this was soaked in alcohol!

Vodka Gummy Bears Cuervo - Party Bus Manila

It was disgustingly good …if there’s even such a thing!

Once everyone was in, we settled into playing a bit of an ice breaker. We were all partnered-off and made to share facts and secrets to one another. When that was done with, we immediately went out of Izumi to great our dear ol’ hummer limo!

I swear, I still can’t get over the fact that I was actually in that limo last Saturday! Haha! But of course, still in line with the Party Bus fever, we were told that to get in, we should take a shot!

Nightlife - Party Bus Manila

All of us were in and it was really funny… because at one point, I noticed how we were all so suddenly quiet and proper. My best bet was because each person was still in awe of the fact that we were in a ridiculously long and awesome limousine…

Limo - Party Bus Manila

…so imagine when that ‘phase’ passed! Like a snap of one’s fingers, we were back to wild mode! HAHA! Bring out the props, the booze, and the attitude!

Nightlife Club - Party Bus Manila Limo Party - Party Bus Manila Fun Night - Party Bus Manila

SECOND BAR: Izakaya at Greenbelt! This was my first time going in to this bar and after we had our drinks, we launched into wild rounds of Pinoy Henyo games! We used dirty words alright, and at one point, we just had to cheat! It was more fun that way!

Izakaya Bar - Party Bus ManilaSilly Spaniard! To think you eat this everyday! HAHA Kidding! Go Antonio!
See how we had to cheat to help him guess it? LOL.

Party Games - Party Bus ManilaThere I am trying to help people guess their words!

Aileen - Party Bus Manila Aileen Adalid - Party Bus ManilaCheers - Party Bus Manila Philippines - Party Bus Manila

We went back to the limo after our time at Izakaya. Of course, during our voyage towards the 3rd nightclub, we decided to take advantage of our good ol’ hummer, so you can say that we practically raped the moon roof. HAHA! Let’s take Raymond for instance who, due to sheer and innate craziness, swiftly went through the moon roof and out of the limo! Look at how this f*cker stood on the roof while the limo was moving! CRAAAAAAAY! But still epic!

Moon Roof Limo - Party Bus Manila Limo - Party Bus Manila Limo Nightlife - Party Bus Manila

THIRD BAR: Skye Lounge at BGC! This was my 2nd (or was it 3rd?) to Skye and as usual, the crowd here are all in such a laid-back mood. But heck, we are THE Party Bus so we brought the wild party to them!

Skye Lounge - Party Bus Manila Shots - Party Bus Manila Shots Liquor - Party Bus Manila Crowd - Party Bus Manila Friends - Party Bus Manila

With picture shots getting lesser and lesser (since people were starting to get drunker and drunker, haha!) we went back to the limo, ready to party at the 4th and last nightclub stop! At this point, we just continued being our crazy selves!

Wild - Party Bus Manila Fun Party - Party Bus Manila International - Party Bus Manila Party People - Party Bus Manila Chug - Party Bus Manila Costumes - Party Bus Manila Liqour Hit - Party Bus Manila

FOURTH and LAST BAR: Privé Luxury Club! This is where everything started to get wilder! Just look at ’em people!

Prive Luxury Club - Party Bus Manila Dance - Party Bus Manila These girls know how to work it!

I don’t party a lot, but when I do, I try to make the most out of it, and clearly, this Party Bus Saturday was no exception! FYI: I didn’t get really drunk-drunk even. I rather enjoyed dancing more, making people dance, making them drink more, watching them go about and around…. HAHA! But seriously, this bunch was rockin’!

I know for a fact that any party experience would have to depend on the crowd you’re with and quite fortunately, with the Party Bus, you’ll get the guarantee that you’re going to be partying the weekend away with the greatest crowd!

So when you’re up for some serious VIP treatment or if you’re simply up for partying and serious ownage, hop on the Party Bus and embrace the nightlife scene LIKE A BOSS!!!

*Do take note that they only have two voyages a month so you better call them out fast!

The Party Bus Manila
Mobile: 0917-790-7373
Email: [email protected]

» My experience with Party Bus was complimentary as I was asked to review their service in partnership with As always, all views that are expressed here are entirely of my own and NOT of any other entity in their favor.

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  1. it's really amazing idea to enjoy the party by hiring limo for night out.. you have shared nice idea keep it up.. :-)

  2. Wow great venue you have here! I'm not a party goer and I don't even drink but still want to try that limo ride! Looks like fun! ;)

  3. Looks like one helluva party! :D

  4. Wow, this is new. This kind of party were just seen on movies, didn't know that we already have it for real. Sure it's fun =)

  5. Ikaw na ang party girl! :)

  6. Gummy bears soaked in vodka? Hmmm.. ma-try nga yan. Choz! :)

  7. I love this cool new concept. But I think, I saw this party place concept at certain MOVIE before.

    1. Well, this has been a popular concept overseas for such a long time already, so it's good that they've adapted it here in Manila :)

  8. I'm sure I would love this, too, if I liked going to parties. It looks like a lot of fun!

  9. This does look like a fun place to go if you like to party. I'm not much of a party-goer myself, but the guys in the pics sure looked like they had a lot of fun!


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