8 Outdoor Activities in Dubai You Probably Haven’t Heard About

8 Outdoor Activities in Dubai You Probably Haven’t Heard About

Dubai has a lot of well-known tourist attractions that many people have heard about over the years: the grand shopping malls, the glitz of the skyscrapers, and the lavish lifestyles of the rich and famous among the many other activities that people want to head out to when they step off the plane. Even though all of these attractions appear to be more than enough to do, travelers should never leave without considering outdoor activities too. With that, here are the top 8 outdoor activities in Dubai that you probably haven’t heard about — yet!

Outdoor Activities in Dubai

#1 Desert Safari Dubai

Desert Safari Dubai

Just like the beauty of the surrounding sea itself, the Arabian desert is an awesome and fascinating sight to witness up-close and in person. With a trained and experience operator to take tourists through an adventurous dune bash through the sand, the desert safari is one of a kind. The mersmerising sand-scapes alone will leave visitors with something to talk about for many years to come.

The activity usually ends with a belly dance and a Taura show, and everyone who attends can sit back and enjoy themselves, while also taking advantage of a delicious buffet dinner served in an authentic desert camp against the backdrop of a setting desert sun.

#2 Horse Riding

Horse Riding

A vital part of Emirati culture and lifestyle is horse riding. Just like camels, horses have been a primary mode of transportation in desert environments so this makes for one of the great outdoor activities in Dubai.

It is also important to note that horse riding is a significant part of the local culture in this area, especially since it is integrated and valued as a big sport. So when visitors come to the place, a horse riding experience is also a great way to enjoy and connect with the local culture.

#3 Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

Popular on the west coast of the region, scuba diving is a great way to begin a trip in Dubai. With the United Arab Emirates lying on the Persian gulf, there’s lots of water-based activities to participate in with both family and friends.

You may even see a wonderfully colored nudibranchs, an unusual and beautiful sea mollusk that not everyone can claim they have seen. Views are amazing and you can essentially make your own postcards with some great underwater photography opportunities.

#4 Deep Sea Fishing

Deep Sea Fishing

While the UAE cannot be compared to the Bahamas as a fishing destination, most people usually discover that deep sea fishing in Dubai is actually quite a rewarding activity.

Travel just 20 kilometres off the coast, and trolling and bottom fishing will bring in a consistent catch of barracuda, trevally, king fish and cobia. For those lucky enough, catching blue fin tuna or other rare giants that live in the local waters is a good possibility. Regardless, the beauty of the sea and the experience of being out on the water makes this is an activity that everyone from a seasoned fisherman to a total beginner can enjoy.

#5 Palm Island Sea Cruise

Palm Island

The Palm Island Sea Cruise is also a once in a lifetime experience. With a planned trip down the Mediterranean Sea, tourists will have an opportunity to see some awesome sights that are truly hard to beat. Starting with the cruise that takes tourists around the Dubai Marina Canal and the Palm Island, people can have a close up glimpse of the Burj Al Arab luxury hotel from the sea.

As tourists travel from one area to another, they will also have a breath-taking view of the palm World Islands and the Jumeirah Coastline.

#6 Yacht Rental

Palm Island Sea Cruise

Even though the beaches in Dubai are a wonderful way to enjoy the sea, tourists that visit may prefer to take advantage of an awesome experience that involves spending time out on a yacht. No pre-arranged route; Total freedom. While the price may be a little bit more, the difference is well worth the premium amount. Yachting with both family and friends in the life of luxury just can’t be beat.

In fact, cruising down the oceans in Dubai, while having a barbecue on board is one of the best ways to amp an exciting trip. Tourists can also enjoy one of the most beautiful backgrounds and settings during dinner time as they finish their cruise in the Dubai Marina.

#7 Dhow Cruise Dinner

Dhow Cruise Dinner

For those people who enjoy the nuances of eating a 3 or more course meal, you may want to consider taking a dhow for a dinner cruise in the Dubai Marina as it’s perhaps one of the most unique dining experiences on offer. While watching the awesome sceneries of Dubai’s incredible skyline, people can really appreciate why it has become so iconic worldwide.

The Dhow is a traditional wooden sea vessel that was historically used commercially for fishing and pearl diving, and provides a stark and intriguing contrast to the otherwise sleek and ultramodern surroundings. This, combined with traditional local cuisine, merges the past and present into an activity that will surely be a highlight for any visitor.

#8 Musandam Day Trip

Musandam Day Trip

For tourists willing to travel a little from Dubai’s metropolitan center we usually recommend making the best of this time by taking the Musandam Day trip. On this tour, tourists will have an opportunity to see some of the most scenic natural sights in the UAE; The mountainous ranges situated around the west coast of the peninsula.

Perfect for visitors and residents alike looking to take a break from the modernity of the skyscrapers and air conditioned interiors as here the landscape and the sea are considered to be the real attractions. When tourists are in this area, they can take in a beautiful panoramic view of the ocean and mountainous backdrop which combine into a mesmerizing vista.


The point of this article is that the highlights of a Dubai trip is not only found in the shopping centers and the lavish lifestyle that are usually glamorised in the media.

From spending your time scuba diving in the area of the Persian Gulf to renting a yacht to spend time alone with friends and family doing all kinds of different water activities, there is a lot of outdoor activities in Dubai that can satisfy even the appetites of the most seasoned adventurers!

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