Looking for Luxury Retreats in Europe? Try Travelopo!

Looking for Luxury Retreats in Europe? Try Travelopo!

We both know that there are TONS of luxury villa rentals that you can choose from online for your luxury retreats, but if you want a trusted rentals agency provider that can deliver you the best experience and the most professionally-maintained properties in Europe, there is an obvious choice for you: Travelopo.

Luxury Retreats: Travelopo

Launched in 2006, this UK company now has over 100,000 hand-picked properties in wide varieties: beach-side apartments, country villas, ski chalets, castles, and more!

Why choose Travelopo?

  • They only work with established property managers and agencies in 10 European countries so that they can offer you efficient and secure luxury retreats at the best available prices!
  • Their local agents are always available on location should you ever have any concerns, needs, or further requirements.
  • They offer a wide range of rental homes (100,000~) and their partner properties are growing in numbers everyday!
  • Their website has a refined searching mechanism so that you can specify if you want BBQ facilities, heated pool, disabled access, sea view, and more!

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Travelopo’s Available Properties

At the moment, Travelopo has properties across:

  1. The Balearic Islands
  2. Europe & Africa
    • Croatia
    • Cyprus
    • France
    • Greece
    • Italy
    • Malta
    • Portugal
    • Spain
    • Turkey
    • The Canary Islands

TIP: It’s always a good reminder that if you want a cheaper-than-normal rate for your luxury retreats, try to book during off peak season which would usually be around May, June, and September. (At this time, the weather is still very nice too!)

Extra Services

Now, if you ever want to have the ultimate hassle-free vacation, you can also avail of Travelopo’s extra holiday services! They can: (1) book your flights, (2) provide you a car for hire, or (3) do airport transfers. So whatever your worry might be, they can take care of it in a jiffy for you.

Overall (…and a Surprise!)

Travelopo is an all-in-one solution for your luxury villa needs! They are definitely in this industry for years for a reason — and that’s because they always deliver! Besides, with tons of satisfied customers worldwide, you’re sure to know that they always keep their promise.

Now, since this month of September is not only my birthday month, but also the month that I launched this travel blog (this will be my 1st blog anniversary!), Travelopo and I are partnering together to give you a sweet luxury giveaway!

Do you want to learn more? Say tuned for September 5’s blog post!

Luxury Giveaway on September 5…

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  1. Travelopo loved collaborating with you Aileen! Hopefully we can organise another opportunity soon.
    Travelopo has now grown to over 250,000 properties worldwide!
    Our impressive portfolio offers a plethora of high quality, professionally maintained properties in every popular destination on the planet; from stunning seaside villas to secluded, idyllic ski chalets.
    Feel free to drop me an email about any opportunities!
    Cai Thomas
    Head of Marketing at http://www.travelopo.com

    1. Thank you Cai! I will definitely get in touch again! <3

  2. Hi Aileen,
    Properties by travelopo are looking great and it seems that it will be a great opportunity to finding out luxury villas in many countries of Europe. Cheers, Neli

    1. They sure are! :D

  3. Best news for traveling to some country on the list by travelopo that i am getting on this posting. Thank you so much

  4. I’ve never heard of Travelopo but sounds like a great option to check out!

  5. Going to Europe has always been a dream of mine. I would love to win this getaway. Everything sounds amazing and I love that you have so many options and things to choose from.

  6. A luxury villa sounds absolutely perfect! I would love to travel to Europe and be able to stay in beautiful places like this.

  7. I haven’t heard of Travelopo before but I will definitely keep this in mind when we plan our next European vacation. Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. You’re welcome! Hope Travelopo can be your companion for your future Eurotrip. :)

  8. I have always wanted to go to Europe. This would be a great way to plan my trip. Maybe someday I will have to try to make plans.

  9. Travelopo sounds great! If I were in the UK, this would be my go-to service. They have some lovely locations from the looks of it!

  10. Those places are beautiful! I wish they had them in the US! I’m not really one for exploring Europe, but I’d like to visit each of the 50 states at some point.


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