20 Long Distance Date Ideas & Activities for Couples To Keep Connected

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I’ve been through an LDR (long-distance relationship)before — including situations wherein we are continents apart — and I’m not gonna lie: it’s definitely a challenging set-up. But add a pandemic crisis and I’m sure that a lot of couples worldwide are even more frustrated about being apart for months on end with no other choice but to wait things out… (Long Distance Date Ideas)

Sure enough, regular video calls and endless text conversations will help bridge the gap as the days pass on during quarantine; however, implementing some creative long distance date ideas won’t hurt! After all, it can help keep the spark alive, if not strengthen your bonds even more.

So while you can’t see each other yet in the flesh, try to substitute those planned physical dates with these virtual long distance date ideas that are not only fun to do — but also a great opportunity to experience new activities that will make you feel as though the distance isn’t quite that far.

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Long Distance Date Ideas

1. Go on virtual travel vacations together

Since you can’t hop on a plane just yet, why not visit your favorite destinations together through virtual tours and online exhibits? From museums to city views, your choices are endless!

Besides, it helps that a lot of places worldwide have recently set up FREE virtual vacation websites that anyone could visit and enjoy. As such, this is definitely one of the best long distance date ideas that you and your partner can do!

To start off, here are some helpful websites where you can take virtual vacations in. Simply use screen-sharing apps like Kast or Rave and you’re good to go!

2. Watch LIVE concerts of your favorite music artists online

Even though public gatherings are banned, a number of artists have fortunately taken their shows online! So there’s no reason for you guys to miss out on those concerts that you’ve been dying to see, because you can both watch it from the safety of your home as one of your long distance date ideas.

For starters, check out these links for the latest musical events streaming online — from K-Pop artists to international stars like Coldplay, Katy Perry, and more!

Sometimes, music artists also do a live stream on Instagram LIVE, so try and keep a lookout for those.

*Use screen-sharing apps like Kast or Rave to watch these shows together at the same time.

3. Do a fun karaoke night!

If your S.O. (significant other) loves to sing like you do, go and create a playlist on YouTube of your favorite karaoke videos. Once that’s set, schedule a night where both of you can belt your hearts out!

This will surely be one of those fun long distance date ideas that you’ll love to do with your loved one to pass the nights away.

*Use screen-sharing apps like Kast or Rave to stream YouTube together at the same time.

There is also an interesting karaoke phone app called Sing! by Smule (iOS / Android) where you can invite your partner to sing along a song that you’ve already pre-recorded. The app can’t do real-time recordings, but it can still be a fun option.

4. Create a Spotify playlist (‘mixtape’) to listen together

If your boyfriend or girlfriend isn’t the singing type but more of the listening or jamming kind, I suggest that you whip out a Spotify playlist of songs that you both love… It’s kind of like the good ol’ mixtapes — but the best part is that either one of you can change or add songs in real-time!

Alternatively, both of you can listen to podcasts that are available on Spotify. To do this, there are two ways:

  • Via Discord (Instructions)
  • Via Spotify Group Session (Beta)
    • After selecting a song, click the device button on the bottom left section
    • Scroll down from the options shown and click “Start Group Session”
    • Click “Start Session” and then “Invite Friends”
Video Call Boyfriend Girlfriend Same Sex

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5. Create a scavenger hunt for each other

This is one of those long distance date ideas that will need some involvement of either a friend or family member of your loved one since they will be placing all of your clues — so it’s best to sort that out first.

Anyhow, no matter if the ‘final treasure’ of the hunt is a gift or a destination that you want them to receive or see, it will definitely be a fun activity that your boyfriend or girlfriend will love. Besides, it will be a good break from the monotony of their past lockdown days!

Just make sure that your significant other hops on a video call with you at the start of the scavenger hunt, so you can follow along through the whole thing.

6. Order takeout food for one another

You can NEVER go wrong with food. Besides, the best way to a person’s heart is through their stomach — yep, you bet that it’s not just for men but for women too!

So as one of the best long distance date ideas, you could surprise your partner with a food delivery of their favorite meal or snack. It’s best to schedule it during one of your usual video call date conversations so you can see their expression when they receive and unbox the package.

Another scenario that both of you can do is to set a virtual brunch/lunch/dinner date night where you order food delivery for one another without exposing the meal details!

7. …Or cook a meal together for date night

Bring it up a notch and make it into a huge shared activity! If you ask me, this is one of my favorite long distance date ideas because I love cooking and it’s also a lot of fun.

To make things easier, go to a website called Supercook. It’s helpful because after you check off the food ingredients that you both have on hand in your fridge or cupboard, the site will show you the various recipes that you can make from those items. Isn’t that cool?

For other date nights, you can also try to…

  • Do an all-out formal video date night: Dress up in your finest, put on some makeup, bring out some candles, and open a bottle of wine!
  • Do a virtual cooking class together: Apart from the number of online cooking classes out there, you can also try Airbnb’s Online Experiences where you can make Thailand’s pad thai, Spain’s famous tapas, and more.

8. Learn something new together

Speaking of classes, given all the time that you are both spending at home, why not learn something new? It’s one of the best long distance date ideas because it helps you and your boo grow and learn skills at the same time.

So, what can you learn? The choices are endless! You can learn a new language like French or Spanish, improve photography skills through Udemy, create a painting, gain more knowledge about possible remote work professions, or maybe even learn how to start a couple’s travel blog to document all of your future travels.

As a matter of fact, learning something can even be as small of a task — like learning a dance move together and posting it on TikTok!

9. Complete a home workout together

Are the two of you into heart-pumping workouts? If your answer is a resounding yes, then take the time to set dates where you follow an exercise video together.

Apart from the home fitness videos that already exist online on YouTube and so many others, there are also websites where you can follow LIVE sessions such as 305 Fitness and y7Studio.

To add, there are FREE planned exercise programs like Chloe Ting or Blogilates. If you want something personalized, design a workout routine that you and your partner would love by copying some tips from existing guides online.

*Use screen-sharing apps like Kast or Rave to stream YouTube together at the same time.

Home Workout

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10. Join a virtual dancing class

While we’re on the topic of breaking a sweat, bust some moves together by enrolling in a fun virtual dancing class!

It’s definitely one of the best long distance date ideas that you will look forward to doing every day — and of course, once you can finally see each other, the both of you can dance the night away showing off each others’ improved dancing skills.

Some websites where you can do this are as follows…

  • Move with Colour: YouTube channel offering FREE classes, just share your screen using Kast or Rave
  • STEEZY Studio: A paid app with a free 1-week trial that offers over 600+ classes that you can do in duos or groups
  • Danceplug: Monthly service that offers dance classes for all skill levels

11. Complete a walk or hike together on video

Couples who love the outdoors will love this!

This is self-explanatory but if you happen to have a specific place in your neighborhood that you haven’t shown your loved one, this would be the perfect time for it whilst they do a walk to show you their own as well. 

Otherwise, if either one of you has more freedom to explore other countries, he/she can take you along on a hike to a new nature trail. Do a nearby hike at the same time and you’ll both feel like you’re making the same steps — albeit virtually. It’s better than nothing, right?

12. Hold an online trivia night

This is an activity that you and your partner can do, and on some nights, you could even invite your family and friends to join in on the fun!

There’s always the option to create the questions yourselves, but if you want a hassle-free experience, you can check out the following sites:

  • Sporcle: A site that hosts live trivia shows using over 1 million user-generated quizzes. As a couple, you could also join other users’ trivia night rooms from all over the world!
  • HouseParty: A multi-person video chat application that has similar game options including trivia games, guessing games, and drawing games.

13. Play board games online

Board games are NOT only reserved for moments where there’s no WiFi or there’s a storm. So as one of the boredom-busting long distance date ideas you can do is to play a board game online!

With today’s technology, there technically is no limit to the number of games you can do. Some websites that are great for FREE board games are:

14. Play other fun online games

You’ve probably seen a lot of people play simple fun games over Zoom; but if you and your partner are into games that have more complicated gameplays, there are of course a number of things you can try!

This option becomes an easy one if you are a hardcore gamer because you can just swiftly invite your significant other to join you on your favorite games. But if you’re both new to this, here are some of the popular platforms to try…

  • Steam: Holds a number of FREE and affordable computer games with popular online multiplayer games like DOTA, Team Fortress, Counter-Strike, etc.
  • Nintendo Switch: One of my favorite consoles because of its portability. Games to check out for multiplayer experiences are Animal Crossing, Fortnite, Mario Kart, Overcooked, etc.
  • PlayStation: If you don’t mind the console investment, you’ll get to enjoy games like Diablo, FIFA, Borderlands, etc.
Long Distance Date Ideas : Netflix and Chill

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15. Stream Netflix shows at the same time

Naturally, watching Netflix together is one of those classic long distance date ideas that just makes you wish it was made a lot sooner.

The best apps or Google Chrome extensions that you can use in order to stream Netflix together on real-time (or even make other friends or family members join) are:

  • Netflix Party: Has a live chat feature
  • Scener: Has a live chat AND video/webcam feature. Other than Netflix, it is also available for other movie streaming sites like Disney+, Prime Video (US only), HBO Max (US only), Hulu (US only), Vimeo and Funimation

Don’t forget to try out interactive Netflix movies and TV shows like Black Mirror and Minecraft. As described by the site:

“You make choices for the characters, shaping the story as you go; each choice leads to a different adventure, so you can watch again and again, and see a new story each time.”

16. Ask each other fun questions that you can turn into a drinking game!

This is one of the most enjoyable long distance date ideas because you can hit two birds with one stone: knowing each other better while drinking the night away!

You may be a new couple or not but there could still be a lot of interesting or goofy questions that might want to ask your partner. If you run out of ideas, you can simply search through Google for more or maybe even try this site called Drunk Pirate.

17. Complete other quizzes and questions for deeper conversations

Mix up your video calls or date nights by answering some other quizzes or tests that can not only lead to funny but also deeper conversations.

If you haven’t discovered your love language yet or even your personality type, take this time to find out now and compare results. Check out these links for starters:

18. Mail a customized care package

This is yet another surprise gesture where you can create a customized ‘care package’ that your significant other will love.

There are a lot of themes that you can explore and some examples are a…

  • Date Box: Pack some wine, popcorn, treats, flowers, or even your favorite sweater that they can snuggle in as preparation for any of your upcoming date nights.
  • Food Box: Send your partner some local snacks from your area in case they are craving it or they haven’t had the chance to try it yet. Hop on a video call with them as they unbox it so you can see their reaction as they try each snack!
  • Vacation Box: If one of your supposed trips is now canceled or delayed, why not create a package that contains items that relate to that destination? (E.g. if it’s a beach getaway, send them some sunglasses, swimsuit pieces, etc.). Schedule a call and enjoy those packed items while you watch some virtual tours (as mentioned in #1 above) or while you plan more travel details (as mentioned in #20).

TIP: Wanna save time? You can check out CrateJoy‘s curated care package or subscription boxes for every hobby or occassion!

19. Get intimate

This goes without saying but your sex life doesn’t have to suffer when you’re apart. As one of the long distance date ideas you can do, don’t forget to add some spice into your relationship by exploring things like phone sex or sexting.

There are a lot of ways to do this and Google is your best friend for such a topic! It can range from something simple to downright raunchy —  feel free to explore these romantic acts together with your partner.

20. Plan your next grand reunion

The pandemic’s lockdown won’t last forever, it will pass and borders will start to open; so take the time to build up some anticipation by planning your next big trip with your loved one.

Start to gather some ideas by checking out the following…

• • •

Long Distance Date Ideas


Whatever your preferences may be, your LDR girlfriend or boyfriend would absolutely love these unique long distance date ideas! After all, these activities will help keep the romance and anticipation alive up to the day you can finally see each other again.

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