Life Lately: As of 12.6.2014

Life Lately: As of 12.6.2014

Wow. It’s December already and this is just insane… I know this will sound very cliché but time seemed to have passed by in the blink of an eye! To me, it feels like it was just September a week ago (which is when I first arrived here in Belgium) and yet now, we are just weeks away from welcoming 2015! Aaah, life!

My astonishment aside, the past weeks have been very hectic! Here’s what I have been up to:

  1. Moved to our new apartment in Schoten.
    We finally nailed a really good apartment and it’s in this quaint town called: Schoten! (Pronounced with a ‘kuh’ on the ‘Sch—’ part which up till now, I can’t master). Now we really loved this place because not only is it big enough for us, but because it was very well-designed + well-equipped, positioned in a good neighborhood, just a bus away from the city, and (my preference) has a bathtub + uber-nice kitchen! LOL.
  2. Discovered the glory of IKEA for the first time.
    Ladies and gents… I am no longer an IKEA virgin. :P But really… wow! This place was just huge and ridiculous. No wonder their Swedish founders are one of the most richest people in the world! It’s so convenient, compact, and affordable! I really had LOTS of fun shopping for our furniture and stuff in this store. (And can I just say? I am so happy that Jonas and I have the same tastes. We never had arguments while we were planning out the house; which is in a way, contrary to the norm of couple kingdom, haha.)
  3. Started cooking again. (‘House wife mode’ ON!)
    And I missed it! I am especially hyped because of how good the kitchen is (my preciousssss~) and also because of how we have a dish washing machine (life saver!) Why, just why, is a dish washing machine not a popular thing in the Philippines?
  4. Loving the full autumn look + battling the autumn cold and gray weather.
    I LOVE how the trees here are on fire; it has a mystifying feeling about it that I absolutely adore. As for the cold and gray weather combination, this is one of the things that I have been trying to adjust to, and I’m really trying to prepare myself especially because near the end of December, I will be experiencing my first winter season. And you know what? This freezing autumn temperature is almost killing me, so I’m a bit afraid of winter! Jonas always jokes around saying that it’s going to be fine because I can just stay inside but NOPE. I will make it through!!!! So guys… wish me luck? (In Belgium, it’s not so common for snow to come at all but I do hope it does!)
  5. Getting used to the Belgian lifestlye.
    Biking around + good bread in the mornings + good food + warm people + nice sceneries/greenery everywhere + well-functioning society and transportation. I definitely could get used to this even more! (Though I guess it will still take some time to get used to how days are longer during the summer [sun usually sets at around 9 or 10PM] and how the days are shorter during autumn/winter [sun usually sets at around 4PM or earlier]).
  6. Experienced a Malle/Belgian music feast.
    There was this music fiesta that happened in Jonas’ hometown, Malle, and there were different bands playing in different pubs/clubs wherein buses can transport you from one to another. We settled in for ska punk wherein one of Jonas’ friends was the band’s drummer, and woo-hoo! They were really good! I really had a lot of fun! (Again, I’m not a fan of beer so though the drinks were abound and everyone was chugging it down, I still had a great time with Jonas and his friends!)
  7. Sending surprise gifts to my loved ones back in Manila.
    After I got a Skrill card, I was on a mission of surprising my friends with gifts just to make them feel that though I’m far away, I am always thinking about them and thankful for the time that they spare to get in touch with me despite the time difference. And so: I was on a shopping spree the past days and these online shops helped me out a lot!
  8. Researching on good fiction books and water-coloring guide books.
    Ever since we moved in to our new apartment, I have been listing down good books that I will be buying online so that I could fill up our book shelf in the living room and also for me to actually take time to read things away from my computer screen. I also want to relive my love for drawing but other than doing that, I am also planning on improving my water-coloring knowledge so that I can mix both!
  9. Felt bad turning down great opportunities with brands back in the PH.
    Because it was impossible to collaborate and attend their events given my current location. Nevertheless, I will just continue what I am already doing (and that hopefully, would also establish myself more in the international setting). What I just wish is to have more reach and to have more interaction with my readers, so if you’re reading this, please say hi! *waves*
  10. Processing my Visa.
    Now that we have our apartment, we initiated the cohabitation visa with the municipal of Schoten but for some reason, they scared me and even declared me as an illegal. (There must have been a misunderstanding with Schoten and Malle municipalities). But things are still good; we just have to wait and see if the procedure can start soon so that I can at least secure my stay longer for 6 months. Wish me luck on this, too! Thank you!

How about you?

  • What have you been up to lately?
  • Have you experienced winter before? How was it the first time around?
  • Do you have books that you can recommend?

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  1. I also find IKEA goodies great! I know a place in PH where they sell IKEA products exported from HK. It's near my place in Makati. But they sell it in an overated price. I hope IKEA will open a branch here in the Phil. Nice blog by the way! :))

    1. Really? That's cool to know! Though yeah, I would expect such a high price. And I also have a hunch that the big names (Ayala + SM) won't let IKEA in :))) And thanks for dropping by, love!

  2. IKEA is heaven, though I never got to enjoy it while I was still in Singapore because I was only renting the place and I wasn't even allowed to hang stuff on the wall. But now that I also got a place of my own, I wish IKEA is accessible here!

    I also understand how you feel with #9, I've received a lot of emails back then which I had to decline and by the time I was receiving emails from Singapore brands/firms, I had to go home. Haha. But yes continue what you're already doing and you'll be worldwide one day! :D

    1. I wish IKEA was in the PH too! Soooo many cute furniture and decorations! Though if I think about it, the reason why it might not be entering our country is because maybe... the bigwigs are preventing it :P (Hello SM, Ayala, etc.)

      And yeah, it's a bit sad though in a way I also appreciate it because now I have more chances to just focus my time on articles that I want to write about :3

  3. Gurl, you are so lucky you and your partner have the same taste! It makes home shopping 100% less stressful HAHAHA. My husband and I don't so sobrang KALOKA mag-furniture shopping. We've moved in for half a year now pero wala parin kaming bed kasi hindi kami magkasundo sa headboard and bed frame design UGH. Haha! Happy for you and all your latelys! GOOD LUCK ON YOUR COHAB VISA!

    1. Aw thank you!!! I am so surprised too that we are sooo laid-back and the same when picking stuff, haha! I hope you guys get to decide on something. A bed is essential! Haha! <3 And thank youuuuu again, I need all the luck!

  4. Awesome Move Aileen!

    I wish you luck on your visa thingy.

    I am an avid reader of your blog since I started my creating mine and more so, when I knew that you only design, create and etc. of your own blog which I'm currently doing. ;)

    Keep inspiring women, most especially Filipino women.

    1. Hey Ferna! Thank you so much for your kind words! They mean a LOT to me! I hope all the best for you too; and do keep in touch! I love hearing from my readers. Keep doing what you do too! Much love! ♥

      1. Thank you Aileen. do you happen to have any post regarding creating a blog (travel blog)? the do's and dont's or just any advice.. i searched from your blog but I couldn't find maybe I got a mistake in searching. :(

        1. Yeah... sorry about that. As you might have noticed, I haven't updated much ever since I started traveling (which is like since 2013 haha!) A lot of people actually asked for this so I'll try to come up with another article. So please stay tuned!

        2. That's Exciting! Looking forward to that and for your more inspiring post. Keep it up! Thank you Aileen

  5. You have a pretty hectic schedule, but a really interesting new life in your home away from home (Belgium). I wish you the best, sis.

    1. Thank you!

  6. You definitely sound like you've been busy! Surprise gifts sounds so fun!

    1. Life is gooood! Haha XD

  7. Love the images in this post! P.S. I remember the joy of IKEA, I could spend hours there :) Hope you're having fun with the Belgian lifestyle and good luck with the visa! Can be such a pain sometimes, huh? x

    Tee | Rotten One

    1. Thank you Tee! Haha yeah, IKEA was like a candy store for adults. LOL. And yeah, I have really developed some hatred for VISAs :(

  8. Looks like things are doing great for you, Aileen! :) Wala bang show and tell for your new apartment? Good luck with the VISA thing, hope you'd be able to fix that soon enough so you can happily settle down in your new place. :D

    1. Thank you Jhanz! ♥ I'll definitely be putting up a post of our apartment; but since the furniture is still not complete, maybe next year. Haha!

  9. I've missed reading your blog! Congrats on moving to Belgium! Despite the opps you're letting go, I know there'll be lots of better things to come for you there. I didn't even know you got married, congrats on that too :D Seriously, it's been such a long time but it's always great reading your blog :DD

    1. Uy Penda, no! HAHA I did NOT get married :))))
      And thanks again for dropping by! I missed reading your blog too!


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