Life Lately: As of 10.17.2014

Life Lately: As of 10.17.2014

A LOT has been going on ever since I arrived here in Belgium last August 17 and I am loving every second of it! There are sooooo many things that I’ve started to experience and learn that I just hope in the coming days, I won’t slack off in sharing and documenting all of these wonderful moments in my life (but… come to think of it, I haven’t shared yet my EuroTrip experience last year… uh-oh).

But for a start, let me give you this ‘Life Lately‘ project! I’ve seen a lot of bloggers doing this and it’s much like my previous ‘Brief Updates‘ posts (but the ‘Life Lately’ title is more fitting and cool lol). With this ‘project’, it will keep me AND you updated about the latest happenings and events in my life.

So fort this past week I have been busy with:

  1. Redesigning this blog.
    New look! And I’ve also moved from Blogspot/Blogger to WordPress + my own hosting. I just found it so weird that I’ve been making these SEO-friendly websites for clients, and yet my blog wasn’t as optimized. So there. I hope you like this layout since I’m planning on keeping it forever! :P
  2. Apartment-hunting.
    I originally went here to Belgium to study but after our online business started to kick off so well, we scratched that off the list since juggling both schooling + business would be tough. We then decided to apply for cohabitation visa; currently, I’m allowed to stay here until December until the official process starts. One of the requirements however, is to have our own place. Currently, we’re on a hunt for the perfect apartment, but so far, it has been quite challenging. I hope we get this sorted out soon!
  3. Meeting new Belgian friends.
    Specifically: Jonas’ friends! And of course, it’s great to meet new people especially because they all have interesting stories of their own. I met Lydia (for example) one of Jonas’ friend’s girlfriend from Russia, and I’m looking forward to having her as one of my first close girl friends here in Belgium! This Saturday we’re going shooooopppingggg (LOL) and it would be our first ‘date’ together. Woop! Haha!
  4. Hiking in the forests.
    One of the things that I like about in Belgium is that there are so many trees, plants, gardens, and forests all around town! Just two days ago, we went hiking to a nearby forest (Molenbos) with Jay, one of Jonas’ friends from London, and it was a refreshing experience after spending days indoors for our business etc.
  5. Cooking for the family.
    Jonas’ mom usually cooks for us, but this Monday, Jonas and I cooked for them: Curry + Pork with Tomato Cheese Sauce + Salad. I think it went quite well! I kinda missed cooking so it was nice to do it again.
  6. Biking & strolling around town.
    Another thing that I love about Belgium: the way how people just use their bikes when they are going somewhere and how the air is fresh. SO FRESH. Something that is not in the Philippines which is a bit of a shame. :/
  7. Going to Kinepolis again.
    Kinepolis is this INSANELY huge movie complex in Antwerp. It has 24 cinema rooms! LIKE COME ON. , DAFAQ IS THAT BRO. Haha, but I love it! It’s so huge, the seats are soooo good, the popcorn is to-die-for, and the movie choices are vast! We went here last Sunday to watch an Indian movie (Haider) that’s inspired by Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’–a bit odd but still a good watch.
  8. Work, work, work.
    Our business for Adalid Gear is going great, and we’re really thankful for that. Currently, we’re working on releasing two more products before Christmas so we’re keeping our fingers crossed for that!
  9. Shopping for autumn & winter clothes.
    Weeks after arriving here, I stumbled into the realization that I brought too many thin summer clothes. (Summer here in Belgium is also a bit chilly). And so, I have been on a mission to fill my wardrobe with thick garments! It has been a joy shopping, especially at H&M because it’s soooo cheap. (I love you H&M) But of course, it has been hurting my wallet too, like a LOT. But it’s a ‘need’ so I guess I have no regrets!
  10. Keeping up with the cold.
    Connected to #9, it’s autumn here now and it’s starting to get really cold especially at night. I like it, but I hate it too. LOL. But I am really, really, excited to see the full autumn look since the trees are starting to look really amazing as their leaves start to change color.

I hope you’re all having a great week everyone!

How about you?

  • What have you been busy with?
  • What are your plans for autumn/fall?
  • Do you like meeting new people especially from other countries?

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  1. I'm a sucker for minimalism, so let me tell you that I'm in love I am with your theme. <3
    I've never been to Belgium, I wish I was able to go. I hope moving there hasn't been so hard for you? :)

    Good luck on the apartment-hunting. I hope you'll find a nice but affordable apartment soon!

    1. Aw, thank you Kisty! ♥ I am also in love with your theme. Hooray for minimalism!

      As for moving in Belgium, so far it hasn't been so hard on me. I think. (Or maybe it will just be a delayed response in my system :)) And hey, thanks! We actually just got one and we're so excited!

  2. Did you create the theme yourself? It's really good, looks professional! Good job! But I doubt you'll stick to it forever haha I know sooner or later you'll change your theme to a more beautiful one. Hehe

    You live in Belgium? Wow, I am not really aware of the country but I guess I'll get to know more about it through your blog :)

    Hiking, biking, strolling around - looks really fun! I wish I can spend time doing those too, but ugh, work. Haha I'm not complaining though hahaha

    You really need a lot of winter clothes especially if you're not used to the cold weather. I have very low tolerance to low temp so if in case I live there I'll forever be stuck in thick sheets covered with a lot of layers of clothes haha and oh, H&M is already in the Philippines, it was crazy! I even blogged about it.

    Hope to read more of your new series, Life Lately! :)

    1. Hey! I didn't do the whole of it, mainly just the designing and rearranging of the codes because I'm finicky when it comes to that LOL but thank you!!! And yeah, you're right, there's a chance that I won't haha but I managed to keep the same layout for 6 years when I was still on Blogspot so... we'll see :P

      I'm in Belgium now and will be staying for a year only, after that we'll see if I want to stay here more or not. But yeah, I hope you get to stick around! I also checked your blog and it seems like you just set it up? Good job though! I also like the design that you've made. I love minimalism so!

  3. Love the new look! I am just admiring your footer now ;).
    Good luck with your apartment hunting! As we just finished this lengthy process, I know how frustrating it can be!

    1. Thanks Kate! That means a lot coming from you! And yeah, it's a bit hard to prove your solvency to real estate agencies when you're not one of the conventional 'work-in-the-office' kind of thing. So I guess working/having a business online sometimes has its drawbacks.

  4. I'd say this again - I'm in love with the new look of your blog, Aileen!

    And BELGIUM... Your photos on Instagram make me want to add Belgium on my Travel Bucket list! Such an ideal place to live in!!! And oh, can you please make a blog post on your Curry + Pork with Tomato Cheese Sauce + Salad recipe? :) If that's not too much to ask! Haha

    1. Thank you Yani! And should you come visit in Belgium, I'll be glad to tour you around! I'll also try doing recipe posts again, we'll see ;)

  5. Definitely in love with your new layout! :) Good luck on your apartment hunting, I know you'll be able to find your own place soon enough.

    1. Hey Jhanz! Thank you :) I just checked your blog by the way, and wow you're a part of When in Manila! Are you a new writer? I'm one of the senior writers but haven't been as active as before. Haha! But anyhoo, thanks for dropping by. I'll follow your blog too, love!

  6. Hey Aileen,
    I just stumbled upon your blog and... It's so cute!! I love the modest touches of pink since it's my favorite color. It's so interesting to see too that the first post I came across was something about your recent move to Belgium. It's one of the places that I would love to visit one day so, for that, I am definitely jealous of you haha! I'm sure you'll make friends out there right away but for now, I hope you enjoyed shopping with your NFF <3

    1. Hey Sara! I'm glad that you stumbled to my site and thank you! (I like the pink color too; but I barely have any pink things that I own--it's a bit of a weird love-and-hate relationship--I guess I just like to look at pink things, not wear it haha). Anyhow, I'm pretty sure you can make it here one day! I checked out your blog too and you're in CA! I would loooooove to go there too some day! You're in luck since I'm looking for new blogs to read and yours will be one of the things I'll include on my list. :) Hope you'll stick around here too!

  7. I absolutelyyyy love the new look of your blog! Ang galing mong mag design. Do you really make these from scratch?!
    Lol. I am trying to add a menu after my header, but I just can't get it right!

    Anyway, your life is going on great! I wish you more blessings! Keep posting. I missed reading your posts. :)

    1. Hey Aiza! Thank youuuuuu! Actually, for this site, I didn't make the codes myself, I just did the design. I mainly do my own codes for my own clients but for this---tinamad ako LOL :))))))) Anyhoo, are you using Wordpress ba? I'm trying to think of a way for you to move the menu after the header, but I am stumped >_< I realized my menu is also before my header so... yeah :| Sorry I can't be of help! But thank you! Same to you! <3 Glad to be connected again :D


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