KS Make-Up Studio | Make-Up Lessons with Kristine

KS Make-Up Studio | Make-Up Lessons with Kristine

I only started wearing make-up when I was a sophomore in college; that was 2008, and I can still remember how I’ve struggled…! Oh boy, I sure did! I actually can’t help but laugh whenever I’d sometimes recall all of those mistakes that I’ve made over the years—though embarrassing, I still think that that’s the beauty of it; it’s a whole learning process anyway. A wonderful adventure, per se, and it’s always a great experience whenever I’d discover new tidbits of information, and then better my skills in make-up application! Haha! Heck, I’m a girl, so the world of beauty and cosmetics wouldn’t really be separated from my being. ♥

So just this year, I was lucky enough to grab hold of this sweet deal with KS Make-Up Studio, wherein for four hours & along with two friends of mine, we will be taught by Kristine Smithson herself, a professional make-up artist! Kristine has been in the industry for years, working in events, with models, and with celebrities; she’s even the Beauty Editor of the magazine, Modelos. With that in mind, it would be an understatement if I say that we were really excited!

For this make-up lesson, I came with Elaine, a friend from work, and of course, Celine, my best friend! Kristine’s studio was located at 504 Renaissance Building; it’s at Salcedo Village, Corner VA Rufino St., Legaspi Village in Makati, and we didn’t have a hard time locating it.

Upon arriving at the venue, we were fetched by Kristine’s assistant, Lea. (Or was it Len?). And then inside, we were greeted by this:


Ooooh, looks like something serious is about to go down. Haha!

Kidding aside, it was in that moment did we finally meet Kristine herself; she was such a beautiful woman! And of course, the first thing that caught my eye was her make-up! I loved it! She was actually felt sick that day, but she was all professional and vibrant when she met up with us; needless to say, I was just simply amazed.


On with the party!

The first part of our session was the Beauty Fundamentals. It’s where Kristine taught us the basics; the ideal beauty regimen, the ways to take care of our skin, the make-up essentials, the different brushes, and so on. I believe this took around an hour where we all had a nice rapport with one another; we would often throw questions at Kristine’s way whenever we’d have concerns or if we’d want some tips.

For me, the highlight of this discussion was when it was stressed that every woman is beautiful (damn right we are!) but it doesn’t hurt to exert effort, grab some make-up, and play. Make-up really isn’t about ‘altering’ your features, it’s just simply… enhancing. Besides, I don’t think anyone could deny how they would often feel more confident when they’re wearing make-up on!

I don’t know about you guys, but for me, whenever I’ve got make-up on, I feel like I can go into any kind of battle. Haha! But really, I mean it! The only thing that’s missing is for me to think “murder” and I’d perfectly look so ravishing, high, and mighty… and murderous. (Okay, now for that part, I’m joking.)

And also, one last thing, I also loved how Kristine said that no one is forcing anyone to anything. It’s like, yes, we’re going to be taught about this certain style, blah blah blah. But at the end of the day, it will still be up to you, and that it’s always best to stick with the look that you’re most comfortable in.

So after this discussion, we proceeded with a little bit of activity wherein we’re going to color on a face chart, showing the usual make-up look that we’d go for during the day (left side of the face) and during the night (right side of the face). Mine looked like this:


Actually… I didn’t quite get the instructions at that time. LOL.

I thought we were going to show the ‘styles’ that we’d want Kristine to teach us. (Celine and Elaine thought the same. Haha! We were listening! We really were, I swear! The communication lines were just a bit… broken on our side? LOL). So yes, in a normal evening, I don’t think I could go for those eye lining strokes like what you can see in the photo above. But anyway, excuse my coloring skills as well, but for the lips (evening look), I was actually aiming for a playful color; a cross between orange and red. And as for the day time look, I wanted to show an all natural look. (Yes, the brown pencil wasn’t really cooperating with me, hehe).

When we were finished, Kristine gave each of us advices regarding the pairing of the colors and the way we colored the brows, etc. etc. I actually think that this activity was a way for her to get to know our interests; like the looks that we’d want, because right after this was when she finally started working on our faces!

It was finally the time for action!

But oh, before I go on… can I just say? It was so sweet when a sudden delivery came in to the studio. Apparently, it was a bouquet of roses for Kristine, from her husband. It was so damn sweet! Especially since Kristine was so surprised herself! ♥ Haha!

Moving on now, I was the first one to go! And before the beauty ‘surgery’ starts, there should always be the “before” picture a.k.a. my all-natural look.

aileen-without-make-up This make-up lesson happened months ago since I still have my brown hair here. (I’m a redhead now!)

I’m too shy to show close-ups of my face so let me just put it into words: Kristine applied make-up on the right side of my face ONLY so that after she’s done with that part, I could work on the left side—so obviously, I was going to try my best on mimicking the make-up that she was going to accomplish! Me? Mimic the make-up made by a professional? PRESSURE! Haha!

So I really tried my best to listen while I follow the wave of her hands and the strokes of those brushes, and….. gaaah! Halfway through it, I naturally forgot the other bits! Or, okay, fine, I couldn’t remember all of it at all! Like come on… she was using so many colors!

…I really couldn’t keep up with a professional *bows*

But thankfully, that’s where Lea comes in! (MY SAVIORRRR!)

She helped guide me, but not too much; which was great, because I wouldn’t want her to spoil me that much. And besides, I gradually remembered the steps that I should be taking. So since I’m not going to take pictures of mi face for the time being, let me just show you the two important discoveries that I’ve made for this day.

First, was on how I discovered the miracle of liquid foundation.

I’ve been using the powder types for all my life (because I feared how icky I could feel with liquid; an effect of a previous bad experience with different make-up artists) but much to my surprise, the liquid sort doesn’t really feel heavy and it provided much coverage even with just a small dot of it. According to Kristine, the best for my skin tone was the Revlon Age Defying 35 Honey Beige; and she was right! I loved how it matches the hue of my skin very well! And also… I just love handling a foundation brush!


Second, was my discovery of this Brow and Liner Kit from The Body Shop! It was also so easy when I worked my way around my brows with the help of The Body Shop’s slanted brush too!


Eventually, Kristine was done with Celine and Elaine, and here’s a candid shot of them while they work around with the make-up tools.

ks-makeup-at-work elaines-make-up

Just to note, the cool thing about this session was that we were free to use the high-end make-up collection of Kristine; we were free to use her mixing palettes, brushes, and disposable sponges.

makeup-assistant My savior!

When we were all done, Kristine checked each of our work. With me, she commented that with more practice, I can perfect the lining of my brow. She also said that I shouldn’t have been afraid of using more of the black powder for my eyes. But that for an overall, I did great, and that I passed!

We all passed! ★

(Elaine was actually praised by Kristine because she mimicked the smokey effect on the eye very well. Woot!)


I did say that I wouldn’t post a close-up photo of my face since I’m too shy, right?

Well… my make-up was soooooo good that day and I’m feeling cocky enough (haha!) that I guess this would be the only close-up picture that I would ever post online:

iamaileen-close-up-photo A product of our ‘photo shoot session thereafter.
Now this is where I could really say, “MURDER!” Haha!

…a lot of people have told me that I looked like Julia Montes here in this picture. And I actually didn’t know her at first! (I rarely watch TV! Rarely to never!) But I was really flattered when people told me this! I searched for her pics online and well, I really didn’t see the similarity… but still, I am thankful! Because Julia is freaking beautiful and I’m glad that people said that I looked like her. *blushes*

Of course, this is all thanks to Kristine! (And my face! LOLJK!!!)
Me and my girls SURELY learned a lot from her! And the great thing is that, she was patient with us too, and really generous in sharing her knowledge regarding make-up.

Now of course, we wouldn’t have left the studio without taking vain pictures of ourselves, right!
Well, okay, just a few. Haha!


If you want to have an AWESOME make-up party with your girls just like what I’ve had with my chikkas, then just contact Kristine through 0920-964-8835 or through her e-mail: [email protected]

She offers make-up services in her own studio or even in your own home! She does weddings, photoshoots, debuts, TV/Movies, corporate, and so much more too! Just head on to her Facebook page to see more of her portfolio.

How about you?

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