In Photos: Aachen

In Photos: Aachen’s Weihnachtsmarkt (German Christmas Market)

I am in love with Christmas Markets! In my opinion, it is the perfect way to put some added joy and ‘magic’ to your holiday celebrations!

From what I have come to notice, Christmas markets are primarily a European thing and they are also known or called as Marché de Noël (France), Kerstmarkt (Belgium), Mercatini di Natale (Italy), Christkindlesmarkt (Czech Republic), Christkindlmarket (Poland), Christkindlmarkt (South of Germany & Austria), and more!

Last Christmas of 2015, other than Antwerp’s Kerstmarkt, I have also managed to visit a typical Weihnachtsmarkt (German Christmas Market) in Aachen, Germany!

To read more about that trip…

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  • The idea for Christmas markets originated from the Late Middle Ages in the German-speaking and Holy Roman Empire parts of Europe.
  • Though it was mainly held and done in Europe, in the 80s, U.K. finally established a yearly Christmas market. Eventually, German immigrants also brought the idea to the United States, and today even in Osaka & Sapporo in Japan.

Since I have already discussed Christmas Markets in detail in the above article link, this post would rather be a collection of photos depicting how a typical Weihnachtsmarkt would be like given my previous trip to Aachen. Enjoy!

German Christmas Market TreeNativity SceneFried Potato Chips German SausagesRoasted MeatChristmas Snowflake OrnamentChristmas Market StallsGluhweinLebkuchenherzen Gingerbread HeartsChristmas Market Sweet StallFood Stall Aachen Christmas MarketCheap Hotels in Aachen
» Topmost cover photo by Andreas / CC

How about you?

  • Have you been to a Christmas market before? Where?

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  1. I am also in love with Christmas Markets. I recently went to Rudesheim, in Germany. It is a little less crowded than the big popular ones. How did you enjoy the Gluwein?!

    1. Oooh Germany is a heaven when it comes to Christmas markets! And unfortunately, I didn't quite like the taste of Gluwein but maybe that's because I haven't been drinking for almost 3 years already! Haha, anyhow my friends absolutely loved it so I really think that I was just the exception.

  2. This Christmas Market looks like so much fun. So bright and colorful with interesting items and food!

    1. Thanks! It really was a fun (and magical) market!

  3. It looks beautiful! Hope we'll have something as beautiful (yung hindi crowded masyado) here! :)

    1. It really was beautiful! Yeah, I hope so too! :D

  4. Soooo pretty! my mom went here when she was in germany, and when she let me see the photos, I was just blown away. Ganda!!!!

    1. Really? That's awesome!! Hope you can get here too, Jhanzey!

  5. Yep, been to a Christmas market..but just here in Pinas! How I would love to visit and see the places you have mentioned above! Fingers crossed for me. =)

    1. Ooh, I remember our own Christmas markets; it has its charm! Though indeed, the ones over here in Europe somehow have a more magical feeling especially when snow starts to fall down on the scene! And I hope you could, Lovelee!


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