GIVEAWAY: Come to Taiwan with Me

GIVEAWAY: Come to Taiwan with Me & KKday! #iAndAileen

Yep… you read that right! As KKday’s newest brand ambassador, I am holding this amazing #iAndAileen giveaway wherein one of you will get to fly with me to Taiwan on the 1st week of July.

After all, I couldn’t have reached this point of my blogging career without YOUR undying support; so consider this as my way of saying ‘THANK YOU!’

P.S. We will both plan our itinerary together with KKday and you bet that we will have an epic time! In fact, I will also be more than happy to share any tips that I have regarding blogging, vlogging, and traveling!

(Total disclosure: since we will be traveling together, we will surely end up as each other’s ‘human tripod’ lol — so, please do expect that I’ll be needing your assistance in taking photos and videos of me from time to time. Rest assured, I’ll gladly do the same for you too!)

But before I get into the nitty gritty details of this awesome giveaway, let me introduce to you the newest travel platform that I trust and gladly support: KKday!

KKDay and #iAndAileen Campaign

KKday PH ToursKKday (website) was launched just last 2014 in Taiwan but it has already become the leading e-commerce platform that allows users worldwide to connect with local tour providers from all over the world. To date, they have more than 6,000 unforgettable experiences in 53 countries and 170 cities!

» As a Brand Ambassador: Why I love KKday

  • They provide fulfilling experiences at affordable prices! Without a doubt, KKday aims to provide unique and satisfying experiences to its customers. But apart from that, they also aim to offer it all in budget-friendly deals and rates — a perfect combo for us travelers who always want to maximize our trips at the best possible price!
  • They value safety, customer service, and trust! From the very start, all of the reviews that you will see on KKday’s listed tours are posted by REAL travels who have had a hands-on experiences. Though if in case you’re troubled on what to do, KKday’s team of travel addicts and experts will be more than happy to assist you in planning your itinerary. Moving on the tours itself, you’ll definitely be assured of the legitimacy of it all because all of the tour providers on the website have been legally verified, licensed and tested for trustworthiness. For payments and transactions, everything is secured via SSL technology so your private data is always kept as it is: private.
  • They put great importance on ease of use! KKday’s website is usable on all devices and is also available in various languages other than English, namely: Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Thai among many others. Moreover, if you head on to their site, you will see it for yourself how the platform is simple and straightforward thereby making any booking process as completely hassle-free!

#iAndAileen Giveaway

» What is the Prize?

1 winner will have an all-expenses-paid trip with me to Taiwan! To clarify, the prize includes…

  • Costs for flights to and from the Philippines, accommodation, tours, and meals for 5 days (not including transit time), from July 1 to 6, 2017
  • Travel insurance on all tours
  • Provision of tips on blogging, vlogging and/or traveling by me (if you’re interested!)

» How to Win?

This giveaway will be done in a raffle-like manner, and participation is absolutely easy. All you have to do is follow the steps below to gain entries:

  1. Log-in to the form below (either through your Facebook account or your email).
  2. Do the 5 required steps that will be displayed below in order to be counted in the giveaway. Each action will give you entry points for winning.
    *Once you finish doing these 5 required steps, it will unlock 7 extra non-required options that will give you MORE entry points that will increase your chances of winning! In fact, some of them can be done everyday!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

» Terms & Conditions:

  • This giveaway is open to individuals who are currently residing in the Philippines only. Participants must also be aged 18 and above.
  • The winner must have a passport and valid visa or equivalent to travel to Taiwan. If the winner does not have a visa yet,  KKday team will aid on processing it.
  • This giveaway will start on June 5 (12AM) and will end on June 16 (12AM). Winner will be picked randomly and will be announced in June 17 on the ‘I am Aileen’ Facebook page.
  • This giveaway is hosted by me, Aileen, in partnership with KKday PH; but prize execution will be the sole responsibility of KKday PH.

Good luck and enjoy! Please feel free to also share this giveaway to your family and friends ♥

How about you?

  • What do you think of this giveaway?
  • What do you also think of KKday?
  • What Taiwan activities or destinations would you like to do?

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  1. I will join now.
    I would love to travel around different parts of Taiwan with you!
    Praying hard! :)

    1. Good luck Sarah!!

      1. Good luck to everyone! Let's sing the Alishan song together!! Hehehee ☺️

  2. Doneeee ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ EXCITED MUCH ❤️

  3. How I wish it's me :)

  4. I want to go to Taiwan!

  5. Hope for a one time experience with you travelling in taiwan. My taiwanese students told me that it's just a small country but i believe there are hidden wonderlust spot in that place (and of my student told me that moon lake place is great). Whoever win for this giaveaway thingy hope for a great adventure with you. More power! God bless!

  6. Excited about this contest! :) Thanks Aileen!

    1. You're welcome and good luck!

  7. cool,,,, will join,,, done!

  8. i always heard about Taiwan's beauty, however, i watched all this in taiwan's dramas. i would love to go there as soon as possible, thank you for the post, encourages me to visit this place.

    1. I do hope you visit soon!

  9. I hope I would win the trip to Taiwan with you Aileen! :)

    1. Best of luck to you Shiela!


    1. Good luck dear! :*


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