How Your Donation to Help Save Rhinos Could Win You $30K in Travel Prizes!

How Your Donation to Help Save Rhinos Could Win You $30K in Travel Prizes!

Let me tell you what’s happening right now.

Every 7 hours, a rhino is poached in South Africa. In 2014, there have been over 1,020 rhinos that were killed and yet only 344 arrests were made. Now this number is very alarming because 10 years ago, we only lost 4 rhinos.

At the rate that this is going, in 20 years, the rhinos will be totally extinct in the wild.

The hunt for wildlife in Africa is something that you probably already know of; but what you have to know is that it’s brutal and ferocious! On average, Africa loses 120 elephants, 5 lions, and 4 rhinos every day—these are numbers that are clearly frightening. To highlight a specific specie in particular, currently there are only 5,000 Black Rhinos left on the whole of the continent when in fact, 50 years ago they were at 500,000.

To sum this all up: it’s tragic and I hope that you won’t let their extinction happen in our lifetime.

In order to put a stop to this madness, there are over 120 travel bloggers (me included) and 20 eco-conscious brands that are joining hands to help support and make the #JustOneRhino campaign happen.

This is an initiative that is being led by Travelers Building Change and Green Travel Media as it aims to raise $45,000 in order to help relocate rhinos from the poacher-filled lands of South Africa to a remote location in Botswana so that they can protect them from poaching.

To help aid and donate to this cause, please click the button below:


To learn more information about the campaign that you’re donating into, you can skip to the bottom section of this post. Otherwise, do continue reading below to learn more information about the rhinos and why they need to be translocated:


Why are the rhinos being poached?

Other than trophy hunting, the rhinos are continuously being poached because of rampant illegal trading of their horns (which currently sells for $65,000 per kilo or 2.2 pounds).

This demand is apparently being strongly driven by buyers from East Asia who believe that the horn will magically cure certain illnesses or ailments like cancer, fever, and the like—which is not true since it’s much like chewing your own nail; it’s just keratin.

Certainly, if the demand is strong and the return is enormous, those in South Africa who are in poverty would not mind preservation and would willingly kill these animals to uplift their financial situation.

This poaching activity is not as simple as catching and releasing the rhinos though… Given the false belief that the highest level of medicinal potency is where the horns meet the face, what happens is that rather than just taking off the horn, poachers will often just take the whole face of the poor animal.

Black Rhino


Would translocation to Botswana help?

YES. South Africa holds 80% of today’s rhino population but given its liberal poaching laws and hindered conservation attempts (because of corruption), it has become the main target of poachers and trophy hunters.

But Botswana on the other hand has the strictest laws in all of Africa when it comes to poaching and it is regulated by the Botswana Defense Force. What’s special about this force is that they function with a policy of ‘shoot-to-kill’ on offenders, treating them as ‘aggressive military threats’. What’s more is that Botswana has the lowest poaching rate in all of Africa.

So clearly with all of these facts, it’s a better option to move rhinos from South Africa to Botswana so that their recovery and reproduction cannot be hindered.


Who is going to translocate the rhinos and how?


National Geographic Explorers-in-Residence: Dereck and Beverly Joubert who are currently in Botswana’s Okavango Delta. If you haven’t heard of this duo, then you should know that they are actually famous for their National Geographic’s Big Cats Initiative that now, they are planning on saving rhinos and spearheading a project called Rhinos Without Borders wherein they will translocate 100 white and black rhinos from South Africa to Botswana this year.

Translocating these rhinos is actually a very lengthy and expensive process. Other than Jouberts and their team, relocation experts from eBeyond will also help with this initiative wherein first, there will be a meticulous process of picking out the rhinos suitable for relocation.

They will do blood samples and other rigorous tests in order to affirm if a rhino is equipped to make the trip; if a rhino is suitable, they will quarantine it for 6 weeks. Afterwards, they will be air-lifted and distributed to a secret and remote location in Botswana—but, that doesn’t stop there.

The team would still continue to make health checks to ensure the rhinos’ well-being before setting them free. To help them establish their territory, synthesized rhino dung will also be used in order to aid them.

This whole process of moving 100 rhinos will involve a grand total of $4.5 million and Rhinos Without Borders is even hoping to raise it to $8 million to continue conservation efforts. Now the total cost for one rhino is $45,000 and this is the sum that #JustOneRhino and Travelers Building Change hopes to help raise for the Rhinos Without Borders campaign.


What exactly is #JustOneRhino campaign led by Travelers Building Change?

The main goal of the #JustOneRhino campaign is to help raise $45,000 to fund the translocation of 1 rhino (out of the 100) that the Rhinos Without Borders aims to accomplish.

Rhinos Without Borders, that’s spearheaded by National Geographic duo: Dereck and Beverly Joubert, is raising $4.5 million of funds to secure the translocation of 100 white and black rhinos to a safer part of Africa which is Botswana in order to protect them from further poaching.

Whereas the Travelers Building Change (TBC) is made up of over 120 bloggers (me included) who are using their websites and social channels to raise awareness for this cause and help fund the translocation. Other than bloggers, TBC is also partnered up with 20 brands too that will help donate to the #JustOneRhino cause by offering a huge range of travel prizes to be won by those who will donate!

With all of this, WE would like to ask for your help in supporting Jouberts and their team to make this initiative happen.


How to support #JustOneRhino and win the prizes?

Other than helping spread this news, with just your donation of at least $20, you will be entered to win some of the awesome travel prizes below that are worth $30,000! And of course, the MORE you donate, the MORE chances that you can get for winning! Take note that donation ends in February 28, 2015.



What are the Platinum Prizes for the grand 9 winners…?

  • 9 days’ South Africa Safari trip in Kruger National Park and KwaZulu-Natal for 2 people from Adventure Life. Valued at more than $6,000.
    Africa - Safari
  • 10 days’ Galapagos Voyage for one, with International Expeditions. Valued at $5,298.
  • 10 nights’ stay at Yemaya Island Hideaway and Spa, Little Corn Island, Nicaragua for 2 people, from Yemaya Resorts. Valued at $5,241.
  • 7 nights in a bed and breakfast in a Garden View Suite in Barbados, from Cobblers Cove. Valued at $5,187.
  • 5 vouchers for 3-night stays at various locations around Southeast Asia (Bali, Indonesia, Koh Samui, Thailand, Koh Kong, Cambodia and Palawan, Philippines), from Secret Retreats. Five winners, each valid for two people. Valued at $900-$1,500 each.

Gold prizes are:

  • 2 nights in an Italian Villa
  • 2 tours in India
  • 2 nights in Renaissance Asheville
  • eBag Luggage
  • WeWOOD Watches
  • Dinner/Brunch Cruises
  • ExOfficio Gift Certificate
  • Travel Blog Success Lifetime Membership
  • African Elephant Photo Pack
  • HDR Timelapse Video Camera w/Lens
  • Blogger Mentorship Package from Green Global Travel

African Rhino

To view the full list and details of these prizes, go here. Announcement of winners will be done on March 3rd, 2015, World Wildlife Day, and again: donation ends in February 28, 2015.

So quick, come and donate NOW! (Please also share this to your friends and family, thank you!)


How about you?

  • What do you think about this initiative?
  • Will you be donating to help the cause? Please do! You’ll even get the chance to win prizes!

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  1. Congrats for being part of this fight Aileen!

    It's so nice to see a traveler that is not only exploring, but also helping to make our wonderful world a better place for humans and animals!

    Changing subjects :-), we are now traveling through your home country and we are in love with Philippines!
    Safe travels,

    1. Thanks Natalie! And that's great! Where are you guys right now?
      I hope you enjoy the Philippines (which I think you will and already are! Awesome!)

  2. Great way to spread some awareness and incentivise support for these amazing animals! Wonderful stuff (I'll share this on my facebook page)!

    1. Thanks Chris! I would really appreciate the added share :)

  3. Ah, poor rhinos (and all of the other endangered animals for that matter)! Quite pricey to translocate the beautiful beasts. It's sad that it takes so much effort to stop fellow humans from doing harmful things. I'll consider donating when payday comes around! x

    1. Thanks, Tee! I would really appreciate it :) Yeah, it's costly to keep them healthy and unfazed with their new surroundings so they don't get shocked etc. The whole budget is on millions, but I'm just happy that the team we're supporting is reliable and had already did a rescue/preservation effort before the big cats of Africa.

  4. It, somehow, elates me how a lot of bloggers now use their influence to promote an advocacy. Rather than just merely writing, ranting, sharing, and/or earning from their blogs, bloggers have now realized the kind of impact and influence they can bring about in the society. Hoping for more bloggers like you to support and promote various advocacy. The world will get better, not in a snap but one step at a time, long as there are people like you who are genuinely concerned in making it a better place not just for us humans but also for the other creatures inhabiting it.

    I would definitely be sharing this post! <3

    1. Thank you Gelleesh! Not that I have any issue with those who just write/rant/share/earn, but indeed, if one can make good use of their influence then by all means, they should do so :) I'm really humbled by your kind words, but you see, much like you, you're a good example already--thanks for sharing this post! I really appreciate it ♥

  5. Wow, I never knew that it was so expensive to translocate rhinos. Looking forward to the success of this initiative!

    1. Thanks! It really is expensive. I hope you can help donate to the cause! :)

  6. thanks for sharing this, hopefully can save those rhinos~ XD

    1. Hope you can help save them too! :) Thanks!


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