How to Showcase Your Travel Memories

How to Showcase Your Travel Memories

So you’re a well traveled individual who has been to more than your fair share of travel destinations — how then do you keep the memories alive? Well, one of the most exciting parts of travelling is going back and reliving all of the good times and experiences you had. Today, we’ll discuss some ways you can showcase and relive your travel memories, so prepare to get crafty!

Ways to Showcase Your Travel Memories

» Memory Pillows

What happens when interior decor meets travel? Memory pillows! All you need is a plain and simple throw pillow, preferably a smooth cotton or similar material. And then using StickerYou’s iron-ons, you can print your favourite travel photos, choose your die-cut shape, and then iron them directly on your pillow! This will work best if you remove the inner stuffing before, so it can lay flat when ironing.

» DIY Polaroid Wall

The art of polaroid walls is a very popular trend, and it is an excellent way to get a retro and vintage decor look without breaking the bank! Thanks to their recent popularity, polaroid printers are very affordable and easy to find. Print your favourite travel photos out, and hang them on the wall in a geometric array for the perfect photographer-savvy atmosphere. If you don’t want to put them directly on the wall, take some string and clothespins and arrange them as banners any way you want!

» Custom Magnets

Who doesn’t love fridge magnets? Not only are they easily visible, but they’re the perfect handy way to hang up travel memories and small things that you need to remember. Creating some custom magnets of your travel selfies and landscape photos will surely spice up your fridge, and save you from using the random branded ones you get as swag at almost any networking event or conference. Not only this, but StickerYou’s custom magnets will stick to almost any metal surface. Got a dishwasher or stainless steel appliances? Why not make them all sentimental and personalized!

» DIY Wood Photo Blocks

Feeling crafty? Wooden photo blocks are super easy to make, and look amazing as interior decor around the house or office. All you need is some wooden blocks (or pieces of wood that are shaped to your desire), printed photo cutouts, a brush, and some modge podge! Print and cut out the photos you’d like, lay them on the wooden blocks, and brush over them with modge podge – it couldn’t be easier! This will keep them stuck to the wood, and will also ensure they are durable and last for years to come.

» Temporary Tattoos

Have a special occasion coming up, like a wedding, birthday party, other similar celebrations? Temporary tattoos are an awesome way to relieve good times with friends or family. Now’s the chance to print out that hilarious photo of your friend you took during that roadtrip or resort getaway weekend! Using StickerYou’s online Sticker Maker also gives you access to fun tools to add text or designs on top of the photo, perfect for adding a Happy Birthday or festive tagline. If you’re feeling extra crafty, temporary tattoos can also be used as transfers to go on objects like mugs, glasses, candles, soap, and much more! The options are endless, time to let your creativity soar.

» Gallery Wall

Potentially the hardest DIY, but also potentially the most beautiful and elegant. Gallery walls are notorious for adding a sense of style and uniqueness to any space. The trick to creating a gallery wall is to buy picture frames that looks very different from one another. When viewed together as a whole, they will look very eclectic and crafty. Print your fave photos, and put them in each of the frames. The idea is to create a mosaic of your life, and tell your story using the space of a wall.

How about you?

  • What do you think of these ways of showcasing your travel memories?
  • Would you like to try them? Why or why not?
  • Or have you tried any of these before? How was it?

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