How to Find a Good Hotel: 4 Key Factors

How to Find a Good Hotel: 4 Key Factors

We all love to travel, but preparing for a trip can be tricky especially if you’re not sure of the factors to take into account when choosing a good hotel.

After all, for most travelers, hotels are something more than just temporary accommodations that they pass through — at best, it rather serves as a base for exploring a new destination. This is why why it’s smart to pick a hotel that matches one’s preferences. To start off, here are four tips to help you select the best hotel in your dream destination!

How to Find a Good Hotel

#1 – Start with the location

So you found an amazing deal at a hotel that looks great? Make sure to check its location before booking. If you need a car to get there, it might turn out to be more expensive once you’re on your trip.

Good hotel location means that the hotel is well-connected to the city’s transportation hub, and at the same time allows easy access to an interesting area like downtown or other places that are relevant to you.

For example, if it takes one hour to get from the hotel to the city center, it’s often not a good idea to book a room there. When you visit a place, you probably want to stay right in the middle of things and a remote hotel will make planning your days more difficult. For one thing, you won’t be able to be spontaneous because the matter of getting to your hotel will always stand in your way.

Nevertheless, many travelers opt for hotel locations that allow easy access to transportation and are in areas where you can find cheap food, a lot of things to do and people to meet — but avoid booking hotels in tourist districts. Everything is more expensive there, and you will never get to hang out with the locals.

#2 – Consider the security

It pays to take into account the security of the area where your hotel is located. So if you found a real bargain, always check whether the district is safe. Besides, when traveling, it’s smart to balance price and security.

How does your hotel look in the surrounding area? How are the people on the streets? Does the hotel have a security guard? How many people are running the place? Are guests allowed inside?

Also, be sure to check the hotel room’s security features? If everything looks fine, paying the price for your hotel room — even if it’s a five-star splurge — is a good deal when it comes you and your belongings’ security.

#3 – Pricing

If you’re looking for cheap and affordable accommodation, it’s much easier to find it if you book outside of a destination’s high or peak seasons. During that time, there will surely be far more hotel rooms available in the city that are also at more affordable prices.

You can even start negotiating once you walk through the doors of a hotel. In general, the more days you’re willing to stay, the cheaper the rate that you can try to negotiate.

Consider this matter from the perspective of the hotel owner: filling a room for multiple days is a good deal. So if you’re looking for a place to stay for a week or two, always negotiate – it’s a win-win situation if you get cheaper rates.

What to do though when you’re booking hotels online? Today, more travelers than ever use online hotel price comparison and review platforms to find places to stay. Naturally, by doing that you don’t get the chance to negotiate the rates. However, if you’re planning to stay longer in the destination, book one or two nights at a hotel and then try to look around and find a hotel willing to offer you a discount.

#4 – Don’t forget about quality

If you want to stay at a good hotel for at least a few days, it’s a good idea to check it thoroughly. Just because the hotel is old doesn’t mean that it’s bad. In fact, it can be luxurious! It’s the dirty ones that are the red flag here.

First of all, make sure that the hotel is taking care of the property — there are no broken windows, blown-out light bulbs, all electrical outlets are working, and the lobby is clean. That way, you will learn the attitude of the managers and the staff in running their business and if their guests will receive proper treatment while staying at the hotel.

If you see a lot of easily-fixed things that are out of work, you can be sure that this attitude will only spread to other services. So always check that the Wi-Fi, air conditioning, heating, and TV all work properly. Hotels that really care about their guests ensure that everything works and even add something special by leaving a little welcome gift. That’s the hotel you want for your next vacation.


Follow these tips, and you’ll be on your way to finding a good hotel that will make your trip truly unforgettable.

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