Top Online Grocery Delivery Manila Sites & Apps (Philippines)

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In today’s times, we want utmost convenience — and as we seek ways to save time, money, as well as effort, an array of online solutions never fail us! Naturally, one of the top services we seek is grocery deliveries. (Grocery Delivery Manila)

After all, with just a few clicks or taps, all the goods we need can be delivered straight to our doorstep in a jiffy, which then leaves us with time to allocate for more important tasks.

To start off, here is a list of the top grocery delivery Manila services that can be easily accessed online or even through an app.

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Top GroceryDelivery Manila Services

» General Groceries

Grocery Delivery Manila: MetroMart


» LINK: MetroMart
After the fall of HonestBee, MetroMart easily rose to be the #1 online grocery delivery service in the Philippines. It has partnered with Robinsons Supermarket, S&R Membership Shopping, Watsons, Family Mart, and so much more!

Payment Options: Cash on Delivery, Credit & Debit Cards | App: iOS / Android

Grocery Delivery Manila: Lazada LazMart Grocery


» LINK: Lazada
Lazada is one of the major online shopping marketplaces in Asia, and they actually have a special section for groceries, namely: LazMart. They offer a wide range, except fresh and frozen items.

Payment Options: Cash on Delivery, Credit & Debit Cards, BDO Installment, GCash | App: iOS / Android

SM Supermarkets

SM Supermarkets

» LINK: SM Markets
The Philippines’ biggest supermarket chain is now online! You can shop through a lot of items and they even offer amazing promos from time to time.

Payment Options: Cash on Delivery, Debit/Credit Card | App: None

WalterMart Delivery PH


» LINK: WalterMart
As a supermarket chain, WalterMart is well-known. Goods can be delivered within the day, or if you want to, you can pick them up from the nearest Walter Mart branch of your choosing.

Payment Options: Cash on Delivery, Credit & Debit, GrabPay, GCash | App: iOS / Android

PushKart PH Fisher Supermarket

Pushkart PH

» LINK: Pushkart PH
In partnership with Fisher Supermarket, Pushkart PH is yet another great grocery delivery Manila website. You can even input special requests for your orders (e.g. fish deboning, etc.).

Payment Options: PayMaya, DragonPay | App: iOS / Android

Landers Superstore Grocery Delivery


» LINK: Landers
Landers, much like S&R, is a membership shopping experience that offers local and international items. Apart from good deals, you will find joy in the number of exclusive goods they carry.

Payment Options: Cash on Delivery, Credit & Debit Cards, PayMaya | App: None

Marketa PH Groceries


» LINK: Marketa
What sets Marketa apart from the other online grocery stores in Manila is that they support and house local micro, small and medium enterprises, so you’ll be supporting a lot of locals too!

Payment Options: PayPal, 7-Eleven, DragonPay, COD, Credit & Debit | App: Android

Vegan Grocer PH

Vegan Grocer

» LINK: @thevegangrocerph
For all vegans or vegetarians out there, you can source your groceries from this provider on Instagram. Their products are not only meat-free but also dairy-free and egg-free.

Payment Options: BPI, BDO, GCash | App: None

Grocery Delivery Manila: Real Food PH

Real Food PH

» LINK: Real Food
This is a well-known store for health-conscious shoppers, vegans, vegetarians, etc. Their selections are from local farmers who provide healthy options that are chemical-free, free-range, keto-friendly, gluten-free, etc.

Payment Options: Bank Transfer, Bank Deposit, Paynamics (Debit/Credit Card), GCash | App: None

– GRAB: Grab Mart for all other grocery needs
– Rice Delivery:
– Bread Delivery: @butteryandco / @cinqdessertboutique / @Boulangerie22

– – –

» Produce (Fruits & Vegetables)

Session Groceries Online

Session Groceries

» LINK: Session Groceries
From farm to table, you can source the freshest fruits, vegetables and other produce from local farmers through Session Groceries.

Payment Options: Bank Deposits, Cash on Delivery | App: iOS / Android

Mayani Groceries PH


» LINK: Mayani
Much like Session Groceries, Mayani helps uplift the lives of local farmers by selling their freshest organic produce. To date, they have over more than 100 farmers on board!

Payment Options: Cash on Delivery, PayPal, Bank Deposit, GCash, Credit Cards + Debit Cards | App: None

Fresh Produce

Fresh Produce

» LINK: Fresh Produce
The fruits and vegetables on their site are all hand-picked from farmers and delivered on refrigerated trucks to keep them at their freshest.

Payment Options: Online Banking, Over-the-Counter, LBC, Bayad Center | App: None

Green Grocer Manila

The Green Grocer Manila

» LINK: Green Grocer Manila
Beyond fruits and vegetables, The Green Grocer also offers nuts, deli items, and so many others. If you’re looking to buy items in bulk or large quantities, they are the best marketplace to go to!

Payment Options: Cash on Delivery, PayPal, Bank Deposit | App: Android



» LINK: Zagana
Beyond fruits and vegetables, The Green Grocer also offers nuts, deli items, and so many others. If you’re looking to buy items in bulk or large quantities, they are the best marketplace to go to!

Payment Options: Cash on Delivery, Credit + Debit Card, PayPal, Bank Deposit | App: None

Bukid Fresh Groceries

Bukid Fresh

» LINK: Bukid Fresh
Housing a number of smallholder farmers to give access to fresh and nutritious produce to city dwellers. Prices for the produce are set by the farmers and it’s a great way to give back too!

Payment Options: Cash on Delivery, Credit + Debit Card | App: None

– – –

» Meat and Seafood

Rare Food Shop PH

Rare Food Shop

» LINK: Rare Food Shop
No matter if you’re looking for fresh seafood or meat (even imported kinds), this online shop for grocery delivery Manila is a great place to check. The best part? There’s no minimum order!

Payment Options: Bank Deposits, Wire Transfers, Credit & Debit Cards, GCash, Cash on Delivery | App: None

Wild Caught PH

Wild Caught PH

» LINK: @wildcaughtph
As the name implies, this store offers seafood items: from tiger shrimps, sashimi, baby octopus, and more. You can even order packaged sets to save up on the cost.

Payment Options: Credit & Debit Cards, Cash on Delivery | App: None

Pacific Bay Grocery Delivery Seafood

Pacific Bay

» LINK: Pacific Bay
Offering not only seafood but also meat products, this online grocery store holds a lot of options. You can even shop by brands, namely: Mowi, Backyard Farms, Tierra de Espana, and more!

Payment Options: Credit & Debit Cards, PayPal | App: None

TenderBites Online Grocery Meat


» LINK: Tenderbites
Prices are shown per kilo and Tenderbites showcases meat cuts of beef, pork, lamb, and entrails. They are not limited to local items but also premium and imported ones.

Payment Options: Credit & Debit Cards, Cash on Delivery | App: None

Grocery Delivery Manila: Shop Gerald

Gerald PH

» LINK: GeraldPH
As a health and gourmet online grocery store, you will have select choices of meat and seafood. Beyond this, you can also choose from their cheeses, bakery goods, wine, and produce among many others!

Payment Options: Credit & Debit Cards | App: None

– – –

» Drinks Grocery Delivery Manila

Coke Coca Cola Beverages

Coke Beverages

» LINK: Coca-Cola
Under Coca-Cola PH, this is their special website wherein you can order anything from their product range: from soft drinks up to flavored water. (Items like Royal, Sprite, Wilkins, Minute Maid, and more!)

Payment Options: Bank Deposits, Cash on Delivery | App: None

Grocery Delivery Manila: Boozy PH


» LINK: Boozy
This is one of the best liquor delivery services that you can access online and they house a huge number of local and international brands. Under normal operation, they can even deliver your items in just under 60-90 minutes.

Payment Options: Credit & Debit Cards, Cash on Delivery, PayMaya | App: Android

Winery PH


» LINK: Winery
If you want a wider selection of wines, you can check out Winery.PH instead. They also offer a range of beers from cider to craft beers.

Payment Options: Credit & Debit Cards, Cash on Delivery, Bank Deposit, PayPal | App: None

– – –

» Pets

Pet Warehouse

Pet Warehouse

» LINK: Pet Warehouse
This is one of the biggest online pet store that offers a delivery service. No matter the kind of pet you have, they’re sure to have the items you’ll need!

Payment Options: DragonPay, Cash on Delivery, Credit & Debit Cards | App: None

Pet Food Grocery Delivery

Pet Food Delivery

» LINK: Pet Food Delivery
Specializing in pet food items, you can order here in bulk. Otherwise, they also sell accessories and recipes.

Payment Options: Cash on Delivery, Bank Deposit, PayPal, Remittance Centers | App: None

These are just some of the many online shops in the Philippines that you can look into when looking to check off your grocery list. I hope it helps!

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