Greek Island Hopping: More Affordable Than Ever with Hostelbay

Greek Island Hopping: More Affordable Than Ever with Hostelbay

Island hopping is one of the best experiences you can have on the Greek islands for all seasons. After all, the islands are gorgeous and the weather is perfect! With that in mind though, it is really difficult to choose only one island in Greece… but the good news is that with island hopping experiences, you can get to travel to many other amazing islands. As such, you can see more wonderful places during your vacation and create more unforgettable experiences. (Hostelbay)

Case in point: island hopping is a must to do because it gives you the chance to explore various islands in only one journey. And when it comes to island hopping in Greece, the distance between the islands is very short and the route from one island to the other is less than one hour by ferry or boat. So for instance, you can eat your breakfast in Naxos, swim and sunbathe on the stunning beaches of Milos and then enjoy the magnificent sunset of romantic Santorini in only one day.

Can you imagine that?

However, Greek island hopping can be expensive and complex to be planned if you don’t have someone to help you. Buying separated tickets for every route between the Greek islands is something that every budget traveller wants to avoid, and at the same time, planning and booking the schedule of ferry tickets can be exhausting. You wouldn’t want that kind of hassle, right? This is why Hostelbay, the innovative online platform to book ferry tickets and accommodation in Greece, created the Greek Island Pass!

Hostelbay’s Greek Island Pass is an exclusive ferry pass for the simplest and most affordable island hopping experience in the Cyclades and Crete. The biggest perk? It offers you the option of island hopping in Greece on a budget! This is why it is the ideal solution for budget travellers and young people who don’t want to pay a fortune to discover the world.

Imagine this: you pay only one ferry pass, and you have flexibility to plan your Greek island hopping journey on your own without strict schedules and separated ferry tickets. You can even make up to 8 routes whenever you want on a Cycladic island (Mykonos, Paros, Naxos, Amorgos, Ios, Santorini) or Crete (Heraklion). You don’t have to book and pay separated tickets either, painstakingly planning your trip in every detail. Besides, flexibility and spontaneity is what we want during our summer vacation, so you can decide your departure from one island to another even on the same day.

You just need buy the Greek Island Pass offered exclusively by Hostelbay and you can travel through the astonishing and internationally renowned Greek islands affordably, flexibly and simply. Simply put:  you pay only one ticket, but you visit up to 7 islands!

Moreover, keep in mind that Hostelbay can help you not only with the ferry tickets in Greece and the Greek island hopping, but also by the total planning of your vacation in Greece. In the online booking platform of Hostelbay, you can find great accommodation deals in Greece in high-quality yet budget hotels and hostels. You’ll surely be in good hands because the team of Hostelbay has 40 years of experience in Greek tourism and travelling and thus can suggest you super offers and helpful travel tips. Plus, you can book your accommodation and ferry tickets directly and load it on your smartphone or tablet without having to pay extra booking fees or print the vouchers and the tickets.

All in all, Greece is a wonderful touristic country, a destination for all seasons thanks to its long history, rich culture, well-preserved traditional towns, remarkable pristine sands, and hospitable people. Not only is a vacation on the Greek islands a once in a lifetime experience that is ideal in the summer, but it is also ideal during the low-season when everything is cheaper and more relaxing. So when you’re about to embark on this amazing journey, just remember that Hostelbay is the ultimate platform to find everything you need for your holiday in Greece. With just a click, an amazing world for the budget traveller is waiting for you to plan your trip and make you understand why so many people all over the world love Greece so much!

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  1. Great article, I travelled around the Ionian islands a few years ago as part of a work trip and loved it!

  2. This seems super convenient Aileen. I have done a little island hopping in Thailand, between Koh Lanta, Phi Phi and Phuket. After changing ferries at Phi Phi I figure the best way to do this bit is paying one fee for a ferry and allowing the company to handle the rest for you. Pay and forget about transfers and all that stuff. So much easier and more convenient for sure.



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